Myo-Structural Balancing
& Postural Alignment

Lumbo pelvic CORE & structural alignment in BIO-Structural Balancing & Postural AlignmentThe term BIO-Structural Bodywork is a general term including musculoskeletal, psycho-muscular, neuromuscular, myofascial, and other bodywork systems and principles, yet implying a system applicable in a wide range of potential situations.

We developed our system of bodywork/massage/yoga therapy with these principles in mind:

The prefix BIO- is short for Biologic (Living) and Bioenergetic (referring to the interaction of mental, emotional, and physical aspects) … Integral (all things working together at a deeper, more complete level), and …  Organon and Optimal (the body of knowledge utilized to achieve the optimized results of BIO-Structural Balancing).

As utilized in The DSL Method, it is, potentially, a more preventive & integrative system, a generalized approach to working with and normalizing the whole human structure toward a more harmonized and integrated function.

evaluation of distorted posture in BIO-Structural Balancing & Postural AlignmentRather than being about tracking down specific symptoms or illnesses, aches or pains, or dysfunctions, the whole structure is assessed for its long-term accumulations of muscular tension and stress. We’re looking to more accurately find: psycho-neuro-musculo-fascial tensions that have been, and are, pulling the overall structure out of proper balance. Within that overall structure, localized imbalances occur as well.

These imbalances lead to inefficiencies of movement and action and increase the physical tensions and stresses necessary for the bodymind to function in day-to-day life.

One common error is to assume that imbalances or postural distortions cause pain. Yet we use the opposite idea. It is more or more often the c.e.m.&.n.t causing the imbalances. Attempting to push bones or fascia back into place, or realign the joints, or get more flexible, is not our objective. Those are by-products.

Our main objective is to use structural analysis/postural assessment to tell us which musculoskeletal-facial units are most hyper-contracted.

The primary focus of the work is Structural De-Compression and Balancing the Body Structures in the field of gravity. By releasing tensions compressing and interfering with the proper function of the body, hands-on work brings the body back to balance.

Natural Forces built into the body by nature, at birth, are restored to function, providing the body with effortless good posture; energetic, fluid movement; and a pain-free existence.

Myo-Structural Balancing:
DE-Compressing & Aligning the Human Structure

Decisions on which myofascial units to work on and when, and in what sequence, are made with DSL’s system of BIO-Structural Balancing. The system includes:

  • BIO-Structural Analysis: Study of the physical structures & forces of the human body
  • Postural Assessment: Determining tension patterns interfering with proper function
  • Structural Balancing Strategies: Determining the sequence in which to release tension patterns

The BIO-Structural Sciences employed are:

  • Advanced Structural Anatomy: Detailed location and dimensions of the various parts of the body
  • Postural & Functional Kinesiology: How those parts interact with each other
  • Physics & Geometry of Structures: Natural Forces acting upon and within the body
  • Neuromuscular/Myofascial Physiology: How the systems work internally
  • Neuro-Logical Physiology: Body-Brain-Mind Integration, especially Sensory-Motor feedback
  • Dynamics of the Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System: Putting it all together
  • Yogic-Logic & YogasAnalysis: DE-Construction & Application of Yoga Postures to Structural Therapy

Evaluation Preparing for
Treatment Strategies

Yet before beginning to provide therapy, the DSL Practitioner invests some time in getting to know your Health History and your Health Objectives to help create a Treatment Strategy. Depending on how complex your situation is, this history, combined with a Postural Evaluation, might, if necessary, get very comprehensive.

While initial evaluations can be less than 30 minutes, some are MUCH longer, mostly if a person has had many injuries, traumas and/or stress events in life.

Some Clients say we find and figure out more than most physicians or other therapists ever have or do, allowing the Therapist and Client to come up with more thorough insight into the nature of their conditions and then develop effecticient* therapeutic strategies.

* Effecticient = effective + efficient, because they should come at the same time!

Thanks for Reading,
David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
* DSL: Your Hi-Touch Up-Link to the Inner-Net
Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint System