INTRODUCING the DSL Edgework Online Mindful Medical
Massage / Myo-Structural Bodywork & Yoga Therapy Training …

  • Are You a Massage / Bodywork Therapist?
  • Or a Yoga Teacher / Therapist?
  • Or Other Methods of Soft Tissue or Muscle Therapy?

Are You Looking for ways to ensure you are one of THE most Essential & In-Demand Practitioners in Your Field?

In these times of Economic & Social Uncertainty, Are You Concerned about being able to provide professional services even if we are locked down and unable to meet in person with Clients?

Are You Looking For Ways To BE On The Leading Edge of Soft Tissue Therapy? And to Expand & Deepen Your Therapeutic Insights,* Skills & Knowledge?

* The world is overflowing with Information.
What we need more of is INSIGHT!

Insights available to YOU in the DSL Beta Online Education & Mentoring Program

Are You Looking For Ways To Increase Your Value To Your Prospective Clients, and Grow Your Practice? And Maintain Your Fees or Increase Them?

Does It Appear An “Evolutionary Integration” of Clinical / Medical Massage & Myo-Structural Bodywork with Modern Postural / Structural Yoga* Is A Part Of Your Future?

* AKA: Conscious B.E.S.T. …
Breathing, Exercise & Stretching Technique

Especially if it was all based on a Wide Range of
Whole Health Principles & Practices?

AND if it’s all Grounded in Modern, Scientific Principles, most of which are well accepted by Modern Medical Research?

Does Mindful Medical Massage & Myo-Structural Bodywork with an Integration of Yoga Therapy Appear to Be in YOUR Future?

Then This Might Well Be
THE Place For YOU!

And By-the-Way, when was the last time you participated in an Educational Program specifically designed FOR YOU by ASKING YOU what you needed and wanted before the program even started?

More on that later.

SO ..

How DO You Become THE Leading Edge Innovator
& Practitioner in Your Area, Creating a Mindful
Medical Massage / Myo-Structural Bodywork /
Yoga Therapy Business Supporting Your
Objectives in Life & Therapeutic Practice?

And Earn the TRUST & LOYALTY of Your Clients
… and the FEES that go with it?

Let’s Face ItUnless You‘re Already A Leading Edge Therapist, the Economics of the Massage / Bodywork Business Are NOT What They Used To Be. Especially with recent social, political and economic events.

For Example, economic forces of Supply & Demand are pushing prices and costs both Up AND Down. … COVID removed a LOT of therapists from the massage and yoga marketplace, and many clinics and spas are having a tough time finding good therapists.

Yet price inflation, shortages, and layoffs are making life very expensive for many people, to the point they are cutting many of their discretionary expenses. Most people would rather eat than get a massage!

Yet there are somewhere between 22 to 25 MILLION millionaires in America, and that number appears to be GROWING!

And of course, many people are in pain, and are experiencing increasing levels of stress and tension.

So there is a LOT of Uncertainty & Confusion about what is happening in what communities, and when is “what” going to happen?

It can be Very Difficult to know what to do, and how to Prepare.

Yet WE Are Going To WORK to CHANGE that for YOU!
… And the Rest of the Related Professions As Well!

The ECONOMICS of Massage / Bodywork Therapy Training

With hundreds or thousands of new massage therapists coming onto the market, the Laws of Supply & Demand coupled with the Principles of Business & Marketing, say that with very rare exceptions, no matter how “good” you are, you’ll probably have to do some things very different then others to gain or maintain the levels of income you need and desire.

Even the BEST of therapists can have appointment slowdowns if they do not keep in touch with their Clients, keep finding new Clients, keep reminding them why the cheaper therapists down the street aren’t probably their best investment, and how massage therapy and bodywork are long-term investments in their health & well being.

Of course, it helps if YOU believe all that too!

So here are the Big Questions:

• HOW Do You Give Greater VALUE to Your Clients?

• HOW Do You Become a Most Trusted Authority?

• HOW Do You Become the Best Choice Among All Others?

• And Receive the Rewards for Doing So?

My answer to those questions is summed up in this Question …

What IS it about YOU, that makes You the
Best Choice among ALL others in your area?

