Over the years, as Physical Therapy has followed it’s parent, Orthodox Medicine, toward more mechanical means of healing, it has increasingly lost touch with hands-on healing. Yet a handful of PTs have pursued the recovery of this nearly lost art, and been attending massage therapy programs.

Several P.T.s have found The DSL Method to be the Missing Link to their knowledge of integrating hands-on work and yoga into their physical therapy practice. They especially appreciate that David has gone farther than most to develop a truly scientific foundation for his work.

David is doing cutting edge work in the field of bodywork, and it would take 3 or 4 teachers to replace what he knows.

Tracy Hall • Physical Therapist
Chico, California

With 18 years experience in  the health care professions, I appreciate soundly re-searched & scientifically based approaches to rehabilitation. The DSL Method of BodyWork has expanded and refined my understanding and applications for achieving postural correctness and pain relief in less time. David has a unique way of reiterating known fundamental laws, redefining erroneous concepts, and instructing the participants through a successful treatment program.

Al Cujas • Physical Therapist, A.T.C., N.M.T.
Former Instructor for the St. John NMT Seminar System
Winston Salem, North Carolina

The DSL Method has been an eye opening experience and has changed the direction of my work. David’s work is challenging because it is precise and logical, yet its openness inspires my own creativity. I have been motivated to study the physiological principles behind good bodywork in a new, more effective light.

Lynn Barry • P.T.A., A.T.C., N.M.T.
Beverly Sports Medicine
Beverly, Massachusetts

David’s evaluation segment allows me to quickly target all parts of my client’s structural dysfunction. The lab once again confirmed that working with the body, instead of forcing it, yields the most dramatic results. This course is well worth the time and study.

Suzanne Kuro • Physical Therapist
Roselle, Illinois