A Pro Therapy Training in …
HOW to Give Greater VALUE to Your Clients?

HOW to Become a Leading Edge Expert &
Most Trusted Authority in Your Community?
And Receive the Rewards
 for Doing So? … 

Does Your Professional Path Include Developing
Higher-Level Knowledge, Skills & Insights in
Helping Your Clients Achieve Better Results
From Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Therapy?

 How Do YOU Become The Leading Edge Expert & Trusted Authority in Your Community, While Creating a Bodywork / Massage Practice Supporting Your Therapeutic Skills & Your Objectives in Life?

And Earning the TRUST & LOYALTY of
Your Clients … and the INCOME that goes with it?

Introducing the DSL Edgework,
BETA Bodywork & Yoga Therapy
Practice Enhancement Education
& Mentoring Program

You Might Be Asking, WHAT, exactly, IS a “BETA”?

BETA: In a Software Life Cycle, “Beta” is one step in the process of developing, testing, and distributing a software product. Beta testing is a “later phase” of testing in which the software is tested by a larger group of users, typically outside of the organization that developed it. The beta phase is focused on reducing impacts on users (working the “Bugs” out) and may include usability testing. THAT is what WE will be doing in this program, as well as YOU learning the material. ~ From Wikipedia

ALPHA: Alpha is the earlier stage of development that I did a number of years ago with many groups across the country. YOU will be working with me to take it to the NEXT LEVEL!

So Right Up Front, I’m Letting You Know, this is about a Program I’ve been developing for most of my Adult Life. But I got side-tracked from about The Year 2012 when I got involved in taking care of my Elderly & Sick Parents.

That Chapter of My Life is now over, and I am returning to what I started out to do many years ago. That Being, be deeply involved in Transforming Health Care in America. At Many Levels. …

I Helped Educate Directly & Indirectly, Many Therapists throughout the 1990s. I mostly wrote books and wrote & built web pages in the 2000s. NOW, I am returning to teaching therapy directly to Practitioners Like YOU.

The Rest Of This Somewhat Long Letter is an Invitation for YOU to Join Me in bringing the Knowledge, Skills & Insights I’ve developed on Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint Therapy over the years. I wrote it for those of You who want to know as much as possible about what this work is and how I developed it.

Knowing How All That Happened will play a significant part in YOU becoming the NEXT EXPERT in Soft Tissue Therapy. And in my view, the Best Teachers help their Students become better than the teacher is! … That means You taking therapy to even higher levels and me!

HOWEVER, if you already know enough about what I do and how I do it, and you know you are interested, You can go directly to the page with the Content, Structure & Pricing. I’m calling it


Further down in this letter, I’m going to ask YOU a Question. But I thought I’d put a copy of the Question right here near the top so you have an idea of where this is all going:

Actually, it’s a FEW Questions … SO … the Question I have for YOU is …

Are YOU willing to become THE Most Trusted Authority for your Clients?

Are YOU willing to become a Leading Edge Expert & Innovator in your community?

Are YOU one of those people who’s willing to Think & Act Differently than what everyone else does or says?

And not just be willing to look at new ideas, but take a long look at Your profession and BECOME one of those Leading Edge Thinkers & Innovators, the Trusted Expert & Resource?

And Knowing that it does not happen overnight?

[OKAY, now that you have an idea of where this is going …]

Let’s Face It . . .

Massage Therapists used to be somewhat of a Rare Thing. There was not much competition.

Yet now, the bodywork business is getting VERY competitive. It’s getting to where it seems like there’s a massage therapy or yoga business on every tenth block in the average city now. And yes, massage therapists are, to some degree, competing with yoga teachers and therapists.

Yet right now, despite the growth in the number of therapists, several of my contacts in the industry say spa and clinic owners are having a difficult time finding enough GREAT Therapists to satisfy the demand from all their clients and customers.

That is because COVID Lockdowns had a BIG Impact on the profession.

And if you don’t think yoga and bodywork are in competition with each other, think again. More doctors are referring pain patients to yoga classes. Other doctors are referring them to massage or bodywork.

And they BOTH can get great results. … As you’ll see further down, physical / mental yoga — or conscious stretching — is how I got myself out of several severe & debilitating pains I had developed long ago.

Problem is, many of those doctors don’t really know that much about yoga, massage or bodywork. In some cases, it’s a bit of a “last hope attempt” at finding something other than drugs or surgery that aren’t working well or at all. Not surprisingly, most of doctors are not very well informed about such things.

And by-the-way, from my own experience in my own body as well as with my Clients, many people do get great results from yoga classes and yoga therapy. Sometimes surprisingly so. I know because I have used yoga therapy to help some of my Clients get out of pain without any hands-on work at all.

And when I got MYSELF out of severe pain, there was no one to work on ME. So I used low-intensity yoga, with long, very slow, gradually deepening postures to get me out of it … SUCCESSFULLY!

So much so that my hands-on bodywork system is actually based on what I learned in doing physical, mental & relational yoga way back in the 1980s. I’ve added a LOT since then, but it was truly foundational to my methods.

BUT WORSE for the therapy field (but not YOU) is not all massage,
bodywork or yoga therapy is Created Equal.

I, as well as other therapists, often hear stories from Clients about how many therapists they went to before they found one who could solve their problems.

For Example, I had seen a Client once who was a massage therapist. She had carpal tunnel-like symptoms, and was quitting massage & bodywork as a result. I asked her if she had gone to her instructors at the local massage school she had attended. She said they could not help, did not know what to do. (!!!)

So she was somewhat surprised when I quickly provided the solution to her problem. It was actually pretty simple and did not take that much time.

But I was dismayed her massage school instructors did not know what to do about it.

I was less surprised many years later when I actually attended a massage school in Arizona. (It was a 750 hour program I took because all my experience over many years was of no value to the Arizona Massage Licensing Board, and so the only way to get a license there was to go to massage school. … So I did.)

The school had a GREAT Staff and was considered to be one of THE most therapeutically-oriented schools in the country. … Yet, having done a lot of teaching of my methods myself, I was SHOCKED at how little of what I thought were VERY important things for them to teach was taught.

Now, like most industries, it is only the top 5 or 10 percent of practitioners who can consistently produce great, high-level results. In many cases, the patient tries an alternative therapy and gets little or NO results. Or it doesn’t last long. In a lot of cases, the results were mediocre at best. Or “good to great” but only temporary.

Yet if YOU are perceived as an Expert, and YOU are able to sit down with a doctor and in a few minutes demonstrate to them you know what you’re talking about when it comes to soft tissue therapy — especially if YOU can talk in their language, would that not open up new dimensions for your practice?

Are You A Neuromuscular &
Myofascial Trouble Shooter?
Or Do You WANT To Be?

Better yet, if you are one of that top 5 or 10 percent who can consistently produce the desired results, and plenty of people knew that, what would that do for your reputation and practice?