Why should a potential or existing Client only consider YOU as their preferred and trusted massage / bodywork therapist?

And why is it so very important for them to continue engaging your services as an ongoing Client?

If you can answer those questions with a great degree of certainty and clarity, and can back it up with reason, evidence or testimonials, you have a far better position in the marketplace than most of your competitors. …

Especially if you have methods or systems to Get The Word Out, to Educate and Communicate with, more people who need, want, and can afford your services. And people who believe YOU are the better choice among ALL your competitors.

And it can be friendly competition, by the way. It doesn’t have to be ruthless or cutthroat. In fact, proper cooperation with your “competitors” could be good to great for everyone involved. …

Competition: to Seek Together. Com- means together, petition means to ask for.

More on that later.

Massage / Bodywork Therapy Practice

Introducing the:
DSL 3.0 Pilot, On-Line Mindful Medical Massage
& Myo-Structural Bodywork & Yoga Therapy Practice Enhancement Training

DSL 3.0: Dynamics of Self-Actualized Learning … The Third Generation of a Therapy System developed over more than FORTY years.

Pilot: A Study Conducted to Improve Upon the Design.

You can read an in-depth Description of the
Thinking behind this program HERE.

OR, you can dig right in here and see what this program involves, and what you’re going to get out of it, below. …

So Please Keep Reading …

What You’ll Be Doing & Learning in the Program:

✔︎ First & Foremost, we are going to create for You a clear, concise statement as to why and how YOU are THE BEST option for your Clients and Prospects in your area. This might take some time to construct (unless you’re already really clear on it).

But it will be an Authentic Self Statement of who you are and what you do, and a Critical Centerpiece of your Business & Marketing Efforts. It will be the Organizing Force of most of your professional actions. It will include your Vision of what a Superior Practitioner is, and how to be Preeminent in your field. And how You ARE or will Become that.

Too many people, most people, do NOT do this first, most fundamental step. For one thing, it is NOT as easy as it sounds. Yet those people who do it get superior results because of the clarity they bring to all their interactions. …

This is NOT a “mission statement,” BTW. Yet it does include the question of WHY you do what you do, and what drives you. It is somewhat like a roadmap for you. So when and if you do create a Mission Statement, it has your Life & Work Vision embedded in it.

You will also be getting Very Clear on WHO your Preferred Clients are, the people you work best with. You’ll know what kind of therapy you want to do, under what conditions, and who for. And you’ll be more able to focus your marketing efforts and find the people whom are the best fit for you, and you for them.

This is where Your Best Self meets your Best Clients. Some of the greatest marketers on Earth call this “Spiritual Marketing,” because you really have to get to know yourself at a deeper level, and you’ll get to know your Clients at a deeper level, too. Sometimes better than they know themselves. And because of that, you’ll be of much greater service to them.

And they will know it and feel it.

✔︎ Second, the Program will be devoted to setting you on the path toward actually BEING or BECOMING the person described in your Authentic Self Statement. As the program goes on, you might find your statement changing, and that’s okay. We’ll be figuring out what you need to Learn, Know and Do, what Skills you need to develop, to manifest your Authentic Self.

You will probably NOT get the whole way there in this 12 week program. Yet you will have a clear picture of your path and what you need to do.

We’ll also work on writing your basic marketing pieces to include and embrace all those elements. I’m hoping to do on-line, recorded  ZOOM Interviews with each participant you can use on your website so visitors can get to know you better.

No website? You’ll have one at very low cost if you want. (I won’t make any money on that, BTW. But I can help you get the basics done.)

✔︎ Third, when it comes to Mindful Medical Massage & Myo-Structural Bodywork, you’ll learn the highest level of knowledge, insight, and skills I’ve developed over the last 40 years of research, practice, innovation, and teaching. And, of course, Getting Results for Clients!

The idea is A.) you will have Superior Knowledge & Insight, making your therapy strategies more refined; and B.) you will be able to explain these things to your existing Clients and possible Prospects in crystal clear language and concepts they can understand; and C.) explain your work to therapists & physicians in the medical, osteopathic, naturopathic, or chiropractic world, in their terminology; D.) you’ll have enhanced, refined manual skills for releasing the C.E.M.&.N.T. in your Client’s or Patients musculo-fascial systems.

