1-Day Workshops on The DSL Method

The Basic PsychoMuscular Release Technique & Physiology

(Including Mental Focus & Adjunctive Release Techniques)

DE-Constructing & Creating Yoga Postures and B.E.S.T.

(B.E.S.T. = Breathing, Exercise & Stretching Technique)

BIO-Structural Analysis & Postural Assessment

(Creating Your Structural Balancing Strategies)

BIO-Structural Balancing via Yoga & Bodywork

(CORE Structural DE-Compression, Yogic Logic, Body Mechanics, Injury Prevention & Repair)

Self Care for Therapists & Clients

(Body Mechanics, Tai Chi/Chi Kung Movement Therapy, Internal & External Ergonomics, Using Massage Tools)

Philosophy, Psychology & Science of Being Human

(On Thinking, Feeling & Meditation and Human Progress)

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