— Pattern Interrupt —

A Way to Undo & Escape
Negative Habit Patterns

A Pattern Interrupt is an application of any experience, technique or process which triggers inhibitory nerves (with the resultant relaxation), or at least significantly shifts the feeling and thinking states.

This is about the Physical Ego (self-identity) giving up survival patterns.

These shifts must occur for a long enough period of time, or often enough, or both, to give the BodyMind a “new experience,” one in which the BodyMind can integrate the fact that it no longer needs, or never did need, a particular habit pattern in order to survive.

It is about seeing, feeling, and/or thinking “new possibilities,” then discovering a way to take new actions.

OR, we return to a more natural, in-born pattern of operations more in line with how the human bodymind was “intended” to operate. (Whether that “intention” was from a higher power, a higher being, or emanating from nature itself is irrelevant. The point is, we are born with certain natural forces built in at birth.

Maximizing those built-in by nature forces is one objective to Whole Health Healing.

Sometimes, people accumulate patterns of thinking, feeling & action that override those natural forces. Problem is, those new pattern are not always productive or useful. Sometimes they are outright dangerous.

We have Mental & Emotional Egos, which accumulate, establish & protect a unique self-identity. It is necessary to have a self-identity to operate or function in the world.

And the physical body develops its own unique functional characteristics that are associated with that unique identity.

If one’s self-identity becomes to rigid, that can cause problems. Yet if one is too fluid, to subject to random change, that causes problems too.

So there is a balance between adequate versus excess self-identification.