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If You’ve Not Seen a Comprehensive Description of the
DSL Method & Background of the Development of this
Program, the Pages Linked BELOW are Designed to be
Highly Educational 
for those who want to
know everything about it.
They Are Very Detailed Pages So You Know Exactly
What The Program Is ALL About & WHY I Am Offering It.

HOWEVER, If You Already Know You Are Interested
 The Program, Please Keep Reading Below the Links8

The Comprehensive Intro Page of the
School of Hard Knots is HERE:

But Just In Case, HERE is a VERY Brief Summary of MY Intentions of What Path You’ll Embark on in this Masterclass on Muscles:

This is a Pilot Program. You will be helping me Co-Create the Masterclass. The course, provided at a very low price, will for the  First TWENTY Participants, include THREE 1-on-1 Video Conversations with me, DSL, throughout the program.They will be on Skype or whatever app is best. I will be finding out your interests, needs and levels of education, experience, & understanding.

And your feedback will help me produce the Content Videos, as well as help direct the Q&A Calls.

This Program is Designed to Help Start YOU on a Path to become the Leading Edge Expert & Trusted Authority in Your Community on the Problems & Healing of the Neuromuscular / Myofascial & Joint Systems of the Human BodyMind….

We Want YOU to Become the First & Best Choice for Clients Seeking Help with their Neuro-Muscular & Myo-Fascial Problems.

MY Intention is YOU to be able to sit down with a Neurologist, Orthopedist, Osteopath, or Chiropractor and, within a few minutes, have them know YOU know as much — or MORE — about the Relevant Sciences — the anatomy, kinesiology, physiology & neurology — behind Soft Tissue Therapy as they do. And they will have Confidence that YOU know the necessary Principles & Techniques to Achieve the Objectives of Soft Tissue Therapy.

MY Intention is YOU will be able to help resolve, or substantially help, neuromuscular & myofascial issues other therapists & physicians have given up on, or were making too slow or too little progress on.

MY Intention is to be working to Elevate the Stature & Status of Muscle Therapy — be it massage, bodywork, yoga, fitness, Pilates, and so on — in society and with Potential Prospects. We are, potentially, on the Vanguard* of making a HUGE difference in the perceived value of our methods of therapy.

And I INVITE YOU to Participate in that Mission.

Vanguard: A group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. … Massage / Bodywork — Manual Therapy — is among the oldest of healing arts. Yet it has lost much of it’s status in the last century. We NEED to reclaim that status.

Further, MY Intention is that if YOU were one of the People placed in a “Non-Essential” professional category during the Pandemic Lockdowns (as I was), that it will in the future be MUCH harder for anyone to classify You as “non-essential.” And YOUR work will become FAR more ESSENTIAL than even many massage, bodywork, yoga or other therapists realize of their own work.

MY Intention is You will have some New Ideas for communicating, enrolling, and/or teaching Online or In-person. What you learn here should give you material to teach to your Prospects & Clients. This can be a way to gain the Respect You Deserve, and Enroll Clients into your practice. And you could charge for that, as well, if you so choose. And if we DO go back into “Lockdowns,” you will have a way to earn money in your chosen field, yet with a different method of delivery, such as online.

(We will discuss the Question of “How do I deliver a massage or bodywork session over the internet?”)

While ALL that probably will not FULLY happen in the six or seven weeks of THIS particular Masterclass, it WILL set you well on the Path, IF you are willing to pursue the knowledge, skills, & wisdom it takes.

MY Job will be to Shorten that Timespan
as Much as Possible.

Details, Content, Structure of:

The School of Hard Knots

A DSL Edgework MASTERCLASS on the
Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint System:

And NO, they are NOT really “KNOTS”
as in tying a rope into knots.

The “knot” is just a metaphor. Yet there ARE very chronically over-contracted, microscopic muscle cells that will not “let go,” are very sensitive to the touch, are somewhat like “mini-bulges” such as when a bodybuilder flexes his or her muscles, and often “refer” pain to other areas of the body, sometimes nearby, sometimes surprisingly distant from the “knot.”

While there are arguments about all this and what these “things” (knots) really are, the word knot is adequate. Client’s relate to the metaphor. You could also call them “tight spots” or “tight muscles.”

I use the term C.E.M.&.N.T. as in Chronic, Excess, MusculoFascial & Nerve Tension & Stress. And many Clients FEEL as if they have “C.E.M.&.N.T.” In their muscles.

Yet we know that while many of the “knots” spontaneously go away, many do not, and often become bigger and more painful over time. And that manual therapy or stretching very often reduces or eliminates them.