Schools had been turning out new teachers & therapists by the hundreds every few months. The jury is out on how well that trend is holding up, but matter how good you are, it’s getting increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from all the other possible therapists out there.

At the moment, in many locations around the country, many massage schools closed down, and the supply of therapists does not match the demand. But at some point, you can expect the opening or reopening of many new schools. You want to be ahead of that trend, not behind it.

For some therapists, it’s become more of a marketing problem rather than a therapeutic skill problem. Although even if your marketing is great, but your therapy skills are NOT, you won’t last long in the profession.

That’s kind of a problem for some because a lot of therapists do NOT know how to develop and deliver great treatment strategies. But it’s a reality we have to take into consideration. I’ve got a solution to that problem, but we’ll get to that soon …

In short, I’m trying to help Therapists have Great Therapeutic Skills AND Great Marketing Skills.

One problem that works in your favor is, many or most schools are restricted to teaching what the “National Massage Establishment” dictates. Not all schools, and maybe very few of them, focus fully on the clinical skills necessary to be a High-Level, Advanced, Neuro-Muscular & Myo-Fascial Trouble Shooter.

What They Are NOT Teaching In Massage Therapy (Or Yoga) Schools

As I said above, a few years ago, I attended, full-time, a 750 hour program at a massage school considered to be one of THE best, clinically and scientifically oriented schools in the country. Frankly, although I was not really surprised, I was quite troubled by how much they could have taught us … but did not.

There were so many opportunities to inform their students of basic physiological and therapeutic concepts clarifying how therapy works that just slipped right on by. And a number of the students confided in me that they did not really understand how to connect the dots between what they taught us and what exactly to do in the treatment room.

However, it’s not just the schools. I had many friends who were in what was years ago considered to be THE top seminar provider of NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy) training in the country. I knew several of the instructors, as well.

In talking to NMT therapists who took MY trainings, two things stood out for me.

One was that if one of the NMT therapists (who had taken ALL the NMT training) asked an instructor about specific problems they were having with a specific Client, the instructor would just say “Just do the routines.”

There was no insight or advice as to what, specifically, to DO about the problems. There was NO recommended adjustment to the standard routines based on the unique situation of the Client.

Also, when I started teaching my programs for therapists, I would usually ask this question:

First, I would ask the group if they had been taught the Laws of NMT Physiology? Most of them would raise their hands (YES). THEN, I would say, leave your hand up if they actually knew how to APPLY that physiological knowledge in their practices? Almost all hands went DOWN.

That, more or less, is ALSO the problem I experienced when I took that 750-hour massage program a few years ago. NO real connecting of the dots between the sciences and the techniques and the problems the student would encounter.

Connecting The Dots

That’s one of the reasons that, back in the 1980s, I developed my own system of yoga & bodywork therapeutics that did indeed “connect those dots.” And when I started teaching it in 1989, that’s the feedback I got from a number of students, many of whom were already successful therapists.

They were now able to see how the human body works more completely and deeply, and how to coordinate their knowledge of anatomy & physiology with development of successful treatment strategies.

“I learned more anatomy from David in five WEEKS
than I learned in five YEARS of medical school.”

~ Dr. Todd Mangum, MD

I was actually amazed, and somewhat surprised, to discover that nearly everything I was teaching of importance 35 years ago was missing in the curriculum at the massage school I attended 35 years later.

One of the “complaints” my teaching partner and I received was from therapists who had been treating some of their clients and patients on an ongoing basis for many months or even years. But now, with the new strategies they learned from us (Me & my then-partner, Linda J. Calandro), all of a sudden, many of these clients and patients were getting a LOT better, and did not have to come in as often.

So now, they needed new clients in their practice. So Linda and I developed a Practice Management System to help them do that.

Granted, there are only a few schools I know of up to the standards I would prefer to be available to new massage school attendees. If, for example, you are fortunate to have attended one of Kyle C. Wright’s schools in Florida and the Carolinas, you would have much more of that kind of massage and bodywork education than most in the country.

(Those schools would be one of the five Southeastern Schools of Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy BEFORE he sold them, OR, one of his two newer, Schools of Advanced Bodywork. Kyle Wright built the curriculum of his schools on my basic system of therapy he learned in one of my intensive workshops back in 1993. And he still uses the principles, along with all the knowledge and skill he’s developed on his own both before and after attending my workshop, which is extensive.)

Keeping Fees At “Reasonable” Levels
—(Reasonable for YOU Too!)—

Prices for teaching yoga classes and providing one-on-one manual therapy had been, up till the COVID-19 Lockdowns, trending downward for many.

That’s a natural result of TRUE free-market forces. Companies providing retail massage are coming onto the market with new and different business models. They’re improving their financial bottom line by reducing the retail price of therapy and increasing their volume. But they require finding therapists willing to work for lower rates, sometimes MUCH lower. And there are now plenty of them around.

And in the long run, that’s very good for society overall. That’s because as prices go down, more people can afford massage or bodywork therapy, or go to yoga classes. Yet most, if not all things, subject to TRUE free-market forces eventually become a “commodity.”

That means that when the supply of therapists who are trained at a certain level grows past the level of demand from customers, then the price will eventually go down. That’s just the way the world works.

Are YOU A Commodity Provider?

If you are not developing the strategies and taking the actions necessary to prevent this, you risk becoming a commodity in the eyes of the public. You must make sure that does not happen.

SO … if you want to maintain a higher-than-average industry income (which could even mean maintaining our current rates) you need to find ways to add value to the level of care that motivates Clients or prospects to choose more expensive options, rather than cheaper alternatives.

One way of doing that is adding value to what you offer Clients. And then let people know what you’re doing, how, and why.

When you add value, you give Clients more reason to choose YOU rather than other of many possible options, including the lower price options.

And lets’ face it, there are plenty of people out there who can give a really good, basic massage. And if that’s all a particular Client wants, it just makes sense for them to find the lowest cost therapist that can give them the level of massage care they want. If for no other reason than they can recieve massage more often.

So WHAT DO You DO About This?

To be the Added Value Option more people choose, it is helpful to be able to answer THIS Question:

Of ALL the other Options a person could invest their time & money in,
WHAT is it about MY services that makes ME the BEST Option over any
others, including the option of doing nothing at all?

(That Question comes from Mr. Dan Kennedy, one of THE Greatest Marketing Experts & Trainers on Earth. Quite a few of his fans & followers call him The Millionaire Maker!)

If you can answer THAT question in YOUR favor, and can back it up, and TRULY BELIEVE it to be true, you can establish yourself as a higher level, higher value option for your Prospects and Clients.

And they will see why you deserve a higher fee than other therapists who do not offer the range and/or quality, or depth, of services you offer. … Or at least not a lower one than you have now.

The Purpose of this e-Letter to You is to explain my proposed way of solving this problem. And hopefully, you’ll find it of interest to you.

