Introductory Workshops to The DSL Method
 Medical Massage Therapy, Myo-Structural
Bodywork & Yoga Therapy …

How YOU TOO Can Master the Arts & Sciences of DE-Compressing & Balancing The Human BodyMind & Structure and Have a Uniquely Rewarding Practice, Setting YOU Above & Beyond The Clinical / Medical Massage Marketplace

Foundational Trainings in
The DSL Method of
Medical Massage Therapy
Myo-Structural Bodywork,
BIO-Structural Balancing,
and Therapeutic Yoga

Based On A Foundation of Whole
Health Philosophy & Principles


  • Help Clients Reduce or Eliminate Aches & Pains
    • Finding the TRUE SOURCES of Their “Mystery Pain”
  • Help Clients Stand Taller & Sit Straighter
    • Achieving Better Posture & STATURE in The World
  • Help Clients Reduce Their Tension & Stress
    • Unwinding Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress
  • Help Clients Build a Foundation for FITNESS
    • RELAXATION is 50% of EVERY Proper Action
  • Help Clients with CUSTOMIZED Self Maintenance Plans
    • Yoga Stretching & Tai Chi Exercise for Self Care
  • Help Your OWN Body from Work Related Problems
    • Principles & Practices of Self Care

[A Client is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “Someone who is under the Protection of Another.” … YOU want to become that “Another” person, providing GREAT VALUE no one else can. … So Please Read the above list again!]

Many students coming out of massage schools these days report that though they feel they can give a very good massage of various kinds, there IS a problem:

That Problem is, when it comes to Clients with any kind of unusual issue or problem, the New  Therapist very often doesn’t really know how to figure out what to do next.

The Good News is, It’s NOT Your Fault! And YOU are not alone.

And, You and I are going to FIX that problem.

But let me tell you a Quick Story, first:

I, David Scott Lynn, am now offering a series of one-day, Basic workshops at my home. … OR at a location you provide. At moment, I’m thinking of Sundays, however any day of the week is doable if you have people interested in taking the program.

At present, at my home, I can work with 2 to 6 people per workshop. The rates will be WAY more than reasonable (for now). That’s because I need to provide the workshop several times to different groups before I can qualify the programs for Continuing Education Units.

And I need more Testimonials to get the ball rolling. I’ve redesigned how I teach the work and you will be in the Pilot Programs. And I PROMISE they are even better than when I used to teach several years ago and across the country in the 1990s.

My offer is to provide the workshops at a low price to facilitate this CE qualifying process. Then, once qualified, you can audit the program and get the CE credits at no extra charge. Or at most, what it costs to provide the teaching space.

(I have to find out if the State will allow the CEs to be applied retroactively.)

While my entire program would take a few hundred hours to provide, I’m looking at (probably) eight one-day workshops, one day on each major aspect of my work and therapy. (The topics are listed in the drop down menu above, of of the web page.)

The idea is each day’s material will be enough for you to IMMEDIATELY apply that aspect of the work in your practice the very next day. We will start at 10:00 AM (arriving by 9:45, please, to get settled in and introductions), and do FIVE 90 minute segments. Each segment will be separated by a 20 minute break, except mid-day, one of the breaks will be 40 minutes long to accommodate a longer food break.

FIVE 90 minute segments provides 7.5 hours of actual training time. Add three 20 minute breaks and a 40 minute break, and that takes us from 10:00 AM to about 7:10 PM. … AND, I will stay and keep teaching until the last person gets tired and goes home. Meaning I’ll answer as many questions, show you as much stuff (as long as it is more or less relevant to that day’s material), as I can after the last “official” workshop segment is done.

I have provided this format in most of the programs I’ve taught over the years. EVERYONE preferred this, rather than taking a long lunch break, which really breaks The Flow of the day.

Only “downside” is you need to bring enough food and beverage to take care of those nutritional needs on our breaks.

I am not, by the way, representing you have to make big changes in how or what you practice. I am teaching FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES of how the body and its’ various structures work. These principles apply no matter what therapy you are using. You will probably modify how you work, and modify you overall strategies, but you can still “do what you do,” if you so choose.

Yes, I will be teaching you a VERY specific set of manual therapy techniques. You might, or might not, choose to use the techniques more, or less, in your own practice. But for the workshop, the technique is a Teaching Tool putting the focus NOT on “delivering the technique,” but on feeling at a deeper level what’s going on in your Client’s body.

For those who DO want to work the way I do, the one-day workshops will provide the foundation for further training.

In addition to the one-day workshop, each student will be offered to receive a 3 to 4 hour PRIVATE SESSION with me to enhance their experience. This will also be offered at an unreasonably low price.