C.E.M.&.N.T. =
Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress

Also know as “Tight Muscles,” C.E.M.&.N.T. can be the cause of MANY aches & pains, dysfunction, lost range-of-motion, premature aging, metabolic breakdown, and so on and on.

A Main Objective is for you to become a Leading Edge EXPERT on the Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint Systems in both Health and Sickness. Because …

Knowing How It Works,
Tells You How To Work It!

Philosophically speaking, it is said the answer to problems is contained within the problem, IF you can describe the problem accurately enough. We want YOU to know the anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, neurology & pathology of these systems better than ANYONE in your community.

One of MY goals is to move you toward being able to sit down with a neurologist and within a few minutes they will know that you really know what you’re talking about. And that you will be good for their patients, too. Most alternative practitioners do not really know the sciences behind how all this works, and often make bad impressions on physicians or other highly trained therapists.

We want YOU to be know as being an Obvious & Acknowledged EXPERT in these matters.

Kyle Wright's Schools Utilize DSL's Core Massage - Bodywork Therapy Training

Kyle C. Wright’s Schools of Advanced Bodywork in the Southeastern U.S. Utilize DSL Edgework as Part of Their Core Curriculum (Click Photo above to go to Kyle’s website)

Part of this is to discover the various little known gems of knowledge & insight that will set you apart as The Expert with unique and useful knowledge. Ideas such as why great posture is NOT usually a matter of strong muscles, and bad posture is NOT from “weak” muscles. Or how sit ups cause pot belly & love handles and put stress on the spine & joints, rather than “support” it. How abs of iron and buns of steel can lead to backs of pain. How too much “fitness” can be bad for your health. Why NO Pain means MORE Gain. Why much “weakness” is actually “pseudo-weakness,” and does NOT usually require actual “strengthening” to fix it. Why hard muscles are not (necessarily) healthy muscles. And so on.

You’ll be saying a lot of stuff to people they’ve never heard before, and it will make a LOT of sense to them. And of course, because you are unique, and you make so much sense, they will remember … YOU!

More importantly, your insights into why these ideas and informatoin are true helps people be healthier in multiple ways. And of course, when they think of things like their posture, stretching, or exercise, who do you think they’ll think of? Especially when they discover what you’re saying to be TRUE and it WORKS!

DETAILS of the Online, Private Massage – Bodywork Therapy Training

This Program will include:

► Nature & Physiology of C.E.M.&.N.T. (Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress),

► C.E.M.&.N.T. as the THE Primary Object of neuro-musculo-fascial & structural therapy.

BodyMind Breakdowns: How C.E.M.&.N.T. impairs healthy body functions

Body Mechanics & Self Care Techniques

Advanced Structural Anatomy & Functional Kinesiology leading too …

BIO-Structural Analysis & Balancing

► Postural Assessment & Alignment

Physical Sciences including Structures such as Hydro-Tensegrity Structures

Physiology & Neurology of the Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial system

Principles & Techniques of Psycho-Muscular Release & Relaxation

► A Range of Pathologies (such as Scoliosis) and how to work with them

Integrating Postural Yoga Therapy into a Bodywork Practice

► A Western Approach to Physical, Mental & Relational Yoga & Mindfulness

Elegant Aging / Anti-Aging with Whole Health Principles

My Objective here is to set you on the path to being the MOST knowledgeable person in your area on how all bodywork, yoga, and the human body work and breakdown.

You probably won’t master this material in the 12 weeks. But you will know how you’re going to get there, and be well on the way. The more you know how the human body works normally, the better you’ll get at knowing how to work with C.E.M.&.N.T. and resolve Bodymind Breakdowns.

Unfortunately, not all people learn this more scientific stuff as quickly as others. If anyone needs further education here, we can accommodate that in future programs or private tutoring.

And BTW, my intention is that at the end of the 12 weeks, You will know MORE about this method of Mindful Medical Massage & Myo-Structural Bodywork, about resolving Soft Tissue Issues, than *I* did when I originally developed the work way back in the mid-1980s!

