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On this page, I’ll describe how we use the DSL Method of Let-Go Yoga & Yoga Therapy in conjunction with my Hands-On, Myo-Structural Bodywork process. The evaluation process involves an unique approach to Structural Analysis & Postural Evaluation. Together, the hands-on work, yoga therapy, and structural analysis are called DSL Edgework.

By-the-Way, another term for Yoga, as I use it, is Conscious Stretching. That’s AKA physical/mental yoga. It’s what makes the difference between Regular Old Stretching and Conscious Stretching? The following page will tell you:

Regular Old versus Conscious Stretching

So if you have any problem with the word “yoga,” please remember, it’s just a word. I do not engage in any of the mystical or so-called “religious” aspects that some or many yoga teachers do. I do not chant, say Namaste, nor worship any kind of Hindu gods. Yes, I believe there is a mind-body connection we need to uncover and pay attention to to maximize how our body and mind work together, but there is nothing necessarily “religious” or “woo-woo” about it. …

Yes, there are those who’ve found applications of different forms of yoga that provide for them a more mystical or religious experience for them. Yet while I do not discount that potential aspect of yoga, I do not see them as inherent or necessary components.

Who Most Benefits from DSL Edgework?

While many different kinds of people find various benefits from Let-Go Yoga and the DSL Method of Bodywork, here are the three main areas of interest that draw people to the work:

1. ELEGANT AGING / ANTI-AGING: Are You focused on maintaining a body that provides you a high quality of life for many years into the future? Do you always want to maintain great posture, fluid movement, and a pain-free existence? Do you want to keep your muscles, joints and fascia operating at their optimum, so your body keeps doing all the things you want it to do?

2. INJURY RESOLUTION: Do You have chronic, excessive Aches & Pains that won’t go away with various kinds of therapy? Do you have poor posture, or limited range-of-motion or other dysfunction keeping you from doing what you want to do? Is it too much work just to move around, and you want your freedom of movement back?

3. ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Do you engage in athletics such as golf or polo? Dance or musical performances? Or other activities requiring you to have maximum balance & coordination, strength & endurance, and precision of movement?

Any and all of these goals are attainable by way of the DSL Method of Yoga & Bodywork. You can read what Clients & Students have had to say here:

Testimonials on The DSL Method

But here are a couple to get started:

“Having experience with many different bodyworkers, DSL’s technique is certainly unique. There are levels of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before. This is clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy & physiology combined with decades of hands-on experience.”

John Bordiuk • Nutritional M.D. & Yoga Teacher
Inner Balance Med • Wellesley, Massachusetts

“I have worked with many soft tissue therapists over the years. David is the only one educated and skilled enough to do what I want with full confidence the job will be done. My patients definitely feel the difference.”

Gary Fujinami  • Doctor of Chiropractic • East West Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center • Prescott, Arizona

How Do We Use Let-Go Yoga In A Private Therapy Session?

Essentially, for those Clients so motivated, here is how we can use the Let-Go Yoga process in your private therapy:

  • As a way for You, the Client, to continue the Therapeutic Bodywork process on your own, at home.
  • As a Self-Maintenance program to continue after your course of Therapy is complete.
  • Occasionally, some Clients are able to achieve ALL their therapeutic needs with Yoga or Conscious Stretching alone without the hands-on element.

If you’d lie to get a better idea of what I do, please check out this page. It will provide you with an in depth overview of my approach:

An Overview of DSL Edgework: Yoga/Bodywork Fitness & Therapeutics

Another thing you can do here, of course, is get a general description of what my method of yoga is all about:

The Let-Go Yoga Homepage

Here is a list of the pages on this site, so you can browse around and see what interests you:

List of Articles

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