My Own Challenges with Pain & Dysfunction

My name is David Scott Lynn, and over 30 years ago, I was spending a LOT of time on floors, rolling around in pain. Or leaning up against door knobs trying to work the pain out of my muscles.

The pain threw me on the floor several times per week. … The rest of the time it just hurt like you-know-where. None of my physician or therapist friends could help me. And in Chicago, I knew quite a few! …

And this went on for three and half YEARS!

Worse, every time I did yoga, it nearly paralyzed me. And I’m a guy who had been teaching yoga for several years, and had often done THREE and FOUR HOURS of yoga per day for weeks and months on end … literally for months at a time. …

Yes, I knew how to do yoga, and it had helped me get out of a LOT of pain a few years earlier in my life. I thought those pains were GONE. But I had some old, chronic postural issues that lingered. There were MANY deep, chronic tensions hiding out in my body, just waiting for a chance to get their vengeance on me.

They were holdovers from my heavy construction and racing (mostly crashing) dirt bikes when I was a kid. So when some therapists tried to straighten out those postural imbalances, all that “old” pain inadvertently returned. … WITH A VENGEANCE!!!

Which, of course, became a MAJOR Learning Opportunity for me. How could the people in the same bodywork training program I was learning in, INCLUDING THE INSTRUCTOR, work on the WRONG MUSCLES in my body?

The ANSWER is that the instructor had developed an excellent formula for doing musculo-structural analysis. However, he MISAPPLIED the formula with me because my structural imbalances were highly & unusually complex.

But Now? Yoga was making me WORSE. … And none of my physician or therapist friends could help me. … So NOW WHAT?

From Yoga Teacher to Hands-on Bodyworker

Soon after I started teaching yoga (in 1976), I started learning about massage & bodywork by way of working privately and informally with a number of friends around the country who were, or soon became, massage school owners or workshop leaders.

So I was learning some pretty “advanced” stuff for the times (late 1970s).

To make a Long Story Short (yeah, right!), after LOTS of informal training and feedback from some top people in the massage industry, in 1981, I started a professional private bodywork practice on the Near North Side of Chicago. I originally incorporated yoga therapy into my practice, but not surprisingly, most people preferred me to just “do it for them” (or to them) with the manual therapy so they didn’t need to be “bothered” by doing something like yoga.

It’s a long (and for me painful) story, but as I said, in 1982, old injuries from my days as a heavy construction worker that I thought were healed via my yoga practice returned with a vengeance. And yes, it was not easy passing myself off as a “Whole Health Practitioner,” yet barely able to sit or stand for more than a few minutes at time without suffering. …

I could not sit in a straight back chair for more than about two minutes before the pain set in.

It seemed so inauthentic to me. How could I help people get better when I was in so much pain myself?

But if it were true that you can never take a person further than you’ve been yourself, no top athlete, like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, could ever have found a coach! Most of the coaches for most world champions were never themselves world champions in anything. .. But they knew how to coach!

So I had to quickly get over THAT myth!

Challenging Assumptions

But as you’ll learn, I was fortunate to have learned some excellent tools of therapy. UN-fortunately, after being in practice for less than a year, I also discovered much of what I had been taught about how to USE & APPLY those tools was actually backward. … In some cases, nearly dangerous.

Like the idea that most people had a forward-tipped pelvis and too much lordosis. … NOT! … MANY, if not most, people have the OPPOSITE! They have LOSS of lumbar curve and a posteriorly tilted pelvis. … At least, that’s who I mostly see.

And one you know what to look for, you will see it EVERYWHERER!

On Becoming Your Own Authority

In many cases the principles I had been taught were not working as advertised or taught … at all. Or they only worked in a few cases.

As I would later discover, in my case, it was “backward” or “incomplete” thinking causing my yoga practice to make me worse. And so did hands-on bodywork. For one thing, I was trying to focus on stretching or working on the muscles that hurt the most. … WRONG!

It was in MY case, anyway. … That’s not always wrong, but often enough we need to be on the lookout for it. But learning how to tell whether a particular pain is coming from where we’re feeling the pain is, versus some distant area, is an important element of how I was trained, and how I work and teach myself.

And somehow, early on in my new practice, I was getting really good results with my Clients, word was going around, and I started getting Clients with more complex, longer-term problems.

It was in the treatment room, actually working with Clients with hands-on therapy, and trying to make what I had been taught work properly — yet not getting the “correct” or desired results — that got me observing & thinking. …

And then RE-thinking what I had been taught. Meaning willing to challenge the accepted thinking and practices of the day.

But something was not right, and I wanted to find out what it was and how things REALLY worked. Fortunately, my experiences earlier in life did not have my mind too clouded by pre-conceived ideas that my instructors MUST be right, and falsely believing I just hadn’t figured it out yet.

Yes, the usual ideas worked for some people, yet not others. And there were a LOT of those “others” that it didn’t work for either. While certain fundamental principles I had been taught were very correct, in many cases, their application was wrong or backward from reality.


Ironically, in the 1990s, I had a partner, the above-mentioned Linda J. Calandro, a VERY clinically successful NMT therapist and trainer for the former St. John NMT Seminar System. After working with me, she revealed to me that she and her fellow NMT instructors had often felt confused by what their teacher — the prevailing NMT Guru at the time — had told them.

Yet they just figured they had not yet learned enough, or weren’t wise enough, to understand his “profound” teachings and insights. …

After working with me, she said she realized that her former teacher (and business partner) often had things wrong or even backward. But she and her fellow trainers did not have enough “sense of self-trust,” or experience, or knowledge, to realize and point out where he was not making sense.

After a therapist works with me, they realize why some of their Clients had done so poorly with their therapy. … The trick, BTW, was understanding the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and myofascial structures in new ways.

In great part, working with ME is about YOU learning to trust your OWN sensibilities and observations, and Taking Action based on what YOU actually SEE, regardless of what you think you’re supposed to see, or what I or anyone else had to say about it.

It’s about Becoming Your Own Authority in your work … and your life.

It was figuring all that out — discovering what was inaccurate or backward about what I had been taught, or was missing, or altogether wrong — that finally got me out of constant pain.

On Becoming A Leading Edge
Observer & Thinker

And while I’m going to show you exactly how all that happened in the Training Program, I also intend that YOU will become one of those people who is the Creative, Leading Edge Thinker & Doer and The Authority in your local area, who “figures stuff out” that no one else has before. …

Or not enough therapists have figured it out so that Clients are benefiting.

In fact, if you do not want to BE one of those Leading Edge Thinkers, my program is probably NOT for you. If you’re just looking for more or better techniques you can pull out of your tool bag occasionally, I’m probably NOT your guy.

I want people in the program who see themselves as potential innovators and groundbreakers, people who are always looking to see What’s Next.

One of the New Sayings is if YOU are the smartest guy or gal in the room, you are in the WRONG room.

You want to surround yourself with people who will challenge and push you to excel and go beyond your current boundaries. THAT is what will propel the yoga and bodywork professions ahead: people who are not trying to recreate past teachings, but moving ahead into what’s new & next.

A substantial amount of the DSL BETA Training Program will be devoted to us looking at WHAT does it take to see the stuff no one else, or too few, have been seeing? And then having the willingness to “go against the grain” and say HEY, we’ve been doing that all wrong!

Or at least, that there are better ways. … Yes, that takes guts and commitment to truth, but someone’s gotta do it for humanity to move ahead and grow instead of staying stuck.

Not Everyone Wants To Hear “The Next New Thing”

To be honest, when you say such stuff, you don’t always get a good response from your peers. I’ve had people get angry at me or run out of the room in tears as they realized they had probably been doing some not-so-great things in their teaching or therapy work … sometimes for MANY years.

For one example, Tucking The Pelvis has been a standard part of many therapies & practices for many years, even decades. And although more people are now seeing how bad it is, 30 years ago, when I started saying so, very few paid any attention to me. Some said it could NOT be true.

And it got some of my Clients in trouble with their doctors or trainers or other therapists who were very big on pelvic tucking.

You can see what’s so bad about it right here:

Yet a number of people got nearly instant relief when they stopped tucking their pelvis! Others took a little — or a LOT — longer to undo the damage from tucking, but this idea has gradually permeated the therapy world.

Today, it’s being talked about in many venues.

And NO, I was not the only one who saw this. Yet when I saw it, I didn’t yet know anyone else had. Later on, I was somewhat relieved to know I was not the only one with such an apparently “rogue” idea. But that didn’t stop me from calling it the way I saw it when I saw it.

And what if I had been unwilling to “say it like I see it”?

I’ll tell you what might NOT have happened. …

The DSL Method Becomes Foundational
to a Massage Therapy Curriculum

Kyle C. Wright’s many thousands of students who went through his six (and now eight) massage schools might not have gotten that “extra edge” they got when Kyle took my intensive training back around 1993. After that program, he went back home and the next day stood up in front of his class and told his students to forget what they had learned the first part of the semester. … They were starting over! …

With MY information as the New Foundation for their training.

Now, Kyle is a VERY smart, educated, and motivated guy. He is one of THE most experienced and thoroughly dedicated therapists you can find ANYWHERE. He was already a Master Therapist when he showed up at my Workshop.

He might well have figured much or all that stuff out pretty soon on his own. But you know, TO THIS VERY DAY, there are many thousands of therapists across the country who’ve been doing the old stuff, the old ways, for many years, and have NOT figured it out … yet. … If they ever will.

Kyle Wright says I changed his life. … And I’m hoping to change your life.

This is from an Introductory Testimonial Kyle wrote for a workshop I was teaching at one of his Southeastern schools way back in “the Old Days” …

I Strongly Encourage and Highly Recommend all Current Massage Students and Licensed Massage Therapists to Take Advantage of this Unique Opportunity to Learn from one of the Best Educators I’ve had the Privilege of Learning from.

David Scott Lynn (DSL Edgework BodyMind Therapeutics) will be at the Carolina Bodywork Institute for a 3-Day Workshop on the Weekend of (Date).  I Definitely did not want to miss out on this Opportunity to Again learn from David. So when I found out David would be Teaching at the School I immediately signed up for his Course. David will be teaching Ground-Breaking Material to a Small Group of eager Students who want to become Part of an Elite Group of Massage & Bodywork Professionals.

I will be there attending, and if you choose to come and Learn, I will be looking forward to meeting You.

                                              In Health,

~ Kyle C. Wright, LMBT, NCTMB
Developer of Curriculum SES, CBI

I have helped change Kyle’s professional life with a higher level of skills and knowledge. And I hope to provide that for YOU, too.

But you know what? In doing so, YOU will change MY life too. Ideally, it’s a never-ending cycle of exchange. That’s why some teachers say the person who learns the most in a classroom is the teacher … IF they are paying attention and actually participating in the process. …

Standing on the sidelines, or the front of the room, and pretending you are not part of the educational process, is a sure way to lose your Edge as an instructor.

Heck, human beings had meat and bread sitting on their tables for centuries before anyone got the idea to put them together and make a sandwich! Now, a sandwich is more common than almost anything.

But HOW MANY people saw bread and meat next to each other, day-in, day-out, for YEARS, for DECADES, before someone “saw” a sandwich in their mind’s eye? And then had the audacity to actually MAKE a sandwich?

How many people have subconsciously noticed things about the human body and mind, or anything else, that never rose to their conscious mind? And we’ve all heard of or know people who had a GREAT idea but did not Take Action on it. … Then years later, someone else did.

What we THINK is obvious today was not always so obvious to anyone else.

Maybe YOU will be the Next One to SEE the Next Big Thing?

A Modern Evolution In Yoga
and with Yoga-based, Hands-on Bodywork

Hundreds of thousands of hours of “postural yoga” or “conscious stretching” had been done on several continents before Joel Kramer put “mental yoga” together with “physical yoga” in a unique way. He came up with a new form of “conscious postural yoga” or “introspective structural yoga” as I am calling it for the moment.

He did that integration back in the 1960s and was teaching it in the 1970s when I met him and took his one-month intensive training on a small island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. … That was 1976.

Joel’s pioneering innovation was in great part stimulated by a recorded talk he heard by Jiddu Krishnamurti (JK) (whom some call the “anti-guru” from India) who came from India to teach in the West. JK was known for challenging and often dismantling many of the teachings and assumptions of the “gurus” from the Far East.

Joel Kramer applied JK’s method of self-observation to physical yoga postures in ways that had not been taught by the Indian yoga masters or gurus (or not that is popularly known, anyway). Joel transformed the way yoga was perceived and practiced in America. Joel’s advancements were so revolutionary he is referred to by many people as the Father of American Yoga, and the First American Yoga Master.

(Not the first American to do yoga here, but the first to do this uniquely American, integral, evolutionary version of yoga.)

And another of my instructors, Daniel Blake, (my primary teacher in structural bodywork) had the audacity to go up against the great Ida P. Rolf and say her ideas about fascia, among other things, were not so accurate, even counter-productive. Daniel had been trained by Ida Rolf, certified by Ida, and kicked out of the Rolf Institute by Ida Rolf, for challenging some of her basic ideas.

Yet both Joel Kramer and Daniel Blake became groundbreaking, leading-edge innovators in their own fields. … And I had the great fortune to study with both of them in their (relatively) early years of development.

I saw Bread (Yoga) and Meat (Bodywork), and put them together in a unique way.

But you know what? I had to go up against some of their ideas about ME to develop MY ideas. If I had listened to them and what they were teaching without pause or consideration, I might not even have pursued yoga and bodywork at all as a career path.