✔︎ Fourth, both as a group and 1-on-1 with me, we’ll work on developing your ability to Communicate & Market your work to your Existing Clients and Prospects. We’ll support each other on developing clarity of our messages and explanations to Clients and Prospects. This will include creating the Memorable Phrases you’ll use to get your Clients thinking about you whenever a health care issues comes up.

✔︎ Fifth, all through the program, we’ll be looking for opportunities where we can all, be it individually or collectively, work to literally move the Mindful Medical Massage & Myo-Structural Bodywork field ahead. We’ll be looking for ways to expand the market, increasing the number of people who use massage therapy as Clients. We’ll look for ways to get our work into various venues, be it hospitals and clinic settings, or other kids of facilities, but do so in ways where we are not just low wage laborers. That one might be tough in some situations, but there are very well paid massage and even yoga people working in those environments.

✔︎ Sixth, I will, especially in our weekly, 1-on-1, Private Coaching sessions via (most likely) ZOOM, be supporting You in seeing yourself as a Leading Edge Innovator, an Obvious Expert in the field, an Important Resource to your Clients & Community.

One way to look at it is, if all of a sudden YOU were teaching this program, what would you do? What would you say? How would you do it? Part of Being an Expert is starting to THINK like one even before you reach that status.

One of the philosophical precepts I work under or live by is Time-Binding. That’s the idea that every generation has the opportunity to help the next generation start out at a higher level. If I’m a good time-binder, my objective is for YOU to become better at what I do than I am. Of course, that means *I* have to keep getting better, too, if I want to stay relevant and useful to society.

✔︎ Seventh, one night a week, I’ll do an open Q & A Session. We’ll get started, and I’ll answer any question I can, as long as we are not going to cover it in depth later in the program. I won’t stop until you all run out of questions!

Here’s How The Massage – Bodywork
Therapy Training Program Works …

1.) You will fill out a questionnaire to see if you are a good fit for the program. One question will be whether you are okay with using technology, or willing to learn, which is important to the program.

2.) You and I will have a 30 to 60 minute Exploratory ZOOM (or Skype) Call to discuss whether what I’m offering is of great value to You (or not), and that we can work together (or not). And I need to find out whether I have enough material to offer you. (Maybe you know everything I do already!?!?)

(I’m NOT going to try and sell everyone on taking this program. The last thing I want is unhappy people. You’ll also be selling me on YOU being in the program.)

(Installing ZOOM or Skype is easy, and will make the program go smoother. We can talk by phone, but it’s not the same.)

3.) If we decide it’s a GO, we will schedule a longer ZOOM call. You will then deposit $??? in my PayPal account to get started.

4.) Opening ZOOM Call: This is where we will start the Private Coaching aspect of the program, including starting on your Authentic Self Statement. (These things can take a few weeks to get right, BTW.) The call will most likely go one to two hours, possibly more. This will help me target tailoring the rest of the program to include what YOU need to get out of it. …

Of Course, I’ll be talking to other participants and designing the program around the interests of everyone involved.

If I don’t think I can help you with certain things that are outside the scope of the program, I’ll let you know, then give you ideas how to solve those problems. Yet that’s why we want that Exploratory Call to see just where you’re at and what you need to accomplish.

If we do not reach the 8 person minimum to start the program, I reserve the option of canceling the program. At that point, your $??? will go to Private Coaching with me, and I will give 8 to 10 hours of Private Coaching & Training time over the following few weeks. That means you’ll be paying only about $30 per hour for my time. That’s pretty low rate, and I’m taking that risk because I know this is an ambitious program, and we might not find the necessary participants.

YET … You will learn a LOT just from the one-on-one programs. Maybe even more!

5.) After that first Opening Call, we’ll do two weekly, private coaching ZOOM calls until the program starts, and you will continue to have a weekly coaching call for the entire 12 week program. So you might end up with several extra hours of private coaching, depending on how long it takes to get the 8 participants!

I will admit there’s a marketing strategy there I didn’t even figure out till after I set it up this way, and something to learn from when we design YOUR marketing. Since this is a first come, first served program, you want to get signed on as soon as possible. But in return for doing so, you’ll get more time working with me privately. … I think that’s a pretty good deal!

6.) Once the program starts, each week will be an on-line ZOOM seminar (called a webinar) teaching the core material for the week. It will most likely be 2 to 3 hours long. And after I provide the material, I will stay on the system until all questions are answered on that topic. (This is separate from the weekly Q&A.)

