Whole Health Healing:
Philosophies, Principles, Practices & Trends

Expanding Your Knowledge and Skills — And Perspective — To Better Serve Clients

Noted trends-caster, Gerald Celente, predicts that whole health healing is really the future of medicine, because that’s what the consumer will increasingly demand. Celente, who was the featured speaker at National’s [National University of Health Sciences] 2008 Homecoming, observed that “Chiropractic physicians are uniquely situated to meet the rising demand for whole health healing, because they have the time to establish the real doctor/patient relationship that whole health healing demands.” [emphasis added ~DSL]

From the National University of Health Sciences News Center

Gerald Celente is publisher and lead researcher for the Trends Journal. He’s been one of the most successful analyzers of social and economic trends for several decades. Mr. Celente believes the true, Whole Health Healer is one of the BIG trends of the future in health care and medicine.

As our forecast for 2016 stated: “From entrepreneurs to big business, the field is wide open for new products, procedures and facilities for keeping the young at heart vibrant throughout old age. Whole-health healers will be in demand. Strenuous workouts and diet fads will increasingly be replaced by holistic health approaches. Whole-health healers will deliver all natural modalities, products and services as a foundation for enhanced longevity.”

(Trends Monthly, December 2015.)

The same issue of the above quoted newsletter from National University goes on to say …

“First and foremost, whole health healing is patient-centered care,” says James F. Winterstein, DC, NUHS president. “We train our chiropractic students to see each patient as a whole person. They learn how to evaluate the full range of factors – physical, mental, situational, and emotional – that influences each patient’s health. This is really the only way a physician can make an accurate diagnosis and apply the right treatment or combination of treatments for the best possible outcome with each patient.”

We are not here suggesting you’ll be able to DO what, for example, a chiropractor can do. What we ARE suggesting is YOU can become more knowledgeable, and better equipped, to work with such Whole Health Physicians and guide your Clients to work with such physicians.

If you go the extra mile, and reach out and work with other therapists in other disciplines, you’ll be better able to serve your Clients and have a wider network of widely skilled practitioners and referral sources. And of course, the larger your referral network, and the more educated they are in what YOU do, the higher demand will be for your work, and you can maintain higher fees.

Cross-Training in Whole
Health Healing Disciplines

Enhancing Your Ability to Assist Your
Clients in a Wide Range of Needs

This does NOT mean you will be “replacing” a doctor or higher level therapist. What it DOES mean is you’ll be better prepared to assist your Client(s) in understanding their full range of options, and whether your Soft Tissue Therapy is the right solution for their needs.

You can become a Trusted Resource and highly valued advisor on a wide range of orthodox and alternative therapies. MORE IMPORTANTLY, you’ll be more prepared to interact with physicians you know and trust to give your Clients and Patients the best advice available in your area.

This sets you apart from other therapists who only know a narrow field of service.

Elements of Whole Health Healing Systems & Inputs

All that said, DSL is a big believer that for a truly “wholistic” healing process, Cross-Training from a wide range of Whole Health Healing Disciplines is highly useful, sometimes necessary.

For one thing, the legal principle of Failure To Diagnose is in some ways the ONE thing most important to a highly competent therapist. That’s because you don’t want to be doing soft tissue therapy on someone whom has something more serious going on, such as a cancer tumor, unless a competent doctor has prescribed it.

Knowing your limitations, and when other therapies or types of medical care are warranted, is important to protecting the health of your Clients. And Webster’s Dictionary defines a “client” as someone under the protection of another.

And if YOU are that “another” who is “protecting” them, the YOU want to be THE most competent and skilled you can be.

Pursuing a deeper understanding of your own profession and the necessary skills is what will help you be of greater service, of higher protection for, your Clients. Knowing the fundamentals of other related health care methods will only expand your status as a Trusted Resource for your Clients.

For the DSL Method of Yoga/Bodywork/Whole Health Therapeutics, this Greater Perspective includes the Principles, Practices & Pathologies from:

  • Neuromuscular, Myofascial, Myo-Structural Therapies
  • BIO-Structural Balancing Principles & Therapies
  • Nature of Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress 
  • Chiropractic & Osteopathic Principles
  • Naturopathic & Homeopathic Medicine*
  • Metabolic & Functional Medicine*
  • Working with Orthodox Metabolic Physicians


Again, I’m not offering training in how to perform modalities beyond your field of soft tissue therapy. What I AM offering is understanding the philosophies and principles of the other health and medicine modalities to help you better serve your Clients, becoming an educational and referral source to other practitioners and physicians.