Both Joel in 1976 and Daniel in 1982 suggested I reconsider my ideas about being a yoga teacher, then a bodyworker. They apparently had BIG doubts about my abilities in those areas. …

WHAT if I had listened to them? … WHAT if I had trusted “My Teachers” more than I trusted Myself and my own sense of who I was and what I could do? … And what I SAW?

I don’t really know why. Maybe I just did not fit the prevailing model of a “wholistic guy”? I was NOT of the counter-culture. I did NOT smoke pot. I was NOT a hippie. I had NOT hung out at Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco or been to India. … I was a heavy construction worker from the south suburbs of Chicago, NOT a place you’d expect much in the way of “enlightened” thinking or social change. … But somehow, I ended up in Joel’s and then Daniel’s courses. … And I was paying attention.

I think what saved me was my Dad was somewhat like them … and NOT like them. Dad was always seeing things VERY differently, and more objectively and accurately, than anyone around him. I witnessed this often, even at an early age.

Dad had NO degrees in architecture or engineering. Yet he would be arguing, for example, with a degreed & licensed architect and an engineer about some construction problem. Yet I could see, even at my young age, that Dad was correct and these educated, certified & licensed guys were NOT correct in what they THOUGHT they were seeing, let alone what could be done.

This contributed to my willingness to challenge authority, to see things differently than the “experts” or “commonly accepted wisdom” was.

(You can read more about THAT aspect of my development at About DSL /)

Yoga & Bodywork Are Like Hand In Glove

Recieving my very first bodywork session EVER was with Eugene Donaldson, a man who went on to become co-founder of Educating Hands, a very successful & respected massage school in Miami, Florida. Yet in that very first session, Eugene was pushing so hard with his elbow in my shoulder muscles I could barely tolerate the added pain.

His therapy was hurting me a LOT worse than any discomfort or pain I was already in. But when he was done with me, I noticed that my shoulder DID feel “better” of sorts. Much looser and more free to move.

Yet I immediately started thinking of Joel Kramer’s principle of Playing The Edge, of going up to but NOT into pain. … NO Pain, MORE Gain?

It worked extremely well in yoga. Why not in bodywork?

I started talking to Eugene about this, and we started doing it in subsequent sessions.

I saw the meat, and then the bread, and then, in my mind, I saw the sandwich!

For me, Yoga was the Hand, and Bodywork was the Glove. (For YOU, it might be the opposite, or some other analogy all altogether.)

But what if I had just believed Eugene and that bodywork had to hurt to work, as he had been taught by HIS teachers? … What if I had NOT seen the sandwich in my mind?

And another aspect developed when I was doing bodywork trades with Eugene (this was way back in 1977, BTW) was Joel’s teaching about using yoga, and by indirect implication bodywork, as “tools” with which to sink the mind down into the nerves and muscles, giving us MUCH deeper and wide-spread relaxation and relief in the body. And more complete body-mind integration and self-awareness.

Remember from up above Kyle Wright and his schools?

I bet those many thousands of Kyle’s massage school students are FAR better practitioners today because of what I taught Kyle, and his willingness to see “what really was” and change course, in a BIG way, in midstream. …

Here’s more of what Kyle says about my work:

“Through my years of experience in clinical practice and taking over 100 seminars in bodywork, I have found The DSL Method [now DSL Edgework] to be the missing link toward a greater understanding of human physiology and chronic reflex pain patterns. I endorse and highly recommend taking a course in The DSL Method.”

~ Kyle Wright, L.M.B.T.
School of Advanced Bodywork
Fairview, North Carolina

Kyle has been thoroughly exposed to a LOT of the prevailing paradigms of the times. Yet he opted to go substantially against the accepted paradigms. That required some insight and courage on his part, you know.

[Here’s that Question again! …]

SO … the Question I have for YOU is … Are YOU one of those people who’s willing to go against the grain and Think Differently? And not just be willing to look at new ideas, but take a long look at Yourself  and BECOME one of those Leading Edge Thinkers & Innovators?

If you’re not so sure, what’s holding you back?

And YES, you can be “nice” about it. You don’t have to be mean or make people feel bad, as I inadvertently did a few times. But that was NOT my intention. I just wanted to teach people what I had learned. Frankly, in the 1980s, I did not realize how much some people would resist “new” ideas.

So if, for example, you see the possibilities of integrating yoga AND bodywork principles into your practice, and using those as springboards and venues to discover new things, then I want YOU in my new program.

Even better, if you’re up for expanding your knowledge into the realms of Whole Health Principles & Practices and Aging Elegantly, you’re even more of a candidate for this program.

And if we DO have new COVID-style Lockdowns, you will have a range of things you can do over the internet. We’ll be talking about that in the program.

We’ll be working with yoga and bodywork in an Overall Context of Whole Health Principles & Therapeutics. That’s the Bigger Picture, the Greater Context, that will help you become a most trusted resource, a most valued counselor, to your Clients.

Definition of a CLIENT from Webster’s Dictionary:

One who is under the protection of another. … A much higher state of relationship than “customer” or even a “patient.”

You become the Go-To Person for your Clients in a number of matters. NOT to replace their doctor, but to help them have a better view of the Big Picture of Health Care and their options when they have to make health care-related decisions.

And NO, you don’t have to become a yoga teacher and teach yoga classes if you don’t want to. Or if you are a yoga teacher, you don’t (necessarily) have to become a bodyworker.

You can use yoga one-on-one and in direct conjunction with your hands-on bodywork practice if you want. … Or, you can just apply the principles of yoga to your bodywork practice.

Conversely, yoga teachers who want to have a superior understanding and skill level in their group or classes will benefit greatly from knowing how BIO-Structural Bodywork works at a deeper, more intimate level.

But if You were offering yoga therapy to your Clients, you’d have a distinct advantage. With your expanded knowledge and experience as a clinical massage therapist and/or bodyworker, you’d be very likely to provide superior results for Clients.

And my bodywork Clients who did their custom-designed yoga series at home got far better results than those who did not. And they were able to maintain their results, as well. And you CAN teach such things over Zoom or Skype or other video chat programs.

The whole idea is to free your mind to explore new possibilities & applications, and not feel stuck in the way other people have always done things. THAT is a great part of what yoga is, the freeing of your bodymind to explore new possibilities and deeper realities within your own self.

Although for bodyworkers, teaching group yoga classes might be a GREAT, low cost way for new people to check you out and see what you’re made of. And what you know. And what’s different about your approach. …

If necessary, you can eventually hire and train someone to take over teaching those classes if you get too busy in your treatment room. It’s outsourcing, you know! … Or maybe IN-sourcing if you hire them as an employee. …

But great classroom yoga teachers often have excellent relationships with their students which can lead to other things … such as hands-on therapy. …

And if you have “something extra” in your classes, you don’t have to charge the “commodity (cheapest) price” for yoga. Although if it brings you more business, you don’t necessarily have to charge top dollar, either. Think of it as getting paid to do marketing. …

… Something to think about.

