Specializing in Neuro-Muscular, Myo-Fascial & Structural Therapies
(And if you are a Member of the General Public [GP],
you might find it very interesting too.)

Fair Warning: This page is LONG. … It is more like a short book than a regular webpage. … And it is really meant to be a PERSONAL Communication to YOU. Or as personal as possible on the internet between people who have never met. But THAT is how WE have to think now-a-days to find and build the relationships we need to make our offerings known to the world.

But Here’s the Deal

My MISSION, and YES, I’ve decided to Accept It, because it is NOT Impossible! … is to Help YOU become a Leading Edge Expert in the field of Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Structural Therapy. I want YOU to be considered the Go To, Trusted Authority in your Community on such therapies. I want You to be able to sit down withe a neurologist or an orthopedist or a chiropractor and within MINUTES have them KNOW that YOU KNOW what you are talking about.

It is amazing how many times I’ve sat down with a doctor, explained something about how I work and the physiology or neurology behind it, and they say something like “I remember something about that from medical school.” (!!!) Yet they have seldom, or never, USED that particular knowledge in their practices treating people. …

AND, when I used to teach muscle therapists around the country, most of whom were also trained in NMT ( Neuro-Muscular Therapy ), I used to start my classes asking the students to raise their hand if they were taught the neuromuscular physiology laws? Most people raised their hands. THENI asked, how many of you actually USE that information to inform your evaluations and treatment? Almost ALL hands went down. Meaning, they did not know how to USE the medically based information they had been taught.

THEN, a few years later, I discovered, through personal contact with the leading teacher of NMT at the time, HE didn’t know either! 

I believe if you have a superior working knowledge of how nerves, muscles, fascia & joints work, YOU will have a better Understanding & INSIGHT into how to figure out more complex conditions of your Clients or Patients.

My Job is to teach you stuff You can USE in evaluating, treating & educating Clients, NOT stuff to just stick in a mental filing cabinet somewhere, never to be seen or thought of again. My job is to condense the medically researched kinesiology, physiology, neurology, and such that you can USE the knowledge and have deeper insights.

Now, all that education is NOT going to happen over-night, obviously. How long it will take to learn is totally dependent on how MOTIVATED you are. Yet I believe I can get you set on such a path and well prepared to become The Expert in your community (or if you are a GP, Your Family) if not beyond.

And if YOU are GP, a member of the General Public, there is NO REASON you should not know this stuff. Especially if you cannot find a practitioner who can, or is willing, to work the way we do. With the correct information and INSIGHTS, you can self-treat. Or if you have a partner, I can coach you on treating each other, even if you’ve never been to massage school.

When I first started going online and building webpages back in 2007, My MANTRA was “HOW do I deliver a massage over the internet?”

Obviously, I can’t do it directly. But if you have a partner, I can coach you on how to work on each other. … And I’ve done it.

And the more YOU, a GP, know about how your therapy works, the better you can work with a therapist, and the better your results will be.

In fact, part of My Mission is to move the therapy world from where the Client or Patient is just a “spectator” in their health care, to being a Full, Equal Participant, as in, Participatory Medicine rather than spectator medicine. …

And I always try to explain everything in RPL (Regular Person Language.) And when I DO use medical jargon, I explain it in simple terms WITHOUT “dumbing it down.” … So You are Welcome to Participate. EVERY Person should be able to heal & maintain their own neuro-musculo-fascial & joint system.

I’m hoping that in some of my programs, I can get Therapists and GPs listening and talking to each other. THAT was fundamental to developing my work. Talking to Clients who trusted that I was really interested in what they had to say, gave me more insight into what was missing or not working in most therapy. So I focused on trying to fix that. Anyway …

My Short Term Goal is to provide a program for YOU in which I offer the Foundation of my 40 YEARS of Experience in 40 HOURS. …

My Objective is that after 40 hours with me both online and in private phone calls, you will KNOW most of what I knew when I originally created my system of therapy way back in the early 1980s.

Please Bear in Mind that is an Objective, NOT a hard Guarantee or Deadline! … That is in part because I do not, and cannot (at this point), know your motivation levels nor how much time you’ll have to study & apply the ideas and techniques.

And Please Bear In Mind … My teaching is known for being open-ended. Meaning I’m NOT trying to make a bunch of DSL ( that’s me ) Clones. I teach Fundamental Principles that are foundational to how the human bodymind works, NO MATTER what therapies or modalities you are using.

If you WANT to do stuff the way I do, fine with me. But it’s not required. You can apply it to other methods if you wish. And who knows, if you become na expert, you might end up developing your OWN system of therapy!

WHY I’m Doing What I’m Doing Here

Ever since I was about 5 years old, I have been a Seeker of Freedom. At age 13 ( 1967 ) when I got started in Martial Arts & ZEN-style Meditation, I began seeing that much of FREEDOM had to do without how well my BodyMind performed. The more flexible, the more relaxed, the more resilient I was, the more freedom of movement & action I had with my physical body.

The meditation, in combination with the physical work, seemed to open my mind, as well. … My ZEN actually started with reading the Buddhist Dhammapada ( the Buddhist Bible ) while I was also attending a Christian Church. Between the two, I learned a few things about the nature of reality & life. And I started to realize that the more freedom everyone ELSE had, the more freedom *I* would have.

I believe that was one of the factors that led me to start teaching yoga when I was 22 years old ( 1976 ), and become a bodyworker at 27 years old. And being a Perfectionist, I have strived to learn everything I can about the human body & mind, AND to make sure everything I THOUGHT I knew REALLY WAS true! … ( THAT is not always easy, but I do the best I can on that account. )

And of course, having been a motocross rider and structural steel ironworker ( heavy construction ) for years, I had more than my share of pain in many parts of my body. No one was able to help me get out of pain. So I had to figure it out myself.

Luckily, I had already become a bodyworker when old injuries raised their ugly heads and put me in three and a half years of severe back and hip pain. I’ll tell you THAT story at another time. But figuring out how to fix THAT problem was basically the birth of my neuro-musculo-fascial therapy system.

So I’ve been working with Muscle Therapy Clients in Private Practice for FORTY YEARS now. In the late 1980s, early ’90s, my Clients & Students were Presidents & Executive Board Members of the AMTA ( American Massage Therapy Association ) and owners of some of the Big Massage Schools in the country. I spent most of the 1990s training muscle therapists across the country. I would visit their clinics and treat their toughest Clients. I was considered by quite a few to be an Innovator in the field.

Beginning in 2007, I started doing a lot more Research & Writing, in order to get more clear on the REAL reasons bodywork and yoga work the way I think they do. I’ve also been learning to build webpages and such to spread my knowledge to FAR more people. Maybe even YOU! ( And I’ve helped a few people produce their websites, as well! )…

Then, in late 2011, when my Dad had a heart attack, and my Mom was not doing so well either, I started switching my focus to taking care of them. It eventually became full time. …

So I slowly faded away, then disappeared from the national bodywork scene.

NOW, I’m Working on Making a “Come Back.” …

I’m NOT going to focus a lot on Private Clients at this time, but on Educating Therapists. To reach more people, I’ll be doing it mostly online. For the stuff that needs in-person, direct contact, I will schedule a 5- or 6-day Intensive somewhere every two or three months. (Maybe here in Sedona, Arizona where I’ve been living the last four years.)