Here is the Description of the COURSE

(A Detailed OUTLINE is Further Below)

This Masterclass is NOT a Technique Class …

This is a DEEP Information & Perspective Course. And there is some Philosophy of How “Things” — and Human Beings — Work, as Well.

The School of Hard Knots is designed to give FOUNDATIONAL KNOWLEDGE & INSIGHT applying to ALL modalities, ALL techniques You might engage with having to do with muscles, fascia, joints, and in many cases, your nerves & brain. …

And Very Frequently, many other Health Problems emanate from the Muscles, such as digestive disorders.

This Course is designed to help you implement any or all of the activities, therapies, or modalities you utilize for Client Healing more effecticiently” (effective + efficient). …

We WILL soon be offering “technique” classes, such as Basic Practices of Hands-On Bodywork, DE-Constructing Yoga from the Inside Out, Myo-Structural Balancing & Postural Evaluation, and How To Use Self-Massage Tools, among others.

If you know the fundamentals presented in THIS Masterclass — the physiological & neurological basics of how it all works — you will get FAR more out of the upcoming Technique Programs.

If you have a partner to work with (Professionals or General Public) we will have online courses on how to work with each other using hands-on therapy. This will be especially useful to members of the General Public who need some basic therapy, but do not have highly complex or difficult issues.

And if YOU have complex or difficult issues, you will be FAR better prepared to work with a Therapist or Physician, as long as they are open minded.

If enough members of the General Public request it, I will modify THIS course for You. It will NOT, however, be “dumbed down.” Just things explained with less medial “jargon,” and geared to working with a partner or therapist. Although I went out of my way to make THIS particular course easy for anyone to understand.

Awareness & Thinking - Muscle Pain Relief and Stress Reduction and the cause for sore muscles

Awareness & Thinking Working Together


There is a meditative / mindful component to everything in DSL Edgework. We are not “mystically” inclined, being more focused on physical / mental Reality in the Here & Now. Yet we believe we are very Conscious in our approaches.


This Pilot Program has an Introductory Video, then FIVE Content Videos. Each Session will during that week have a Group Q&A / Conference Call. Then, at the end, we’ll have a FINAL Wrap Up & Final Q&A Session. …

If I need to add another session or two to get it all down, I will do so. As You will see, this program is a Pilot Program, under development, and might need more time than I have predicted.

— Introductory Video Session —
The Elements of DSL Edgework:

This Initial Session gives you a Video Overview of my Therapy System. You’ll know the basic Principles & Perspectives I operate under. That will give you the Context in which to understand & apply what you’ll learn in the Five Content Sessions. …

It might end up being the longest of all the Sessions.

You Can See a Detailed TEXT Description of the
Basic Elements of DSL Edgework HERE

(Opens In A New Page So You Don’t Lose This One)

(FIVE Sessions — Approximate & Tentative Content):
The Following it a TENTATIVE Schedule. The Finalized Schedule of how the Content flows will be determined by the 1-on-1 Video Calls I have with Participants before I produce the first video. Most or all of the below content WILL be in the program. Yet I might reorganize or reprioritize, and add to it, based on my conversations with people. I also expect to be adding material as I get to know the Participants’ needs & interests.
0. INTRO VIDEO: Gives the above mentioned Detailed Overview of DSL Edgework: Bodywork / Yoga / Whole Health Therapeutics. The Video(s) will be far more comprehensive.)

1. Structure of the Musculo-Fascial-Tendinous Unit:

A. Fascial Sheaths — Protection & Transmission — Colloidal Structures.

Tissue Extensibility / Flexibility — Hyaluronic Acid / Fluidity vs. Strength.
Hydration  — Water Binding Capacity.

B. Fascial Sheaths Become Tendons Becomes Periosteum
(attachment points to bones) — Force Transmitters / Protectors.

C. Muscle Cells — Actin / Myosin Units — Force Generators
Muscle Cells + Water Pressure + Fascial Sheaths = Action

E. Proprioceptive Nerves —Sense of Position & Movement.
Golgi Tendon Organs & Muscle Spindles — Tonus Inhibition.
Renshaw’s Inhibitory Spinal Cord Cells — Reflex Arcs.

F.  Proprioception vs Sensation Perception — Pain Creation
G. Pseudo-Weakness — Active / Passive Insufficiency
2. The Health / Fitness Spectrum & The Hard Body Mythology
A. Tone, Tonus, Resting Tonus, Tension — Trigger Points.
Relaxation vs. Tension vs. Chronic Tension vs. Contracture.
B. How Fitness, Exercise & Tension interfere with Health.
Health / Fitness Balance — Sympathetic / Parasympathetic.

