The pages on this website — — are for EDUCATIONAL and INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. There is no intention to imply, recommend, suggest or offer any diagnosis or treatment of any kind.

This website — — and this web page, is NOT in any way intended as an Offer to Provide Medical Services. There are many, if not most, jurisdictions in the United States where it is not legal to provide the kinds of human health services I and many others have devoted our lives to studying, developing and providing.

Therefore this page is here to demonstrate to you what kinds of Health Care & Assistance would be available to you IF a.) We had true Health Care Freedom in the United States; and b.) you could find Physicians or Therapists trained sufficiently to provide such services as are described in these pages. Yet such providers are few and far between.

To provide such services, legalities must be examined and accounted for before anyone can make such services available to you. It would most likely be in a Foreign Jurisdiction where health care licensing laws, if they have any, are far more conducive to Natural Healing Philosophy & Techniques.

Private Let-Go Yoga Sessions are at this time far less legally restricted than are the Yoga-Based, Hands-On Bodywork techniques I’ve developed over the last 33 plus years. Yet manual bodywork is theoretically possible in certain states which have adopted special legislation for Alternative Health Care Practitioners.

However, the overt DSL Bio-Structural Balancing System is more likely to be considered illegal in many states, unless one holds an appropriate license by that state. Those licenses would include medical doctors, physical therapists, and possibly chiropractic. Unfortunately, very few practitioners in any those disciplines are trained in these modalities. A very few Massage & Bodywork and Yoga Therapy practitioners are trained in similar or related modalities, but the vast majority are not.

The described BENEFITS are generally experienced by most people who engage in such therapeutic activities. HOWEVER, Individual Results are widely variable, depending on, for example, how much stress, tension, injury, surgery, trauma (physical, mental or emotional), drug-use (legal & illegal), counter-productive exercise, sports or movement patterns, etc., one has experienced in their lives, and how much of it, including how many years.

Some individuals need FAR MORE TIME to achieve results others achieve in relatively short periods of time. …

The following results and benefits ASSUME that one’s issues are neuromuscular and/or myofascial in nature, and the potential Client has been pre-cleared by a competent physician for any degenerative conditions or actual tissue damage. (Yet finding physicians who understand and can evaluate for conditions resulting from C.E.M.&.N.T. (Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension, discussed extensively on this website) versus actual tissue damage can be quite challenging. …

Frequently, Clients diagnosed with torn tissues, damaged nerves, inflammation, tissue weakness, and so on, clear up immediately with ONLY Tension Release Strategies of the nerves, muscles and fascia. Therefore, it is unlikely they actually had TRUE tissue damage.)

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