to Receive DSL’s Method
of Medically Focused,
Myo-Structural Bodywork

(Medical Massage Therapy,
Anti-Aging, Chronic Pain Relief)

1.) Elegant Aging / Anti-Aging

Structural Balance, Postural Alignment, Personal Stature

2.) Pain & Dysfunction Relief

Resolve Short & Long-Term Chronic Problems

3.) General Tension & Stress Management

Deep Relaxation, Stress Reduction

4.) Performance

  • Athletics
  • Musicians
  • Golfers


Thank You For Reading About The DSL Method:
Myo-Structural Bodywork, Medical Massage Therapy, Anti-Aging, Chronic Pain Relief System

Thank You for Reading,
David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
* DSL: Your Hi-Touch Up-Link to the Inner-Net*
* Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System