7.) Each week, there will be another, OPTIONAL webinar where we will work, as a group, on the whole marketing and communication aspect of your business, including getting group feedback on your Authentic Self Statement. Think of this as a MasterMind program.

8.) Once a week will be the additional Q&A Session. It will be open format where you bring all your questions & concerns to me and the group.

9.) As an option, I will do ZOOM Consulting Calls with You and any of your Clients, should you wish to do so. These have worked out very well in the past, and Clients feel like they get a lot of good information and insight into their situation. And they pay for the consultation. (I will charge $30 for a half hour, $40 for 3/4 of and hour, $50 for an hour.)

To take better advantage of these, we will get into my system of postural assessment very early in the program. You’ll set up a plumb line — if you don’t have one already — and we’ll do the evaluations right over ZOOM. This might be tricky if you are tight on space at you facility, but we’ll do what we can.

• The weekly fee for the program will be $?? (Xs 12 weeks). That’s a total of $???. With the initial $???, that’s $?,??? Total. Basically, you’re either getting the one-on-one coaching for free, or the training for free, depending on how you look at it. And even at that, you’re getting them for a great price compared to what most good consultants and trainers charge.

FYI, the reason I’m charging such a low fee is this is the FIRST time I’m doing this program like this, and on-line. So there WILL be bugs and glitches, and I’ll probably have to reorganize things a few times. So

GENERAL LOGISTICS of the Massage – Bodywork Therapy Training

• The Program is a combination of On-Line Training & Personal / Group Coaching

• The Program will consist of 8 to 12 Participants (maximum).

• Once we hit 12 Participants, the doors close. (I have to keep quality high.)

• The Program will take place over 12 weeks. (Although in talking to participants in the Exploratory Call, if it appears there will be too much material too soon, I might have to extend the program per a longer period of time.)

• The Group Program will begin one week after we reach 8 Participants enrolled.

• It will be provided via on-line seminars, videos, PDF documents, and 1-on-1 ZOOM calls.

• It will take several hours of your time each week, probably between 5 and 8 hours, over three sessions. (Therapy Training, Marketing MasterMind, Q&A.)

• It will be recorded so that if you miss any sessions, you’ll be able to catch up, or refer back to them later.

• Because this is the First Time I’m doing this work in one whole package and on-line — and there WILL (very likely) be Bugs — especially with the on-line technology, You are going to get the Program as inexpensively as I can possibly afford to do it.

• The exception to this is if 8 or more students come from Kyle Wright’s schools, I will consider doing a separate program, possibly concurrent, IF we discover that their knowledge base would cause a problem with those who’ve not been through Kyle’s programs. In that case, I will consider doing two programs at this price. This will be determined in the extended initial Interviews, as described below.

Optional Program:
Introduction to 12 Basic Elements of Whole Health Education.

The objective here is to give you basic, not extensive, knowledge, making you a far more valuable health care resource to your Clients. Each week we’ll discuss one element, including:

1.) Principles of Whole Health Therapy

2.) functions of Water, especially within muscle

3.) Lymphology, mobilization & drainage

4.) Breath, air & lungs

5.) Microbiome of Gut Health

6.) Detoxification

7.) Body-Centered Psychotherapy for Bodyworkers, including Dr. Sarno’s emotional work

8.) Harmony of Spinal & Joint Adjusting with Soft Tissue Therapy

9.) Food, Nutrition, Diet, most up-to-date principles & findings

10.) Fitness Fundamentals

11.) Eyes, Nasal, Teeth & Gums

12.) Elegant Aging (AKA Anti-Aging), and the latest findings.

(You will NOT be learning these to become a proficient therapist in those modalities. Our focus is on you becoming more knowledgeable as a Whole Health Guide for your Clients to know what else they should be working on in their Whole Health Paradigm. Ideally, you’ll start building a network of therapists who do provide such services, which will also help build your referral network. If enough of the group wants to go deeper in a particular area, we can create a different program, when this one is complete.)

Thank You for Reading,
David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
* DSL: Your Hi-Touch Up-Link to the Inner-Net*
* Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System