But Here’s The THING … A LOT of what I’ll be teaching is Data Intensive. I’ll be teaching higher level anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, neurology, and such. And of course, I’ll be teaching my Unique Approach to & Principles of Mindful Medical Massage / Myo-Structural Bodywork & Myo-Structural Yoga Therapy. And MUCH of that can be taught online.

SO … The below page is meant to give you a REALLY GOOD IDEA of how I work and what I am offering. If the following material is too much to read, you probably will NOT want to be in my Courses. You might not even want to read many of my publications. Because there are designed for those people who want to BE an EXPERT in their Field. And that requires getting knowledge.

I’m hoping to funnel YOU the most important information, the info that directly contributes to your ability to practice.

My Philosophy is, If You KNOW How the Neuro-Musculo-Fascial system really works,
then You will  KNOW How To Work with it.

The Big Challenge is, to work the way I do, a person needs to be, or willing to become, significantly into mindful, meditative, relational experience & interaction with Your Clients. … You ALSO need to be reasonably comfortable with linear, data intense, intellectual experience. You’ll find yourself going back and forth between the two modes quite a lot.

The following material is meant to Open Doors for You. It is meant to Educate You in things you might not have considered before, and will help you be better therapists. If you find it interesting, and reading it is not a “chore” but an engaging process, we might well be a Good Fit.

THEN, maybe YOUR Mission will be to become a Trusted Authority, an Acknowledged Expert in the field of Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Therapy in your community.

And “Psycho” only means there is a mind & emotions behind the operations of the Human nervous system and brain.

I do hope You find the following Presentation Interesting & Useful.


David Scott Lynn is a man of profound integrated understanding In the field of bodywork. You will be blessed, if you choose to work with him.


I suffered for decades with chronic neck and shoulder issues. I was able to manage my “condition” through weekly acupuncture, regular chiropractic, daily exercise, and massage. … I had constant pain, but was able to function, most days. Periodically, I experienced acute pain which de-capacitated me for months. … My condition was always with me and something I had to ‘factor in’ when making most of my life decisions.


David has a lifetime of study which he has incorporated into a systematic approach to restructuring and realigning the body. … Since I am not a practitioner myself, I cannot address the pros of his approach, other than to say — David is a “God Send.”


On a personal level, he is patient and steady in his approach. … His prices are reasonable, which was also a “factor” for me.


When someone is in chronic pain and wondering if anything will ever get them out of pain, Davids’ “stick to it” nature — is reassuring and encouraging. … He is determined to do what he can to heal your body, and he is both knowledgeable and effective.


If you have a significant chronic condition, chances are you will need to be in treatment for a period of time. At least that was my story. However, getting to a place where you are no longer in chronic pain is almost assured with his approach.


David is understanding. David is kind. … He keeps his word, and is ethical. … Actually, he is kind of a “mad scientist” who has studied his whole life and integrated many healing modalities into a systemic approach to bodywork. He is a teacher in his field, and highly respected.


He is a gift to those who need a permanent solution to their bodily pain. ,,, You could search a lifetime without finding someone of his caliber. … He is a Gift. … I give him a Five Star Rating.

~ Ellie Saunders
Sedona, Arizona

If you already know enough about me, and want to jump straight to a Concise Description of my Upcoming Program

The School Of Hard Knots: A Masterclass

Please Click on the Following Link:


Thank You For Reading This Far,
David Scott Lynn

Okay, if You Want To Know A LOT more about How I Think and What You Might Learn, HERE WE GO … !!!

START On YOUR Path to Becoming a Leading Edge
EXPERT on How the Neuro-Muscular, Myo-Fascial
& Joint Systems Work …

For Massage / Bodywork Therapists, Yoga Teachers / Therapists,
Pilates, Exercise / Fitness Trainers AND Physicians … 

AND Interested Members of the General Public (GP).
(ALL Technical Terms & Concepts will be explained so GP
understand. But it will NOT be “dumbed down.”)

On Restoring Energetic, Pain Free, Resistance-free,
Full Range of Motion Movement & Action to
Your (or Your Client’s) Body & Mind

Mastering Your Muscles
and the NEW “Missing Diagnosis” of

* Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress

➣ Is It Possible … that the Primary Cause of many & various Problems we humans have with our musculo-skeletal, neuro-muscular, myo-fascial & joint systems is, basically … TIGHT MUSCLES? … More Precisely, C.E.M.&.N.T.? ( short for
Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve TENSION & STRESS )

But of course, WHAT causes the Excess Tension to build up in the first place? … Stick with me here and I’ll get into that Very Important Question further down the page.

Do Your Muscles & Fascia DO
What You WANT Them To Do … ?

OR … Do They RESIST You with Aches & Pains, Stiffness,
Limited Range of Motion, Lost Energy & Poor Posture?

of Your Nerves, Muscles, Fascia & Joints by
of Excess Tension, Stress &
Negative Habit Patterns?

HOW BEST Do You DISSOLVE & RELEASE the Excess Tension & Stress, The Tight, Hard Muscles, THE ACHES & PAINS, in a Client’s (or Your Own) BodyMInd?

— Knowing How It Works, Tells You How to Work It —

Muscle & Fascia Fibers / Tendon for Muscle Pain Relief for School of Hard Knots

Muscle Fibers Embedded Within Fascial Sheaths

How Healthy Muscles Work,
How They Breakdown,
How YOU Can Heal & Restore
Pain-Free Muscle Function …
with Full Range-of-Motion &
Effortless Great Posture …
with a Therapist OR Self-Treatment

YOU TOO Can Learn the Primary Principles & Practices of Dissolving Tension & Stress Causing MUCH of the Pain & Dysfunction in Your Client’s (or Your Own) BodyMind. …

YOU TOO Can Understand How MOST Problems with Pain, Movement, Posture and other Afflictions are NOT from “weak muscles” or “stuck (or “shrunk”) fascia” or “lack of training.”

YOU TOO Can Discover How To Restore the Youthful RESILIENCE, the Natural Forces & Functions Built Into the Human Body By Nature, at Birth. …

On Youthful RESILIENCE … Lots of people talk about Strength & Endurance; SOME people talk about Flexibility.But WHO talks about Resilience & Stature?

You might have spent some time around little children. If so, you’ve probably observed how resilient they are at that age. They can fall, they can run into things, they can sleep for hours in weird positions. Yet they seem to be so flexible & resilient they seldom seem disturbed by anything at all. (Well, except all the stuff that should NOT disturb them at all!)

Regardless, if they FEEL like they’ve been harmed, they usually recover quite quickly with little or no signs of trouble. …

That is, in great part, because Little Children are so RELAXED in their early years. Relaxed, fluid, energetic movement is totally NATURAL to them, because that is how Nature produced it at birth ( or before, actually ).

And Little Children are surprisingly STRONG. If they grab your finger and squeeze, you can feel how strong they are. And they also have a perfect vertical line through their head, shoulders, hips and ankle, meaning Great Posture with NO effort or strength training.

Their strength has no SKILL behind it yet, but their fundamental strength is there, even though they’ve never been to the Gym or a Pilates Class. And they have Great Posture because THAT is a function of relaxed, balanced muscles, NOT “strong muscles.”

I learned a LOT about “resilience” when I was 13 years old (1967) in Judo & Karate Class. We were taught that the best way to fall, or get pushed or pulled around, or punched, without damage to ourselves was to learn how to deeply relax, to “let go” as much as possible when falling or getting hit. That way ( and THIS is IMPORTANT ), NEGATIVE FORCES pass THROUGH your body rather than getting trapped IN your body.

And early in our evolutionary genetics, the biggest challenges were more physical … such as being attacked by a saber-tooth tiger! Yet today, far more of us face Cyber-Tooth Tigers, as in the challenges of the financial, digital, electronic, computer world.

Therefore, one’s therapeutic processes should integrate your mental attention (mindfulness) as much as possible. That way, any mental elements of our tension & stress felt in our body can be more effectively reduced or eliminated. …

This Mindfulness, in our therapy system, is about: 

Moving Your Mind Into Your Muscles,
Such that the Distinctions Between Them,
… Dissolve.

In that mindful, meditative state, certain neurological (built into the nerve system) processes spontaneously enhance the Deep, Radical Relaxation, the Dissolving of Tension & Stress, we’ve been talking about.

Now, it is true. You do not HAVE to invest much Mindful Attention for the therapy to work if you do not want to. … But it CAN make a BIG difference.

And many People are often amazed at how much their mental & emotional states improve when their body feels better. And in many cases, it is the other way around. Many people have repressed thoughts & emotions being semi- or un-consciously “dumped” into their muscles, causing excess stress & tension leading to pain.

Which is why our therapies prefer to deal with the BodyMind as a whole, not just the body OR the mind. And emotional states are the BRIDGE between Body & Mind.

And of course, when your out of balance & overstressed muscles are pulling you down & out of postural alignment, it’s more difficult to “feel good” about yourself. Yet it is amazing how quickly one feels better and spontaneously gains more upright & energized STATURE when those out-of-balance and overstressed, too tight muscles stop pulling us “down & out.”

And STATURE is How You Show Up to other people in your world.

YET … in Order for YOU to GET that Control, to GET Maximum Ability to Let-Go of your tension & stress, there ARE several “Myth-Conceptions” about how Nerves, Muscles, Fascia & Pain — and the Body in General — Operate. I believe these myth-conceptions can get in the way of effective therapy, and need to be cleared up to achieve the above described results most “Effecticiently.” * …

We’ll be talking about those myth-conceptions in a bit.

* Effecticient = Effective + Efficient …
and they should happen at the same time!

Muscle Pain Relief and Stress ReductionYET, Too Many People …
including MANY Health Care Practitioners AND Physicians, Do NOT Fully Appreciate or Understand How The Muscle Systems Work, nor all the Many & Various Problems Excessively “Tight Muscles” Can Cause or Contribute to.

As used here, and in MOST traditional medical literature, the word “MUSCLE”… refers to your (normally) highly integrated & synergistic neuro-muscular, myo-fascial systems controlling, stabilizing, protecting, and moving your joint & bone structures, most organ function, and your BodyMind as a whole. … ( Fascia was never considered as “separate” from the muscles cells in any REAL, functional sense. )

Having had experience with many different bodyworkers, David’s technique is certainly unique. There are levels of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before.  This is clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy & physiology combined with decades of hands-on experience.

~ Dr. John Bordiuk
Nutritional M.D. & Yoga Teacher
Inner Balance Med, Wellesley, MA

I have worked with many soft tissue therapists over the years. David Scott Lynn is the only one educated and skilled enough to do what I want with full confidence that the job will be done. My patients definitely feel the difference.

~ Dr. Gary Fujinami
Doctor of Chiropractic
East-West Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center
Prescott, Arizona

BUT, What’s Causing the Problems in the First Place? … Does YOUR BodyMind Have Too Much C.E.M.&.N.T.?

Many Years Ago … I worked with one of the Leading Gurus in the musculo-fascial therapy profession. He used to teach that “trigger points are the root cause of pain.”

My question to him was, well, WHAT causes the Trigger Points?
Especially since trigger points exist mainly in areas where the muscle tissues seem to have “hard nodules,” or “knots” in the fibers of the muscle?

Once Again …

➣ Is It Possible … that the Primary Cause of many & various Problems we humans have with our musculo-skeletal, neuro-muscular, myo-fascial & joint systems is, basically … TIGHT MUSCLES? … More Precisely, C.E.M.&.N.T.? ( short for
Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve TENSION & STRESS )

We consider C.E.M.&.N.T. to be THE Primary “Thing” we are addressing in our Therapy Methods.

And Once Again … WHAT Causes the Excess Tension to build up? 

How “MYTH-Conceptions” on Massage, Bodywork, Yoga & other forms of “Muscle Therapy” REDUCE Results from Therapy

Over the 40-plus years I’ve been in private practice, first as a yoga teacher and then a Massage / Bodywork Therapist combined with Yoga Therapy, I’ve always felt first and foremost is the importance of the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians:

That Being, First, Do NO Harm.

Harm can be actually physically or mentally hurting someone. Yet on more subtle levels, Clients & Patients (CPs) can be misled about what therapies DO, or do NOT do. “Harm” could mean spending a lot of time or money on things that do not really, or ever, address their real needs. Or modalities being applied in ways that are counterproductive.

Now, I’ve heard and read a lot of “things” from a lot of people, including clients, practitioners, and even doctors. Very often, those “things” do NOT make sense to me. Worse, I think it can cause problems in the mental and physical well-being of healthcare consumers. Many things we are told are misleading, or just not true.

FOR EXAMPLES (in NO particular order):

