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Whole Health Solutions for Complex, Chronic Soft Tissue Therapeutics

(Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress — The Cause of MANY Soft Tissue Issues)

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DSL Method of Soft Tissue Therapeutics:

    • Mindful Medical Massage

    • Myo-Structural Bodywork

    • BIO-Structural Analysis & Balancing

    • Postural Alignment

    • Posture-based Yoga Therapy

    • Whole Health Principles

    • In-Depth Medical & Physical Sciences

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David Scott Lynn, LMT

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Mindful Medical Massage as applied to Soft Tissue Therapeutics is a vastly under-appreciated & under-utilized modality for evaluating and treating many conditions and symptoms arising from often unrecognized Soft Tissue Issues.

Myo-Structural Bodywork & Balancing is an often Missing Element for determining a Proper and “Effecticient” Strategy of treatment.

Effecticient = Effective + Efficient, because they should come at the same time


David Scott Lynn (DSL)

Beginning at 13 years of age, DSL's been involved with alternative philosophies & practices most of his life. Becoming a yoga teacher in 1976, then a hands-on bodyworker in 1981, he developed a unique & highly effective form of Yoga / Bodywork / Whole Health Fitness & Therapeutics. … David wrote the chapters on a wholistic philosophy & physiology of bodywork & stretching for the textbook Structural Balancing, published by McGraw-Hill, Inc. in 2010. … He is the author of Simple Steps to Let-Go Yoga, available at: … Several other e-books and e-courses are soon forthcoming at … David consults with Kyle C. Wright on massage school development at the Schools of Advanced Bodywork at

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