Old & New Paradigms of Education:

• Recreate the Old

• Leap Ahead from the Old

But I do recommend you look at the principles of physical, mental, & relational yoga and see how they apply to and can change the way you practice hands-on bodywork. We’ve only touched on a few here, and there are more.

(There are several other Philosophical Principles I rely on to keep my focused on what’s important. You’ll learn about those, too.)

But also, there have been many times where I just showed a person a few stretches, and did NO hands-on work at all, and they got a LOT better VERY fast. A few decided they did not need to have the surgeries they were contemplating or even scheduled for. …

With NO hands-on work at all. … That could do a LOT for your reputation!

If you are doing your marketing & public education right — and we WILL be talking about all that a LOT in the program — that can only help your practice in the long run.

Now, please feel free to ask me about how to apply yoga principles to bodywork. And vice versa.

And if you want some ideas on making a sandwich, or discovering one, I might be able to help you there, too. But … this upcoming training is . . .

A ONE-TIME ONLY Opportunity

This is a ONE TIME ONLY Opportunity for TWELVE (12) People (ONLY) to have direct access to me, and a personally tailored Group Training AND Private, Personal Mentoring Program from a Leader In the Field and Innovator in both bodywork and yoga therapy … and do so at a VERY UN-reasonably LOW cost to You.

The Private One-on-One work will be done via WEEKLY Skype, Zoom or phone calls.

Please Bear in Mind that in today’s Life and Business Coaching markets, the AVERAGE hourly fee is $214 / hour. You will pay nothing near that.

This offer is because Kyle Wight’s Students know more of what I do than most therapists in America. That’s based on the idea that they are already using some of the Basic Principles, and we can start from a higher level of understanding and skill.

Most importantly, this training will be CO-Created with ME and by YOU.

DSL (that’s ME, David Scott Lynn) will work closely with a minimum of 8, maximum 12 People, including YOU, to design a training directly, specifically addressing YOUR individual needs & objectives. We will talk, one-on-one, about where YOU want to go in Your Life & Profession. This will be combined with the needs of the GROUP as a whole.

I’m planning on a 12 Week Program. One component of the DSL Method each week. You will get a video, a group conference Q&A call, your 1-hour Personal Call, Questions via eMail.

Yes, it will require quite a bit of focused work on my part to individualize the training as much as possible within the group. I cannot just teach what I used to teach.

But You & I are going to see how far we can take this process.

A major focus will be designing your Yoga or Bodywork and/or Massage Practice to support Your Personal Objectives and Your Life & Work Style.

Now, I should say, this will take LOT of work on your part, as well as mine, to implement what You & I have developed for You. This is NOT a “done for you” process. This project is for those who will take action to better themselves.

I will help as best I can. You and I will develop or clarify your Vision, we will develop your Strategy, and create a list of Tactics to get you where you want to go. We’ll also find each of you an Accountability Partner in the group who will help keep you on track, along with your weekly private, One-on-One Mentoring calls with me.

But for the relatively low cost of this training, I hope you realize YOU will have to do most of the actual work. You and I and the other Participants will do our best to help You create the best strategy that suits who YOU are, and what’s best for You. …

Yet YOU will take the Action and Implement the Tactics.

One Element of this process will be discovering your “Leading Edge” over your “competitors,” but in ways bringing every one of your competitors UP with you (IF they’re getting with the program). You might well become the Go-To Person who takes care of their Tough Cases, but in ways that support their practices too. And as a result, they might well become great referral sources for you.

COMPETITION … means, literally, “to seek together.” … Competition is NOT necessarily “cutthroat” or “negative.”

When the Army competes aginst the Marines in sports, they are NOT there to DESTROY each other. They are there to make each other BETTER.

You can SEEK to stimulate healthy, positive competition, seeking the best therapeutic and business practices TOGETHER with your fellow therapists.

No, you don’t have to “destroy” the competition! …

You can make them into your Allies!

Yes, as more businesses are discovering today, you can “compete” in a collaborative way that brings everyone UP, not the others down. If YOU want to be the person who sets the new, higher standards of quality and service and positive competition in your area, it is better to work with your “competition,” not against them.

We’ll discuss all this in greater detail elsewhere if you decide to look more deeply into this offering. But part of your own “Leading Edge” will be in your offerings of a wider range of closely related insights and services in your work, in your yoga or bodywork practice / massage business. I believe the combination of a day-to-day yoga routine plus a highly customized postural yoga process directly related to your Client’s present condition, all highly integrated with your hands-on bodywork process, gives you that Edge. …

One of the “secrets” of creating dedicated Clients is that every time they do their customized yoga routine, who do you think they think of? … The person who designed and taught it to them, of course.

The Therapeutic Components
of the Training

Please take a look at this Mind Map to see what’s in the 12 Modules (plus One) of Your Training. Click on the image to see a larger view . . .

Mind Map of DSL Edgework Therapeutic Training for Your Massage Business

Click On Image to Open in New Window and Larger View

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DOWNLOAD EXPANDED PDF Version to Your Computer

How The Training Works

The main training material will be delivered to you over the internet in video, animation, text, and whatever is most appropriate.

Yet you’ll ALSO be talking directly to me, DSL, over the phone or (preferably) Skype or Zoom EVERY WEEK — or more often if necessary — for an hour for the duration of the 12 Module program, voicing your questions, needs, concerns, and interests, causing me to design the contents of each module to most closely address issues YOU and your fellow participants most highlight that week.

I prefer Skype because much of the New Marketing is over the internet. So if you are not already, I want you as comfortable as possible working on the internet.

For Example, I’ve been doing online consultations with therapists I’ve trained, including postural evaluations, via Skype. If you have any doubts at all about your postural evaluation skills, we can handle that through Skype. (I am looking into other online systems like Zoom, but Skype has worked well enough so far.)

What’s My Motive For Giving YOU
So Much For So Little?

Why am I doing this in such a customized, detailed fashion? And at such a low price?

For one thing, I want to see how much of my work can be taught over the Internet. And if there is any material really needing to be taught in person, I want everyone who shows up to a physical location to know all the basics already, to have already been applying the basics in their work.

That way, in-person training time (which will, if it happens, be a separate program for an additional yet very reasonable charge) will be targeted to the most necessarily in-person work.

But don’t worry. I have people who’ve reported to me their practice was transformed just by reading one or more of my blog posts! You WILL get a LOT of VERY relevant value even if we never end up in the same room, or even state, or country, together.

I know, of course, what of my material needs to be known, and probably taught, in the Big Picture. But I don’t know what you know. So discovering your needs & wants, customizing the material, and adding the subtleties and nuances YOU need to round out YOUR personal education, and taking account of what you already know, will be a major focus here.

That’s one reason we need to talk before you actually sign up. I want both You & I to be sure I have something to offer You.

This is simultaneously a Collaborative Group Education program, AND a One-on-One Mentoring program, combined into one. Yet this OneTime Only (at this price, anyway), group course will only cost what a reasonably priced online course would cost, without any of the personal interaction and private coaching. …

Essentially, you’re paying half off (or a lot more than half off, actually) for Private Coaching with me, DSL.

And if it is something everyone will USE, there can be a Private Forum where members of the group (that’s YOU) can interact with each other and me. You can ask questions, give feedback, and provide suggestions. …

You’ll be helping design the very Direction & Content of the program for your own benefit and that of current and future participants in later programs. But those future participants will not have the benefit of private interaction & coaching from me without paying at very least 50% more of the cost of this program.

And you will be directly contributing to upgrading the scope and quality of the profession as a whole.

WHY This Program, Now?

SO … Here’s the Big Problem (or more accurately, several problems) we’ll be solving within this program:

1.) [NOTE: COVID somewhat moderated this Point #1 for the time being. But if we do not go back into COVID-style Lockdowns, the market for massage therapy WILL return. Either way, the Demand for more highly trained muscle therapists WILL go UP.]

The massage and bodywork therapy profession is getting VERY “competitive” but not necessarily in the positive sense I described above (to seek together). There are SO many new people graduating from massage schools today [there were before COVID, anyway], it’s quite difficult for the average consumer to figure out who The BEST Practitioners are. It’s almost like there’s now a massage therapist on every fourth corner in the average big city now.

So HOW do YOU distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack?

2.) Prices for therapy are going down, in some places a LOT. To be honest, that is a NATURAL RESULT of TRUE free-markets and human progress. New Things are invented but usually cost a lot of money in the beginning, and are not accessible to the average, middle class or poor person, at least not initially. One of the benefits of wealthy people is they can afford to experiment with the next new thing because those things are usually very expensive, and out of the reach of the “common people.”

But as new competitors come into the marketplace providing the same or better product or services, and improving the quality of the product or service, and the supply of it goes UP, then prices generally go DOWN. … Eventually, the price goes down far enough that the average person can afford it.

UNLESS the Quality & Results go UP. Which You & I fully intend to happen! … Right?

Just think computers. A few decades ago, ONE computer took up an entire BIG room and was VERY expensive. Today, the smartphone you have in your hand has more computing power than the President of the United States, or the astronauts on the way to the moon, had access to only a few decades ago.

That’s what happens in truly free markets. Quality goes UP. Availability goes UP. Features go Up. … Yet PRICES go DOWN.

That’s just the Natural Way it is, due to Human Nature and the Laws of Supply & Demand.

(But then, some people try to invent ways to resist nature and try to keep their prices artificially high with things like having the government protect their market by making it harder to become a new provider. That was the MAIN purpose of state licensing of medical and legal professionals, as the AMA (American Medical Association) and ABA (American Bar Association) have openly admitted.)

The Other Way to keep prices & fees higher is to keep improving and expanding your service, to make yourself increasingly valuable to your Clients or Patients. This process of continual renewal and improvement never ends … or until the society goes into decline.

That is a major motive of mine, to make sure YOU are deepening your quality and expanding your services such that you become increasingly valuable to your Clients & Patients. THAT is Nature’s Way of keeping your fees high.

And this is why You & I will be looking into Time Binding, a philosophical perspective developed by one of Ida Rolf’s primary teachers, Alfred Korzybski. (Ida was the founder of Rolfing®, or Structural Integration.) Korzybski was a theorist who led people like Ida Rolf to decide that fascia was a primary target of therapy.

3.) “The Muscle Therapy Profession” has not focused sufficiently on the education of, and marketing to, the End Users, the Health Care Consumers, the Public. … Yet THEY are the most important people!

Too many therapists have been hoping licensing would make them more acceptable to the medical establishment and get more referrals from doctors. That works with individual, more open-minded doctors. But NOT the medical establishment as a whole. (Not yet anyway. But THAT is an entire conversation in itself.)

So most of the general public still has NO idea how much properly applied, therapeutic, hands-on muscle work, or conscious, therapeutic stretching, can solve SO many problems, even problems many if not most therapists never thought of being able to help before.

So HOW do the consumers, the end users, find out about the profound impact YOU can have on their bodies? … Or for those therapists with problems who’ve not been helped, how can YOU help them?

We’ll be looking closely at ways for you to make that happen, as well.

HOWEVER, if you are absolutely Dead Set against doing ANY kind of marketing, you will not get as much out of this program.

4.) “The Profession” has focused more on trying to impress legislators and doctors rather than the ultimate end users, the Clients & Patients, the ones who’ll actually benefit from, and probably pay for, your therapy.

HOW do you find those specific people who need YOU the most? … And YES, you might have to step outside your “comfort zones” here, but that is one aspect of how anyone gets ahead and rewarded as such.

But the Group and I will be your Support People to help you get through it!

5.) On The Other Hand, most massage schools today do NOT appear equipped to educate, or even KNOW, how profoundly hands-on and yoga therapy can solve SO many problems of the neuromuscular & myofascial systems of the human body. …

One thing, for example, that drives me CRAZY is how often I’ve talked to a therapist (or read a comment on social media like Facebook) who was having the all too common hand, wrist, or arm pain from doing their own work. When I asked them if their massage school teacher had helped them, most of the time they said NO!

Yet rarely have I run into someone I could not help with such issues with relatively simple tension release techniques, either manual therapy or my specially modified approach to “yogic stretching.”

So WHAT is going on there? The answer is many massage instructors and a lot of therapists, just have NO idea just how much hands-on therapy can do, nor how to do it.

SO … How do YOU position yourself to become the Go To Therapist in your region such that OTHER therapists perceive YOU to be THE Expert on the most significant soft tissue issues?

WHAT would that do for
your Referral Base?

6.) The average professional life expectancy for a significant percentage of massage & bodywork therapists is, for some, abysmally low. Due to soft tissue and joint-related “breakdown,” too many must leave the profession after only FIVE years. … Some even less.

Yet these injuries are not only avoidable but relatively easy to “fix” too.

How do YOU become the “fix it person” for other therapists?

AND helping stop the rise in yoga and stretching injuries opens markets for working with yoga teachers and personal trainers.

AND with exercise-related injuries too?

What would happen to your Referral Base if you become the Go-To Person for the local yoga teachers, fitness coaches, and massage & bodywork therapists?

7.) Many injuries arise from yoga and stretching, or exercise and fitness related issues. These problems are also, for the most part, unnecessary. Especially when you consider how many human beings — including me — solved major health issues by doing relatively simple yoga postures.

I teach a NO “Pretzel Yoga” approach to Yoga Therapy … which you’ll be learning in the program.

WHY do SOME people get HURT by yoga or stretching, while many others get helped? And why is it that some of THE MOST highly trained yoga teachers on Earth, ones who believe that “proper alignment” in their yoga solves all problems of risk, are getting SEVERE injuries?

There is a Major Opportunity to become THE therapist most trained to help other therapists and yoga & stretching teachers & coaches recover from significant health issues.