  1. Many people (including some therapists) think that “deep tissue” therapy has to HURT to produce good results. … Not True. … Intensity of sensation [like a “good hurt” that is NOT really “hurting” you] is fine. But if it really IS pain, it can be VERY counterproductive, especially for C/Ps who are highly stressed, traumatized or injured. In such cases, “low-dose” therapy — as in “NO Pain, MORE Gain” is almost always better. Meaning lower intensities of sensation in the therapeutic process.
  2. Many people think therapists have to “go in” and “break up” things like scar tissue, adhesions, cross-linking, crystallized tissues, and so on. … Also (Usually) Not True.There ARE certain elements of reality about such things as adhesions or cross-linking, much of it at the microscopic level. So it takes a LOT of MICRO causes to add up to a MACRO Effect. Yet resolving them by “breaking them up” often implies a level of force that in most cases is NOT necessary at all, and often counterproductive. But if working with the attitude of “breaking things up,” the tendency is to work in the tissues more like a bulldozer than a humane, sensitive, therapeutic process.
  3. Some people, both therapists, physicians, and C/Ps, believe one can effectively “treat the fascia” (be it stretching it or manually applying pressure) independently of the muscle cells.Almost Always NOT TRUE.Depends on how you define “fascia” versus “myofascia.” … “Myo-” means muscle. But SOME people define “myofascia” as the fascia that surrounds the muscle, but NOT the muscle cells. OTHER people define myofascia as the musculo-fascial unit as a whole, including the muscle cells. There is a HUGE difference! So you’ve GOT to define your terms. … The myofascia [as in musculo-fascial units rather than JUST the fascia] has the muscle cells and fascial sheaths so intimately intertwined as to be inseparable except with a surgeon’s scalpel. You cannot “stretch” one without stretching the other. … ( There IS an extremely thin layer of fascia that is the “deep” layer of the skin, but that’s NOT myofascia. )
  4. Many practitioners say that “the fascia” will “get tight” and shorten, causing postural distortion, lost range-of-motion, or even more extreme conditions such as scoliosis.NOT TRUE, UNLESS you recognize the fascia and muscle cells are inseparable. … The fascia, by itself, cannot “pull” or “push” anything anywhere to any great degree. Most fascia has VERY limited ability to lengthen or shorten. Significant shortening [contraction] or lengthening [relaxation] only happens by way of the musculo-fascial UNITS working as a synergistic, integrated system. … Fascia can dehydrate, causing it to shrink a small amount.
  5. “Tight Muscles” are HEALTHY Muscles.ONLY up to a point. Muscles can be VERY strong, yet still be VERY relaxed. … Past a certain level or degree of tightness, very “tight” (contracted) muscles begin to REDUCE the healthy states of the muscles, organs, nerves, and the body as a whole. … The tighter a muscle is, the less blood & lymph circulation it has, the more dehydrated it becomes, the more pressure it pus on other tissues, and so on.  DEEP, Radical Relaxation, combined with Conscious Stretching* & Exercise, meaning strength & endurance along with deep relaxation, is a better combination. (PLEASE SEE NOTE on Stretching* below …)
  6. Being told that certain tissues are BONE, not muscles. … Very Misleading. … In reality, EXTREMELY TIGHT muscles CAN contract & tighten so much, and then dehydrate, to the point they DO feel like bone to the touch. They CAN get that hard, to the point even a doctor believes they are bones. … I’ve worked on SOME muscles that literally felt like steel cables. Others were only like dried out rope. Either way, they were VERY tough to get relaxed. Not difficult, just VERY time & patience consuming. … So if they think it IS a bone, the massage therapist ignores them or the physician treats them like they are bones. BIG MISTAKE or at least a LOST OPPORTUNITY to bring such excessively contracted tissues back to relaxed normality.
  7. The Therapist should KNOW what the C/P is feeling. … Nice Idea, sometimes True, but NOT that Common.In reality, much of the time, the therapist is working too deep, or too light, often not knowing for sure if their pressure is correct or not. Yet the CLIENT / PATIENT does not, for various reasons, communicate that to the therapist. Even when a C/P is asked to keep the therapist informed of how correct the pressure is, many C/Ps do NOT communicate. … HOWEVER, there are SOME therapists who believe “they know better” than the C/P and also have control issues. So they get irritated if the C/P says too much. Some of them are outright arrogant about that. The C/P should, ideally, feel okay about communicating as such, and participating more directly in the therapeutic process. That is part of the educational process theTherapist can impart to the Client.
  8. Many Years Ago … I worked with one of the Leading Gurus in the musculo-fascial therapy profession. He used to teach that “trigger points are the root cause of pain.” Yet MY question to him was, well, WHAT causes the trigger points? … The Short Story is chronically over-contracted muscle fibers.

I could go on and on, but hopefully, you get the idea.

* STRETCHING: I don’t like the word “stretch” too much because it implies “elasticity,” like a rubber band. But one of the Myth-Conceptions about yoga, massage & bodywork is they “restore elasticity” to the muscles. But Muscles Are NOT Rubber Bands! In fact, there is VERY LITTLE in the way of elastic components in muscles, even less in tendons. The ability of a muscle to lengthen out is due to bio-mechanical mechanisms that are like ratchets within the muscle cell rather than rubber like elasticity.
The Muscle Cell is a Bio-Mechanical “Ratcheting” tissue. Most of the elements of muscle cell are NOT elastic or “extensible.” They are a more mechanical in nature rather than “stretchy.”.

PARTICIPATORY Medicine versus Spectator Medicine:
Getting Clients & Patients on Same Page
with Their Therapists & Physicians

For Maximum Therapeutic Results … it is VERY important that Clients or Patients get correct information from their various practitioners and physicians. It is VERY important that C/Ps are better equipped and educated to communicate with and work with their healthcare providers.

The more knowledgeable the C/P is, the better the therapeutic process will work for everyone. Therapists, Teachers, Trainers and Physicians who know more in depth about how the neuro-musculo-fascial systems work will have a broader range of knowledge by which to help their Clients & Patients.

And C/Ps who understand how it all works are better able to communicate and work with the Therapist. More knowledgeable C/Ps and Therapists make each other look better in their performance of the Therapeutic Process.

Hopefully, this Masterclass will help accomplish that. … I’ll be telling you more about that program further below.

Here Are More Issues To Consider in Therapy

Muscles That FEEL Like Steel Cable or Bone?

And YES, for a few people, their muscles DO feel a lot like CEMENT, at least to them! For other “victims,” it’s a range of feeling like from “soft rope” to “steel cable.”

And I am NOT exaggerating!

I was a Structural Steel Ironworker — heavy construction — for eight years and I DO know what steel cables feel like! I used to work with them almost every day. And yes, I HAVE HAD a few Clients who had a few muscles that FELT like steel cable, or even BONE. AND, some of them had been TOLD by their Doctors that it WAS a bone! (!!!) …

Frankly, I was amazed the muscle could function AT ALL with all the tension in it. But NO, it was NOT a bone. ( You MIGHT be surprised how many doctors and therapists do NOT know anatomy very well and do NOT have the tactile sensitivity to tell the difference. ) …

But so far, I’ve not met a steel cable I could not turn back into a muscle again! Although when they are THAT tight, it can, admittedly, take QUITE a lot of time & work. It can be VERY frustrating for the Client. But sometimes, it requires a lot of time and patience to get the necessary results to happen.

A Critically Important “Thing” …

THIS is one of THE Primary Reasons to KNOW the Physiology & Principles of the body and therapy VERY Well. …

There were many times when treatment strategies did NOT seem to be working. But I could not see or figure out a Good Reason it was NOT working. So, I fell back on Faith the Scientific, Physiological Principles. I knew that the Principles & Physiology would eventually start to work once the superficial or overlying resistance had sufficiently reduced. And sure enough, almost EVERY TIME, they DID start to work. …

But if I did NOT have faith in the principles, and could not educate my Clients as to what was most likely happening, either I or They would have given up prematurely.

And Oh Yes, despite all the Yoga I have done, I have had a few of my own muscles that were that tight myself. And when people ask me who works on ME, mostly I say I use massage tools to self-treat. My issues were VERY complicated and some of my muscles are VERY tight, but self-treatment is how I got out and stay out of pain.

You can learn to do self-treatment as well. Or learn how to work more closley with your muscle therapist. … I’ll talk about that a little further down the page here.

40 Years Of Treating Soft Tissue Issues

NOW … I’ve spent most of the last forty years working in Private Muscle Therapy Practice treating many people with a VERY wide-range of Soft Tissue Issues. And while I’m rarely surprised anymore, I’m often amazed at how many problems of the human body are the result of “tight muscles” or what I call C.E.M.&.N.T.

And I spent most of the 1990s traveling across America training muscle therapists in my methods of therapy. I would often visit them at their clinics. So I got to work with their most challenging Clients & Patients. … That expanded my own education quite a lot.

I feel that Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress is a far more accurate phrase describing what’s causing so many problems. For example, “trigger points” is a vague term. … But Yes, “tight muscles” says it pretty well too!

BUT … Could it BE that simple? Could C.E.M.&.N.T. be a cause of so many things? … Well, Yes. Much of the time, it can. … HOWEVER, many simple things are NOT very easy.

Poor Posture & “Weakness” Caused by “Over-Short” or “Excessively Tight” Muscles

In Forty Years of Practice, I have NEVER “strengthened” anyone out of pain, lost range of motion, or poor posture. It was ALWAYS about finding the stressed, tense and over-shortened muscles, and helping them to FEEL, Relax, Lengthen & Balance those muscles.

FOR EXAMPLE: Many people believe their poor posture is the result of “weak muscles” or a “weak core.” But little children have never been to a strength training class. Yet at their earliest days of sitting and walking have a very upright, vertical posture, no “strength training” required.

Proper, effortless great posture is built into the human body by Nature, at birth. …

So WHY is it that later in life, alleged “weakness” would be the cause of poor posture?

ANSWER: Poor posture is very often the result of chronically over-shortened muscles, such as the abdominal, hamstring and gluteal muscles. And very often, a muscle has pain because it’s opposite muscle is too chronically over-shortened, and the first muscle is working WAY too hard to keep the body upright.

So very often, relieving pain in ONE muscle is achieved by releasing the tension in the OPPOSITE muscle.

If a muscle is working hard all the time, it is going to be over-worked, stressed, chronically tense, and (usually) over-shortened. Overly and chronically tense muscles cannot absorb as much water and nutrients. Chronic tension in the muscle reduces blood flow causing ischemia(reduced blood flow), in turn leading to hypoxia (reduced oxygen). Reduced oxygen usually leads to pain.

And By-the-Way, if a muscle cell has too much chronic (constant) tension in it, the law of osmosis (fluids move from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure) moves water OUT of the cell and cannot get back IN the cell unless the pressure is reduced. Water in the wrong place can casue pain too.

No matter how much water you drink, water will NOT flow back into the muscle cells until the muscualr pressure is reduced (relaxed).

When Muscles Feel or Test as “Weak”

A lot of people think they have “weak” abdominals or gluteals. Yet this feeling of “weakness” is more the result of the muscles being “knocked out of action” due to too much contraction [excess tension]. The muscle cells literally get “jammed” inside of themselves and could not contract any more no matter how much more “power” you could deliver to your muscles.

Now, getting a person to stand upright in good or even great posture can be VERY simple. Just get their abdominal (or whichever) muscles to relax & lengthen out. I’ve had people in their 80s and 90s go from bent forward at 30 degrees go to straight upright in a few hours of therapy. (They and their families were shocked!) Yet it took a dozen or so repeat sessions to get them to STAY upright. (Old habit patterns quickly reassert themselves.)

Short Muscles in Abdomen pull posture down & forward. Lengthen same muscles and water pressure lifts up to vertical

For many people, it is unraveling their years or decades long habit patterns that is the real challenge.

Tight (Spasmed) Muscles, Polo Players, and Acute Pain

And when it comes to ACUTE ( recent, short term ) PAIN, nearly EVERY Client (at VERY least 80% to be conservative) who comes to me is resolved with finding the chronically tight muscle(s) ( C.E.M.&.N.T. ), then helping that Client to LEARN how to FEEL, Relax, Lengthen & Balance the involved muscles.

BUT, nearly everyone I’ve worked with, many from all around America and even other countries, have told me no one had ever worked with them the way I did. A few therapists do a few similar things, but if they ARE out there somewhere, there are not many.

Polo Players injuries lead to hard knotsAnother Example: Back in the mid-1980s, I was the “Team Bodyworker” for the Oak Brook, Illinois Polo Team, which is where I got my Actute Care Training (self-taught).

Polo players get a lot of injuries, as polo is a VERY rough game. They would often get injured during a game and think they were done. Yet I was almost always able to help relieve their acute pains by finding the muscles that had spasmed, then helping release the spasm (a temporarily … TIGHT MUSCLE!. Much pain is from the spasming muscles pulling on the pain sensitive nerves surrounding the joints & bones.)

And the doctors who were also polo players could never figure out what I was doing. … BUT, IT WORKED!

Metabolic Problems Such As Reflux

Another Example That Even Amazed ME … Back in the mid-90s, my former partner and I had a Client who was in his mid-80s. He had developed REFLUX, where you sometimes cannot hold food from coming back up from the esophogus into the throat. My partner, using my technique, did ONE treatment on the Client’s abdominal muscles and that stopped the reflux and it did not come back.

The gentleman was all bent forward & down from over-shortened abdominal muscles. Meaning he had pretty bad posture, too. This put a LOT of pressure on his internal digestive organs & lungs. When my partner thoroughly released the Client’s abdominal tension, that took the pressure off the internal organs, including the stomach and esophagus. …

Yes, I was Surprised AND Amazed at THAT one. But it opened my eyes to just how many conditions & symptoms in the human body are, in many cases, caused by C.E.M.&.N.T.!

And, Your Intestines & Blood Vessels Are Muscles Too!

Your intestinal walls are thin layers of muscle as well. For digestion to work, those intestinal muscles must be free to push food through the “tubes” called “intestines.” Yet those muscles are subject to excess stress & tension too. If they get too tight, that interferes with digestion, transit time slows down, and a number of conditions can emerge.

I could go on and on with who knows how many examples, but hopefully, I think You get the general idea. And you might have seen some of my webpages or videos describing some of my Case Studies with Clients.

(By the Way, traditionally, the word Muscle INCLUDES the Myo-Fascia that is intimately entwined with the muscle cells. The idea you can evaluate or treat muscle cells and fascia separately is, to a GREAT degree, one of the Myth-Conceptions of Modern Muscle Therapy, such as massage and yoga therapies.)

SO … What’s The Solution to All This C.E.M.&.N.T. Stuff?

DEEP, Radical Relaxation

Muscle Pain Relief and Stress Reduction

A VERY Radically Relaxed Kitty

➣ Is It Possible … that the Remedy or Solution to Excess Tension & Stress is DEEP, “Radical Relaxation” of those Excess Tensions? … And that the road back to pain free movement and great posture can be achieved WITHOUT Pain in Therapy and with NON-complex therapeutic activities?

➣ Is It Possible … that Radical Relaxation can, in many cases, be achieved with simple, LOW-Intensity, No Pain, Conscious Stretching (Physical / Mental Yoga), Self-Treatment with Massage Tools, and/or Treatment from a Partner?

OR, if you have a Muscle Therapist who treats neuro-muscular or myofascial modalities, you can become more of a Partner with them? … As in Participatory Medicine rather than spectator medicine.

What Is Unique to DSL Edgework? What is different?

Chronic Pain & Muscle Therapy - School of Hard Knots

Schools of Advanced Bodywork Logo kylecwright.com 

DSL Edgework ( formerly known as the DSL Method of Psycho-Muscular Release & Structural Balancing ) and it’s Primary Focus of Therapy is NOT primarily on “fixing” pain or dysfunction, nor all the various “Soft Tissue Issues“ happening in your or your C/Ps BodyMind, causing so much trouble. Those positive results are, in many cases, inevitable BY-PRODUCTS of what we REALLY do …

While we WILL directly address specific musculoskeletal and other issues if you prefer, HERE is what we are REALLY focused on …

Ideally, when we work with your muscles and fascia, or the skin over your muscles, we are NOT primarily focused on “treating” those tissues to “fix” or “repair” or “adjust” them, or “break up” so-called adhesions or “scar tissue,” or other such alleged anomalies. We don’t even think “we” (the therapists) are relaxing your muscles … even if there ARE “hard knots” (“tight muscles”) or otherwise dysfunctional musculo-fascial tissues.

What we ARE doing is applying manual ( hands-on ) pressure or stretching to the various skin, muscle & fascial tissues and joints in a way that sends NERVE SIGNALS from your Body into your Central Nervous System ( CNS ) and up to the three Primary Levels of your Brain. This begins to “RESET” your CNS and Brain, reducing or eliminating pain and dysfunction, bringing you back toward normal function.

YOUR BodyMind is making the changes to your muscles, NOT your Therapist. This is happening at the unconscious levels, but is enhanced if you become more directly and consciously invested in the process.

Your Therapist is communicating with your tissues in a way that send the Right Signals into your system, signals working WITH your nervous system, not against. But YOUR body and mind are making the actual changes. You are NOT just a passive recipient of therapy. You are an Active Participant, a Co-Creator, of your therapy.

Learning about and understanding this more “wholistic” and “self-responsible” approach to how your body works, how it breaks down, and how to repair problems, how to best relieve the “hard knots” or “tight muscles,” can be an invaluable source of knowledge for YOU, your Family and your Friends …

OR, if you are a Health Care Practitioner, you will have an “Edge,” hopefully a Leading Edge, with helping Your Prospects and Clients or Patients.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are many great and effective therapists and therapies out there. Many people get great results from the various available modalities. That said, DSL Edgework, although the principles & practices work for everyone, is designed primarily for those people who have “been everywhere, tried everything,” and did not get the results they were looking for.

The people I work with are more likely to be more highly traumatized, more injured, more highly stressed than other people. DSL Edgework is more applicable to long-term, chronic pan & dysfunction that has lasted many years, even decades. We are especially relevant for people who are scheduled for surgery, but would prefer to NOT have the surgery.

The Trick is to NOT do things that risk triggering negative reactions in the Client’s BodyMind, which in many cases are unconscious and the reactions do not show up till long after the session ends.

And with our Myo-Structural approach, when working “where the pain is” and the pain does not go away or keeps coming back, we are good at finding out where the problems are REALLY coming from. “Where” the Source is is sometimes quite different from where the pain is. (I have a BUNCH of stories on THAT.)

MY MISSION is to help more people like YOU learn and develop more Mastery Over Their BodyMind.

SO … I have a Program for You…

The School of Hard Knots
— A Masterclass —

muscle fascia structure for the school of hard knots

This is a FIRST TIME Pilot or Beta Program. I need YOUR help in developing it to be as relevant for as many people as possible. So I need INPUT, Suggestions, Feedback, from people like YOU who will help me co-create this Masterclass on Muscles (and Nerves & Fascia).

In the 1990s, I traveled much of the country training therapists in my form of neuro-musculo-fascial therapy ( The DSL Method, which I developed beginning in the late 1980s. ). I received much excellent feedback on my teaching. Yet I believe Educated Clients get MUCH better results with their Therapists, and Therapists help more people with more problems when they have more fundamental, medically-based knowledge & INSIGHT into how their body really works.

Though I’ve been in private practice since 1981, I actually went through a highly rated, very therapeutically oriented, 750-hour massage school training in 2015. (I did so to get a massage license in Arizona, where NONE of my extensive past experience counted for anything!)

Frankly, I was APPALLED at how much they did NOT teach us. Things I thought were very basic. Fundamental things I taught in my training programs way back in the 1990s. …

So I’m working to DO something about THAT problem! There are things I think should be taught in ALL massage schools. But, based on my conversations with many people across the country, and my own direct experience, are NOT taught.

YET … while I have a pretty good idea of what I want to teach ( you can see my tentative outline below ) it’s FAR more important I address and include the direct needs of the people who take the program. … YOU can help me do that.

NOTE: When I was developing my system of therapy back in the 1980s, I kept hearing from people what their complaints were about their Therapists or Doctors. One of my main objectives was and is to rectify some of those complaints.

As an Experiment, I am offering the same program to the General Public as I am to Therapists, Trainers & Physicians. When I was traveling the country, teaching to groups of therapists AND consumers, I had a reputation for distilling down complex, physiological “stuff” to simple — yet NOT “dumbed down” — concepts any reasonably intelligent and motivated person could understand. …

I ALSO believe Therapists & Physicians need to hear what Clients & Patients are thinking, feeling & saying, to be able to better help them. … So, I believe this “experiment” of bringing Therapists and Clients together can help “bridge the gaps” between Health Care Practitioners and The People They SERVE.

Anyway, I’m offering this Pilot or Beta Program, the Masterclass on Muscles, at a ridiculously low price if you’ll participate in the Co-Creation of the Masterclass.

YOUR MISSION, Should You Decide to Accept it …

(of the several tabs below, please select the one that most describes YOU. OR, if you have some time, read them ALL!
You might find it expands your perspectives.)

For General PublicFor Massage / Bodywork TherapistsFor NursesFor Yoga, Pilates & Fitness TrainersFor Health Care PractitionersFor Physicians
Your Mission, should You Decide to Accept it, is to be VERY knowledgeable in how your muscle, fascia & joint systems work such that You can be a Full, Equal Participant with your health care practitioners, not just a Passive Spectator. We believe in Participatory, Interactive Medicine, not Spectator Medicine. You want to know enough about how your muscles, fascia & joints work that you can better evaluate what your healthcare practitioner is suggesting they do for you, and work with them more responsibly and interactively. … AND, if necessary, you’ll have better ideas on ow to Self-Treat. You will be more able to inform & help your Family & Friends, especially if they are unnecessarily on drugs or facing surgery.
Your Mission, should You Decide to Accept it, is to have a Superior Understanding of how muscles work and how best to apply manual pressure to help your Clients RESET their CNS & Brain. We want YOU To Start on the Path to Becoming THE Leading Edge Expert, THE Trusted Authority, on Neuro-Muscular, Myo-Fascial, & Myo-Structural Health & Healing in Your Community or Marketplace. … You’ll be better able to educate your Clients in being Full, Equal Participants with You, their Health Care Practitioner, in Participatory Medicine, not just “spectator medicine.” … YOU can become the Go-To Resource on such issues in your community. Your Clients will engage with YOU in ways making your therapy and their results more effective. And, with our emphasis on activating the self-healing & immune system aspects of the parasympathetic nervous system, you’ll know more precise approaches to working with your Clients, especially if they have a high degree of trauma or injury.
Nurses are in an Important Position to expand their Abilities to help their Patients in a much wider range of health care issues. Nurses, more than most, appreciate the differences between Participatory, Interactive Medicine, versus spectator medicine. … Your Mission, should You Decide to Accept it, is to be VERY knowledgeable in how the neuro-musculo-fascial & joint systems work such that You can be a Full, Equal Co-Operative Participant with your Patients. Knowing enough about how muscles, fascia & joints work helps you better evaluate what your Patients need. And Massage & Bodywork are WELL KNOWN as an important adjunct to any health care process, and greatly expand your ability to help people. … AND, you will be more able to inform & help your Family & Friends, especially if they are unnecessarily on drugs or facing surgery.
Your Mission, should You Decide to Accept it, is to have a Superior Understanding of how muscles work and how best to apply Conscious Stretching (Yoga), Pilates, or various forms of Exercise & Conditioning to RESET the CNS & Brain and PROTECT your Clients bodies from injury. In Yoga, you’ll have more effective methods of guiding your Clients or Students through their Myo-Structural DE-Compression & Postural Balancing processes. In Exercise, you’ll know how to be more “effecticient” in your training, and when your Clients should be more focused on flexibility & resilience rather than strength and endurance. … And in all cases, Preventing Injury is a Primary Focus of DSL Edgework.
Your Mission, should You Decide to Accept it, is to have Expanded Perspectives on your Clients or Patients’ challenges or pathologies. … Whether a psychotherapist or nutritionist, and so on, it is helpful to understand how Excess Muscle Tension (excessively tight, stressed muscles) causes MANY problems, even mental & emotional, even metabolic issues. It is difficult to maintain a Good Attitude when you are in pain, and since the stomach & intestines are made of muscle, excess tension reduces their smooth and proper function. … Keeping all that in mind when you’re evaluating and treating your Clients or Patients makes You FAR more effective as a Healer.
Your Mission, should You Decide to Accept it, is to Provide Knowledge to your Patients in how to work with DSL (or other) Trained Muscle Therapists, and how best to communicate and work with such Therapists. You’ll educate your Patients in being Full, Equal Participants with You, their Physician, in Participatory Medicine, not just as passive spectators. You’ll be better able to prepare your Patients to get the most out of hands-on muscle or yoga therapy. … And knowing more about how hypertonicity in various muscles (stressed, “tight,” or imbalanced, disharmonious muscles), and how deep relaxation can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, greatly expands your ability to understand, diagnose and treat your Patients from a far more comprehensive perspective.

Effecticient = Effective + Efficient …
because they should arrive together!

NOTE: At this time, this is a Pilot or Beta Program for the School of Hard Knots. One thing we’ll be testing is if there are enough people in each of the above categories to merit creating specifically targeted and expanded programs for any or all specific groups. … If that happens, YOU will have Repeat Access to the new, expanded program of your choice.


The School of Hard Knots

A DSL Edgework MASTER CLASS on the Psycho*-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint System:

* FYI: “Psycho-“ refers to the psychologicalmental & emotional systems — causing your muscles to take action, to contract or relax, to accomplish movement & action, and to what degree or intensity they act.

When you decide to pick up your cup of coffee off the table in the morning, that is a psychological process initiating your neuro-musculo-fascial actions & joints to pick up the cup. Whether there is an emotional component or not might depend, for example, on how “attached” you are to that cup of coffee, or whether you can even function without it!


This is NOT a Technique class. This is a Deep Information & Perspective Course. The School of Hard Knots is designed to give you foundational knowledge & INSIGHT applying to ALL modalities, ALL techniques you might engage with having to do with muscles, fascia, joints, and in many cases, your nerves. …

And Very Frequently, a wide variety of physical, and sometimes psychological, problems emanate from the stresses, strains and tensions in the muscles.

This Course is designed to help you implement any of all of those techniques, activities, therapies, or modalities more “effecticiently” (effectively & efficiently). …

We WILL soon be offering “technique” classes, such as “DE-Constructing Yoga from the Inside Out” or “Basic Practices of Hands-On Bodywork,” and “How To Use Self-Massage Tools.” If you have a partner we will have online courses on how to work with each other using hands-on therapy. )

Yet if you know the fundamentals presented in THIS Masterclass, the physiological & neurological basics of how it all works, you will get FAR more out of the Technique Programs.

For now, we will assume you know some yoga or stretching, or know some self-care techniques, or visit a massage, bodywork, or other healthcare practitioners. Or that you will do so if you need to. …

And, as this Pilot / Beta Program gets going, I will provide Bonus Materials showing you my Basic Stretches and Self Care with Massage Tools.

Awareness & Thinking - Muscle Pain Relief and Stress Reduction and the cause for sore muscles

Awareness & Thinking Working Together

There is a meditative / mindful component to everything in DSL Edgework. Yet we are NOT very “mystically” inclined, being more focused on our physical / mental Reality. Yet we believe we are very Conscious in our approaches.

This Pilot Program has an Introductory Session, and FIVE Classes. Then, we’ll have a Wrap Up & Final Q&A Session.

Introductory Session:
The Elements of DSL Edgework …
1. A Primary Focus of the DSL Method Is C.E.M.&.N.T.:
Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress.
What is C.E.M.&.N.T.? It’s a Primary Source of aches & pains, dysfunction, lost range of motion, poor posture & balance, reduced vitality & energy, scoliosis, and many other symptoms and conditions.
(Opens In New Page on This Website So You Don’t Lose This Page)
2. The DSL Approach, in General, on HOW to “Work the Muscles”:
“MUSCLES” refers to the Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System as a whole, integrated system. … “Muscles“ control the stability, protection & movement of the joints & bones and many functions of organs & glands, and the bodymind as a whole.
“Psycho-“ refers to the mental & emotional processes, and levels of thought & memory, that control, interplay with, or react / respond to the sensations from muscular system and other sensory nerves. These are processes of the brain & nervous system, and organs sending in their input to the brain. … Yet the MIND is MUCH MORE than just the Brain.

Knowing HOW the Muscle System Works,
Tells You HOW to “Work It.”

There are many Myth-Conceptions about how the musculo-fascial systems of the human body work, or not. Such Myth-Conceptions tend to direct therapeutic interventions toward inefficient, ineffective, or counter-productive, even harmful, methods of therapy. We examine such Myth-Conceptions, and provide Better Answers to the Puzzles of Posture, Pain & Dysfunction.
Finding the most “hard knots” or “tight muscles” are often the place where the most excess neurologic irritation is occurring, causing many different problems. “Talking” to the central nervous system (CNS) by way of contacting the hard knots often provides the most input to the CNS & brain, which in turn reduces the excess nerve output keeping muscles too tense and organs overactive and over-stressed.
DSL Edgework uses mostly manual pressure or stretching to contact the deeper level of the CNS & Brain.
3. Myo-Structural Balancing & Bodywork
The Secondary Focus of the DSL Method — is WHICH Muscles & WHAT Sequence of Work are indicated by the Client’s structural & postural anomalies (deviations from normal)?
A. BIO-Structural Analysis & Postural Evaluation
B. Myo-Structural Balancing Strategies
Using the relations between muscles & bones within the field of gravity — and in the context of the Client’s personal health history — to determine which muscles are the primary target of treatment, and in what order.
BIO: B = Bio-Logical, I = Integrative, O = Optimal / Organon
BIO- refers to the “logic of a whole of human life,” including all psycho-emotional aspects affecting the bone & joint structure of the human body by way of musculo-fascial & skeletal action.
Integral- putting it all together into a wholistic or whole health process.
Optimal- in search of the best possible function & action of the various aspects of Being Human.
Organon- is an “Instrument of Logic or Reasoning”… a body of principles of scientific or philosophical investigation.
4.  Myo-Structural Yoga Therapy
A. Client Self Care for Maximizing & Maintaining the Hands-On Work.
B. Physical / Mental / Relational Yoga as the Foundation for DSL Hands-On Therapy.

(Opens In New Page on this Website So You Don’t Lose This One)

5. Tai Chi-based Movement & Exercise Therapy
A. Provides further Integration of DSL Bodywork and Yoga Therapy.
B. How to Discover the Most Effecticient Movement & Action of Your Body.

(FIVE Sessions — Approximate & Tentative Content):
1. The Health / Fitness Spectrum & The Hard Body Mythology
A. Tone, Tonus, Resting Tonus, Tension — Trigger Points
Relaxation vs. Tension vs. Chronic Tension vs. Contracture
B. Sympathetic / Parasympathetic Function & Vagus Nerve
C. Strength vs Length, Short & Long, Myo-Structural Balance
D. Strength vs. Range of Motion vs. Flexibility vs. Resilience
E. Skill Development & Neuro-Muscular Facilitation Without Tension Accumulation
F.  Why NO Pain Means MORE Gain in Therapy & Daily Function
 2. How Healthy Muscles Work — Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Structure
A. Posture, Fascial Water Bags, Hydrostatic Buoyancy, Tensegrity
B. Hydration & Muscle Cell Strength
Cell Volume, Strength & Skin Tone (Wrinkles)
C. Freedom of Action, Flexibility & Resilience —
Balanced Actin / Myosin Muscle Cells
D. Maximum Range-of-Motion & Strength via
Maximum Deep, Radical Relaxation
E. Nutrition & Detoxification via Increased Relaxation —
Blood / Lymph Circulation
F.  Muscular Influences on Respiration & Digestive Function
3. Structure of the Musculo-Fascial-Tendinous Unit
A. Fascial Sheaths — Protection & Transmission — Colloidal Structures / Extensibility — Water Binding Capacity — Hyaluronic Acid
B. Fascial Sheaths Becomes Tendons
C. Tendons Becomes Periosteum (attachment points to bones)
D. Muscle Cells — Actin / Myosin Units — Force Generators
E. Proprioceptive Nerves — Golgi Tendon Organs & Muscle Spindles
F.  Proprioception vs Sensation Perception
4. BodyMInd Breakdowns — When Bad Things Happen to Good Muscles
A. Repetitive Action, Intensity, & Tension Building —
Habitual Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Patterns
B. Neuromuscular Discombobulation (Discoordination), & Sensory-Motor Amnesia — Familiarity of Action — Violinist vs Violist — Stair Step — Attention / Distraction — Thinking Mind as Observer / Moderator, NOT the “Controller”
C. Human Osmotic Pressure & H2O Displacement in Muscles — Intracellular / Extracellular Water & Pain
D. Stabilization & Protection from External Forces — More Habitual Patterns
E. Jammed Sarcomeres (muscle cells) and “Lost Strength”
F.  Joint Compression
G. Chemical Buildups
H. Cascading Sympathetic Overload — Accumulating Injury & Trauma
5. Psychological & Neurological Elements —
Control Circuits of the Psycho-Muscular System
A. When Does the Heart Muscle Relax & Regenerate?
B. Radical Relaxation & Relaxed Action
C. Sensory-Motor Amnesia — Desensitization —
Descending Sensory Pathways (worth the whole course by itself)
D. Cerebral Cortex “Creation” of the Pain Experience
E.  “Muscle Memory” — Neurological Basis of Memory
6. BONUS Session — RECAP, Principles of Therapy, Q&A
That’s your Tentative Overview of the CONTENT of the School of Hard Knots! — I Promise you will know more about this “stuff” than most practitioners do. … Even many physicians don’t know some of this.
For the first TWELVE People who sign up, based on the idea of a Pilot or Beta program, You will be Co-Creating this program with me. You will have a significantly reduced price, and personal, one-on-one access to me. And you’ll have the satisfaction of helping the Program have FAR more value for future students.
While I have a Plan for the Content (described above), your input could modify the course a little or a lot, depending on how engaged you get in the process.
I will, for the first TWELVE People who sign up, BEFORE I finalize Video #1, have a 1-Hour, personal phone calls where You can tell me your interests or needs, questions or suggestions of what should be included. This way, I can produce the first video too, as much and best as possible, include the feedback & questions I get from You. …
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do NOT want to have any phone calls with me, Please do NOT fill in your phone number in the Sign Up Form. I will then give the calls to the next person in line who signs up.
The First 12 People will ALSO have two more calls. The SECOND call will be sometime during the five-week period, at your convenience, or when you have something to say. The THIRD call will be after the program is complete. THERE, you’ll let me know what you got out of the program, how I could improve it, and what to change.
I’ll send out the FIRST Video within the first week of the first phone calls, which you can watch at your convenience. We will then, probably Wednesday Evenings (depending on feedback from the first 12 participants), have an Online Conference Call every week where we will all discuss the video and answer any questions you have. I will stay online till everyone’s questions are answered. (I’m VERY used to working late into the night!) …
HOWEVER, IF you ask a question I will be covering in a future video, I will let you know that question WILL be answered in another Video Lesson. … IF you ask a question that is outside the scope of the course, I will probably be able to answer it, as long as it is not too widely focused and can be discussed in a reasonable period of time.
But if a lot of people cannot agree on a convenient date & time, I’ll schedule a second weekly call to accommodate as many people as possible.
The SECOND TWELVE People will get ONE phone call from me, at whatever point they feel they have something to say or ask.
The CALLS will be Recorded and available to you anytime after they are published.
ALL participants will also have personal & private access to my eMail Coaching software, and You can put Questions or Suggestions in that way. (I will have SOME limits on that, as some people seem to want me to write a whole book each time they send me very wide-ranging questions! … So I’ll request you focus on one or two narrowly focused questions per eMail. And I’ll probably have some kind of limit on how many words you can write, just to help keep it concise.)
I will then produce the next four videos, one per week, of the Five Lesson Sessions described above, releasing them one Lesson per week. Actually, there will be SIX videos, including the INTRODUCTORY Video. (I will release the Intro Video BEFORE the program starts, so it will, technically, be a FREE Lesson.) Then a week later, we’ll have the BONUS Wrap-Up & Q&A Call.
The videos will, as much as possible will reflect my Phone and eMail conversations with everyone, You included.
So hopefully You’ll join me in the School of Hard Knots and help me create, improve, and fine-tune the program.
If You Are Interested in This Course, Please CLICK HERE:
School of Hard Knots – Masterclass on Muscles