The Following Pages Describe
Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress

AKA “Tight Muscles.”

The Central Focus of DSL Edgework on the
Physical Level is the Reduction of Excess Tension
& Stress in the Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Units.

PLEASE READ the Following Pages on C.E.M.&.N.T.:

C.E.M.&.N.T. In-Depth

Effects of C.E.M.&.N.T.

More On C.E.M.&.N.T.

Comparison of C.E.M.&.N.T. with Other Diagnoses (MPS, TMS)

The Primary Tools to Achieve the Reduction of C.E.M.&.N.T. are:

• Mindful Medical Massage

• Myo-Structural Balancing & Bodywork

• Myo-Structural Yoga Therapy

• Tai Chi-based Movement Therapy 

• Internal / External Ergonomics

• Self-Care Techniques

For the Purpose of Evaluation of the Human Structure & Health Care Conditions & Development of Treatment Strategies:

• The Homeopathic Interview

• Comprehensive Client History

• BIO-Structural Analysis

• Postural Evaluation / Assessment