Establishing close relations with local yoga and fitness studios and practitioners can become a large referral base for you.

8.) Self-applied yoga therapy & hands-on techniques, such as with massage tools, can be critical to maintaining the health status of the massage / bodywork practitioner, and their Clients too. …

You could be teaching workshops or private sessions on self-treatment with a variety of massage tools. (I’m often amazed how little creativity the videos on these tools demonstrate.)

I could of course go on and on here, but I think you get the idea. There are many areas of opportunity for the well-trained therapist to set themselves apart as the Go-To Person, THE Leading Edge Practitioner, in their region.

And it exposes you to opportunities for getting to know Spheres of Influence who can help you find more Clients.

9.) And Oh Yes! If you know the medical language well enough that a neurologist or orthopedic doctor can tell within minutes that you know your stuff, and do so in THEIR language, how much do you think THAT could help?

While I am not big on attempting to move the whole medical profession, I know there are many individual doctors who would be more than happy to understand what you can do for them and their patients.

That’s one reason to know concepts such as what I call C.E.M.&.N.T. or Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress. That gives the doctor a pretty specific idea of what he’s dealing with if he’s dealing with what you can do for his patients.

And if you can explain it in neurological and physiological terms (rather than some flowery lingo that makes them roll their eyes) you can get their respect much faster.

And sometimes, just knowing the Right Lingo — their lingo, the right things to say — can open important doors.


So, should you decide to get on board with me, DSL, here’s what’s going to happen …

1.) If you have a strong suspicion this program is for YOU, we will schedule a (preferably) Skype call (although a phone call will work), and talk for 30 minutes to an hour or so. (I’m NOT going to be “watching the clock” here unless I’m rally booked with calls.) At this point, we’re just getting to know each other and finding out whether this is a good opportunity for YOU, or not.

The main purpose of the call is to find out if I can be of any assistance or help to YOU.

And of course, I need to know if you’re the kind of person who can benefit from what I teach.

This first call will be about You and I getting to know each other, and what we BOTH want to get out of this program. But what *I* want is for YOU to get the most out of what I have to offer, so the call will, of course, definitely be skewed in your direction.

(I think the benefits to ME of YOU having a Great & Productive Experience should be pretty obvious! Some of the best marketing is testimonials from very happy Clients and Students.)

We will find out whether we are “on the same page,” and whether we can work together. I want to make sure you need what I’m offering, and that you are very SURE I can provide it. … And yes, I am looking for people who truly want to excel and go beyond what they learn from me, not just get a new “to-do list” of treatment tactics.

I don’t do well trying to teach that way. I’m interested in teaching Principles to build on, not just teaching routines.

Yes, there are some “formulas” or “equations,” so to speak. We’ll be learning those. But this is about understanding the underlying & applying Philosophy & Principles, NOT just memorizing that “If ‘X’ is here then Press on ‘Y’ over there.”

2.) If we decide YES, this is the program for you, you will at that point make a small down payment (most likely $270) to my PayPal account to lock in your position in the program. We will also immediately schedule a second Skype call for as soon as you have the time.

Here, we will get down to work and start developing your plan as to how you are going to learn and apply the materials I have to offer.

One reason to go with Skype is most, if not all, of the DSL BETA program will be delivered online. I’ll also be encouraging you to use online tools and access to develop your business potential and to work more closely with Clients and other practitioners who might be referral sources for you. Therefore, it makes great sense to get on board with and learn about the on-line technologies as soon as and as much as possible.

And if you are not already comfortable with the technology, I will help you do so.

3.) The Other Purpose of the second call will be for us to get VERY specific about Who YOU Are, WHERE you want to go in life, and what your business model needs to be to get you there. …

This will be much like a Life & Work Coaching Program, so I’ll be taking a LOT of notes on this one.

My Objective for this second call will be for YOU to have a MUCH better picture of what’s possible for You in Your life, and how you are going to get there. We are going to, as much as possible on that second call, lay out a Game Plan or a Blueprint of how you will design, or redesign, or enhance, your business for the objectives YOU have at hand. …

Yes, it will most likely change quite a bit over the course of the program. But we need to start somewhere.

We’ll also be discussing how you will best utilize ME.

I’m known as an Idea & Detail Guy. And in great part, my job will be to help you generate ideas of what’s next for you and how to do it, or get done what you’ve been trying to do but hasn’t quite worked out yet.

4.) At the same time, I’ll be asking and discussing with you what materials — what knowledge, insights & skills — need to be presented in the therapy component of the training program to give YOU the hands-on skills and knowledge necessary to BE a Leading Edge Therapist in YOUR region.

To be honest, you’ve probably heard that some of us “teachers” have a great fear that everyone already knows what we know, and the potential student really does not need what we are offering. Hopefully, any doubts about THAT — for either one of us — will have been handled in that very first call, before you sign on to the program.

We’ll be developing both your model of therapeutic training & practice, but also your bodywork & massage business training. We want your “massage business” and “bodywork practice” models to support your life & work-style objectives.

Please allow me tell You a Short Story:

It Was a Serious Situation. …
As SERIOUS as a Heart Attack … !?!?!?


The TRUE NMT “Linda” Story …

Many years ago, in the early 1990s, my then-partner was one of THE top neuromuscular (NMT — AKA Trigger Point Therapy) therapists in the country. She had a thriving NMT practice within a chiropractic office (one of the first in Florida) and three therapists working under her. Her massage (NMT) therapy department was the major source of cash flow for the clinic.

When I met Linda, she had 32,000 patient visits under her belt! That’s a lot of visits! And she was well known for getting Great Results.

She had also trained over 2,000 NMT therapists around the country for the St. John Seminar System in their weekend workshops.

But here’s the Bottom Line on the Heart Attack:

One day, Linda was in a therapy session, and the receptionist came to tell her there was an urgent phone call from a patient. Linda took the call, and it was the wife of a patient of hers.

The woman was pretty stressed out and told Linda her husband was having what appeared to be a heart attack in a parking lot somewhere. The paramedics wanted to take him to the hospital. …

And the Client called to ask Linda what they should do? (!!!)

Well … Linda told her they should probably go to the hospital!

Now, here’s the point of the story:

Notice, who did that woman call first about her husband having a heart attack? … It was Linda.

HOW MUCH Confidence & Trust did that woman have in Linda’s knowledge and insight?

Sounds like even more than the woman trusted the paramedics!

So what’s the Point of all THAT? … The point is this:

For this Client, Linda was more than just a Trigger Point or Neuromuscular Therapist. … MUCH more.

Linda knew about a lot of things in the health care world and was not afraid to speak her mind. And as far as I could tell, she was correct about most things.

In practice, although she did not do medical “diagnosis” or “treatment,” Linda did not constrain herself to just trigger point therapy. She explored many aspects of “alternative” healthcare and became a Trusted Educational Resource with a wide range of knowledge in various areas of healthcare.