This opens the door to adding providing of consulting or coaching services to the services you offer your Clients. And because, as their soft tissue therapist, who very often spends more time with the Client than most therapists and physicians, you are uniquely positioned to know that Client better than most.

That means you are better positioned than most  to educate them and help them figure out which modalities, practitioners and physicians they should also be working with.

A Deeper Look At “Medicine”

Philosophical Principles & Techniques from such other health and medical care disciplines widen & deepen our ideas of what Whole Health Healing, Wellness, and Fitness — and “Medicine” itself — are all about, as well as how to look at them from an Integral, Consciously Aware (Yogic) Perspective.

Here’s an interesting look into earlier understandings of what “medicine” is and is all about:

Measure was indeed considered to be essential to the understanding of the good. Thus, the origin of the word ‘medicine’ is the Latin ‘mederi’, which means ‘to cure’ and which was derived from a root meaning ‘measure’. This implied that to be healthy was to have everything in a right measure, in body and mind. Similarly, wisdom was equated with moderation and modesty (whose common root is also derived from measure), thus suggesting that the wise man is the one who keeps everything in the right measure.

Wholeness and the Implicate Order
The Physicist David Bohm
Routledge Classics, 1980, Page 172

From my own writings:

* Medicine: From the root word Mederi, meaning an Inner-Measure, a Meditative sense-of-self, leading to internal responses that Moderate or Cure the problem. …

This is in contrast to “modern” medicine being far more about the “outer-measuring” via equipment and external technology. This in turn usually tends to lead to more external remedies & cures. While this external approach is certainly quite valuable and useful, it has it’s limitations. Our view is to use both, when each is appropriate. ~ DSL

One of the Great Features of The DSL Method of Bodywork & Yoga Therapeutics is it has a strong focus on supporting the Client to become more “tuned in” to their Inner Reality. This facilitates their becoming better Clients, better cooperators as participants in their healing process. This makes for more successful outcomes, happier Clients, and better referrals to your practice.

From a different perspective, there are ways to go deeper into your own skills as a Soft Tissue Therapist. One way to do that is work with physicians already knowledgeable about, with a deep understanding and appreciation of, massage therapy. Such individual physicians can help guide you to be a better practitioner, and more directly valuable to and appreciated by physicians.

And once you’ve impressed ONE physician, that improves your opportunities to find more physicians to bring into your network.

Chiropractic / Massage Cross Training

Here I am introducing one element of the Whole Health Healing series of programs. One very important, maybe even critical, component we’re offering here at The DSL Method is the work of Dr. Michael Koplen. Dr. Koplen was a very successful massage therapist in Boulder and Denver, Colorado long before he became a chiropractor.

As such, his knowledge and skill — and more importantly his INSIGHT — into the workings of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and myofascial systems — and their Control Systems (nerves, CNS, brain) — sets him apart as and educator and mentor for … YOU!


Client Care Mastery

The Heart of Practice Professionalism©

Evidence Based Client Care System
Unifying Diversity
Empowering Your Professional Client Care Skills
Providing Professional Credibility and Respect!

Doctor Approved by:

    • Dr Michael Koplen, BA, MT, DC, QME
    • Seth Levey, MD, FACC
    • Bruce Handloff, DC, QME


Here’s a quote from the Introduction to Dr. Koplen’s Introductory books and courses:

This Course provides another important component for increasing professional competency and credibility, and in helping to create greater unity and acceptance for the profession by teaching an inclusive and more integrated approach to practicing. It provides you with a complete Client Care System™ embracing different techniques, research literature, and professional client management procedures.

This Course teaches you how to have an evidence-based practice consistent with current research, commonly used techniques, and professionally accepted standards of client care. It teaches you to discern reality centered principles and fact from myth, and qualify proven claims from personal beliefs, while managing your Client’s care using standard professional protocols in alignment with those used by other health care professions such as PT’s and doctors.

Knowing how to effectively integrate all of these components into your practice is critical to increasing professional validation and acceptance in individual practices and for the profession.

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Preparation for releasing Dr. Koplen’s VERY important work is under way. PLEASE let us know of your interest in his work, so we can properly time and manage the production and release of the materials.

Thank You for Reading about Whole Health Healing, Chiropractic, Massage Cross Training!
David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
* DSL: Your Hi-Touch Up-Link to the Inner-Net*
* Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System