C. Why NO Pain Means MORE Gain in Therapy & Daily Function.
The Goldilocks Principle — Edge of Pain, Fear, Resistance.
Reflex Arcs — Non-Conscious Resistance.

D. Sympathetic / Parasympathetic Function

Hyper-Activity, Reticular Formation — Emergency 4-Fs.
Internal Self-Healing — Arndt-Scultz Law.
Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Law.

E. Myo-Structural Balance — Strength vs Length, Short vs Long
F. Strength vs. ROM vs. Flexibility vs. Resilience
G. Neurological Skill Development & Neuro-Muscular Facilitation Without Tension Accumulation
H. Tension Reduction Strategies & Deep, Radical Relaxation
 3. How Healthy Muscles Work — Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Structure:

A. Posture, Fascial Water Bags, Hydrostatic Buoyancy

Interactions of Muscles, Bones, Fascia, Gravity — Tensegrity
Internal Water Pressure, — Bags so Water Can Walk Around

B. Hydration & Muscle Cell Strength
Cell H2O Volume, Strength & Skin Tone (Wrinkles)
C. Freedom of Action, Flexibility & Resilience
Balanced Actin / Myosin Muscle Cells — Reciprocal Inhibition
D. Maximum Range-of-Motion & Strength via
Maximum Deep, Radical Relaxation — DE-Contraction
E. Nutrition & Detoxification via Increased Relaxation
Blood / Lymph Circulation
F.  Muscular Influences on Respiration & Digestive Function
4. BodyMInd Breakdowns — When Bad Things Happen to Good Muscles:
A. Repetitive Action, Intensity, Loading & Tension Building
Habitual Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Patterns
B. Neuromuscular Discombobulation (AKA Discoordination)
Sensory-Motor Amnesia — Familiarity of Action — Violinist vs Violist.
Stair Step — Attention / Distraction — Thinking Mind as Observer / Moderator, NOT the “Controller” — DE-Sensitization
C. Human Osmotic Pressure & H2O Displacement in Muscles Intracellular / Extracellular Water, Lymph & Pain
D. Stabilization & Protection from External Forces.
More Habitual Patterns — Consistency.
E. Jammed Sarcomeres vs Normal vs Over-stretched Sarcomeres
Active Insufficiency vs. Passive Insufficiency & “Lost Strength.”

F.  Joint Compression, “A-neural Issues,”

Inflammation (or lack thereof) — Joints / Muscles vs Blood

G. Chemical Buildups & Nociception (Pain Sensitivity)
H. Cascading Sympathetic OverloadVagus Nerve
Law of Generalization — Accumulating Injury & Trauma
5. Psychological & Neurological Elements:
Control Circuits of the Psycho-Muscular System
A. When Does the Heart Muscle Relax & Regenerate?
B. Radical Relaxation & Relaxed Action — Vagus Nerve
C. Sensory-Motor Amnesia — Desensitization
Descending Sensory Pathways (worth the whole course by itself)
D. Cerebral Cortex & “Creation” of the Pain Experience
E.  Alpha / Gamma Integration & Muscle Tension / Relaxation
F. “Muscle Memory” — Neurological Basis of Memory
Pattern Interrupts
6. Final Session RECAP, Principles of Therapy, Q&A:
That’s your Tentative Overview of the CONTENT of the School of Hard Knots! — I Promise you will know more about this “stuff” than most practitioners do. … Even many physicians don’t know some of this.


This program will take about six to seven weeks to deliver. (Possibly MORE if necessary and Participants are willing, at NO extra cost.) One in-depth Content Video per week on the Sciences & Principles above we’ll be discussing that week.

Then, after each Content Video has been available for a few days, One Group Session per week on (most likely) a Zoom or Skype Call. …
Tentatively on Wednesday Evenings, per preliminary discussions and agreement with Participants.

The Group Conference part of the Program will start when I have at least SIX people enrolled. Before then, anyone who signs up, I will work with 1-on-1 until there are six or more people ready to go on Zoom (or whatever platforms seems best. I’m open to suggestions). The sessions will be recorded for your future use.

But I need to talk to AT LEAST 6, preferably 12, of the 20 Full Participants so I can Target & Prepare the program fully & appropriately. (That’s the Whole Point of a Pilot Program)

If for some reason I do NOT get many enrollments, I’ll adjust this delivery strategy as necessary. But we can do Video Calls for just one or a few people if necessary.


For the first TWENTY People who sign up, based on the idea of a Pilot or Beta program, you will have (at least) THREE Skype, Zoom or Phone calls with me through the program. You will be Co-Creating this program with me. AND I will work with You on figuring out Strategies & Techniques on how you can APPLY what you are learning to YOUR Practice.

I will also have my eMail system for eCoaching available for eMail interactions. (The other students, beyond the first Twenty, can communicate with me via eMail.)

You will have a significantly reduced price (see below), plus personal, one-on-one access to me. And you’ll have the satisfaction of helping the Program have FAR more Value for Future Students as well as your own Clients & Students. This will, of course, contribute to My or OUR Mission to help elevate the status of muscle therapy.

And you’ll be helping me Develop the Program and Work The Bugs out of the System, for which I will be Eternally Grateful! … ( I don’t know how long “Eternity” is. All I know is it’s a LONG time! )

While I have a General Plan for the Content of the Course (described above), your input could modify the course a little or a lot, depending on how engaged you get in the process, and what your needs & interests are.

I will, based on the first (preferably) Dozen Or So People who sign up — BEFORE I finalize Content Video #1 — have their first 1-Hour, personal phone or video Educational Consultation where You can tell me your interests & needs, questions & suggestions, any problems you are facing, influencing what should be included in this program.

AND, my intention is to have those 1-on-1, individual calls improve at least something in YOUR Life and / or Work. Or set us on a path to do so.

As much as possible, the videos will reflect my 1-on-1 Calls and eMail conversations with everyone, You included.

This way, I can produce the first video to, as much & best as possible, to include the feedback & questions I get from You & the other Participants. … And we will continue from there each week with the same strategy for each video. Our first call should set the agenda for the first couple of weeks & videos, then eMails and a call for subsequent videos.

The Second Call will be in the middle of the program somewhere, 2nd or 3rd week, at your convenience.

I will produce the next four videos, one per week, of the Five Lesson Content Sessions described in the outline above, releasing them (most likely) one Lesson per week.  

Actually, there will be SIX videos, including the INTRODUCTORY ( # 0 ) Video. Then a week after the 5th Video & Q&A, we’ll have the BONUS Wrap-Up & Q&A Call.

Our THIRD 1-on-1 Call will be near or after the program is complete. THERE, you’ll let me know what you are getting or got out of the program, how I could improve it, and what to change.

If we need to do one or two more weeks to cover all the bases, then so be it!
The goal is to make it FAR MORE VALUABLE than what you paid for the Course.

eMail Contact for that particular program will probably be shut down 2 or 3 days after the last Q&A Call. This does not mean I will not be reachable. BUT, people who are in the program, for the duration of the program, will get extra special Consideration & Attention as you are helping me develop the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do NOT want to have any 1-on-1 phone or video calls with me, Please Let Me Know when you Sign Up. Or just sign up for the lower cost option. … HOWEVER, the TWENTY People at the higher price point WILL be getting some Valuable Bonuses I’ve not precisely determined yet.

(I have about 6 or 8 eBooks on various aspects of Bodywork & Yoga Therapy, depending on how I finalize them. Most of them are VERY near completion, but need final editing, formatting, illustrations, etc. Sometimes, THAT takes longer than writing the book in the first place! So I have to see which ones are close enough to completion, AND most relevant to our work together. OR, I can put them ALL out as PRE-Publications, and send you the final versions after each one is finalized.)

The eBooks are tentatively titled:

The Edge of Physiology: An In-Depth look at the Principles & Sciences of DSL Edgework — Over 100 pages

BodyMind Breakdown: How the Human body & Mind Breakdown — about 60 pages

Tendinitis & Tendinosis: Detailed look at the tendons & their breakdowns

Psoas Muscle & The CORE; — 80 pages

Yoga Injury Prevention: In-depth

Simple Steps to Let-Go Yoga: My Magnum Opus on Yoga for the West Of US —over 300 pages

12 Principles for the Practice of Yoga

I’ll send out the FIRST Content Video within the first week after the first phone calls, which you can watch at your convenience. We will then, probably Wednesday Evenings (depending on feedback from the first dozen or so participants), have an Online Conference Call every week where we will all discuss the video of the week and I will answer any questions you have. I will stay online till everyone’s questions are answered. (I’m VERY used to working late into the night! Sometimes TOO late!) …

HOWEVER, IF you ask a question that I will be covering in a future video, I will let you know that question WILL be answered in another Video Lesson. 

IF you ask a question that is outside the scope of the course, I will probably be able to answer it, or at least comment, as long as it is not too widely focused and can be discussed in a reasonable period of time, or is not too far off the path we are on.

(If you ask What is the Meaning Of Life or Reality,
that might take some time!)

But if a lot of people cannot agree on ONE convenient Date & Time, I’ll schedule a second weekly Video Call, maybe earlier in a day, or over the weekend, to accommodate as many people as possible. I’m doing everything I can to accommodate the Participants. … We’ll see how well I do!

The Zoom or Skype CALLS (or whatever platform seems to be the best) will be Recorded and available to you anytime after they are published.

MOST LIKELY, I will be delivering Content, such as Videos, PDFs, and so on, VIA Dropbox. You MIGHT find it convenient to have your own Dropbox account, as you can store stuff there, and it is FREE up to a certain amount of data. Otherwise, you can just access a secure folder or directory in MY Dropbox from a link in an email you’ll receive from me.

ALL Participants will also have Personal & Private Access to my eMail Coaching software, and You can put Questions or Suggestions in that way. (I will have SOME limits on that, as some people seem to want me to write a whole book each time they send me very wide-ranging questions!)

So I’ll probably request you focus on one or two narrowly focused issues per eMail. And if people get too wide in their questions, I’ll possibly have some kind of limit on how many words you can write, just to help keep it concise.)

I will probably have my calendar blocked out from Noon to Midnight on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for all 1-on-1 Video Calls & eMail responses.


As far as price goes, normally, I’ve been charging $150 for a 90-Minute Therapy Session, $270 for a 3-Hour Therapy Session. (That’s a lot lower than my competition, but I’m more focused on more people getting more therapy than I am on making Top Dollar.)

I know one VERY successful guy who is a Business & Life Coach who charges $500 per MONTH for just one, 1-hour phone call per week! I know of other coaches who charge FAR MORE than that.

As as you’ve seen, You are going to be getting a LOT more time from me than 90-minutes or 3- or 4-hours. But I don’t want you to have any reasons to NOT take the program!

When this Pilot Program is complete, Pricing will probably (approximately) Double or at least go UP by 50%, and Educational Consultations on Zoom, Skype or Phone will, POSSIBLY be optional and in the neighborhood of $90 per hour, per each call.

That’s until I am fully booked up. Then, the Laws of Supply & Demand will take over! … But all that is just a guess at the moment.

Based on what’s going on in the EXPLODING Training & Coaching Market right now, this pricing will probably not last long.

To Summarize all the Above:

As I already described, there will be the Intro Video on DSL Edgework and how it works available BEFORE the first week of the course. That alone might be worth the cost of entry!

Then, as soon as I have SIX PEOPLE signed up and their first Video Calls completed, I will begin producing the 1st of the 5 Content Videos. I will get Content Video #1 out to You in the first few days after I have the first wave of individual consultation calls and produce the resulting 1st video. …

The Wednesday Night (or whatever night we choose) Online Conference Calls will start the week after the 1st Content Video comes out. They will be on one of the Video conference platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Free Conference Call, or whatever seems most functional for our needs.

Then we will Wrap It All Up with a Final Q&A Video Conference Call.

If You DO Sign Up, because this is a Pilot Program, and it is the first time I’ve done this, PLEASE EXPECT some e-GLITCHES!!! … But that is ONE reason I’m not charging much money at this time.

So Here’s the Pricing:

School of Hard Knots — Enhanced Version — 1st 20 Participants

ALL 6 Videos & 7 Q&A Sessions — Recordings Available
Live Interactive Participation on Video Conference Calls
THREE 1-on-1 Educational Consultations via Video Conference Call
eMail Access for Your Questions & Comments
• BONUS eBooks on Relevant Topics

[wpecpp name=”School of Hard Knots – Enhanced” price=”377.00″ align=”right”] $377 — Limit, 20 Participants

In Full Access Mode, Please Notice, with a total of $377, You are only paying $144 for the THREE 1-hour, 1-on-1 Consultations, and $233 for the Content & Q&As. That’s less than $50 per hour for the calls!

School of Hard Knots — Basic Version

ALL 6 Videos & 7 Q&A Sessions — Recordings Available
Observer Status Only (Limited To Server Capacity, 1st Come, 1st Served)
eMail Access for Your Questions & Comments

[wpecpp name=”School of Hard Knots – Basic” price=”233.00″ align=”right”] $233Limited by Server Capacity

WOW! It’s amazing all the things you have to think about to set one of these things up! Hopefully I covered it all and there will be no stones left unturned so there are no unfortunate surprises!

So hopefully You’ll join me in the School of Hard Knots and help me create, improve, and fine-tune the program! And help start on the Path to making Muscle Therapy GREAT in the eyes of Physicians, Therapists, and Most Importantly, The People who need our services.

Thank You for Reading about The School of Hard Knots!
Take Care,
David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
* DSL: Your High Touch Uplink to the Inner-Net*
* Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Network