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WARNING: This page is like reading a small book, maybe 30 or 40 pages.
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& Practices of performing Advanced Therapeutic Evaluation & Techniques.
And Reading is the most Efficient way I’ve found to do so.

HOWEVER, I’ve done a LOT of the reading FOR you, and I’ve streamlined it
to what I think are the most important things you need and WANT to know.
This page will help you know if that’s what YOU want & need.

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David Scott Lynn
Founder & Developer of DSL Edgework

CAVEAT (Just So You Know)

We do not pretend to “replace” more well-known therapies such as Structural Integration (Rolfing), Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Myofascial Release (MFR), Deep Tissue, Hanna Somatics, or others. These therapies can be VERY effective and have helped a LOT of people. Even the more common Swedish- or Spa-style Relaxation massage can help a lot of less complex or less challenging conditions for a lot of people.

But they do not help EVERYONE. Sometimes, Clients need a more precise form of therapy. And occasionally, those otherwise helpful therapies can cause various problems for the Client.

While DSL Edgework works for many problems small or large, short-term or long-term, our Primary Focus is that small percentage of Clients — which is a LOT of people — who have little or no positive response to those therapies previously utilized by their Physicians and/or Therapists.

Our Clients have typically been in complex, chronic pain or dysfunctional conditions for many YEARS or even DECADES. They typically have tried MANY different forms of the more common modalities with little or no results. Or they feel good for a while, then their problems return hours, days, or weeks later.

My Primary Focus NOW is assisting and facilitating Massage / Bodywork & Yoga Therapists in learning and applying Advanced, Myo-Structurally-based Approaches to hands-on bodywork & yoga therapy, including Mindful Medical Massage, even though our work has little resemblance to “massage” as generally practiced. …

Marketing Tip: “massage” scores much higher in Google Keywords than does “bodywork.”

The Yoga is “optional,” is NOT necessary. But Clients who DO engage with it usually get even better results. And they have Tools for Self-Maintenance in the future.

Table of Contents

In Times of Economic & Social Uncertainty, YOU
Need An EDGE, preferably … a LEADING EDGE.

Like most industries today, Massage, Bodywork &
Yoga Therapies are
subject to significant Economic
& Political challenges & opportunities. We’ll discuss
those a bit below. But the HUGE investments into
Massage Robotics by the Mayo Clinic and Google
and the COVID Pandemic & Lockdowns are just
TWO of several major examples.

YOU want to stay AHEAD of those Potential Trends by
becoming IRREPLACEABLE by a machine or being
in the case of Lockdowns, to help Clients from
distance if necessary. (Just one reason I emphasize
Yoga Therapy and Health Coaching as adjuncts to
Hands-on Therapy.)

To Stay Ahead of those Trends …

Are YOU Ready to Become a
in the Field of Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Therapy?

YOU Want To Become THE Person other People — especially Prospects and Clients — Think Of when Problems of their Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System Arise … YOU Want To Become The MOST Trusted, In Demand Authority & Advisor on Such *Soft Tissue Issues.*

YOU want to BE The Very Best Choice for Helping them Resolve their various Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint Troubles.

Is To Support YOU …

It is MY MISSION to Support YOU in Accomplishing Such Things as having LEADING EDGE EXPERT Status in your Community. …

Achieving EXPERT Status in your community starts with telling people — EDUCATING your Clients or Prospects (your soon-to-be Clients) — about things they’ve never heard before, or explaining important ideas better than any others have, helping them see or feel things they’ve not seen of felt before, or providing Therapy few, if any, Practitioners have EVER done for or with them before!

MY JOB is to help YOU Learn those things.

What Frustrates Me About Many Massage Schools?

What They Don’t Have Time To Teach Us

I have worked with many Clients & Therapists, and various Physicians, around the country over the FORTY+ YEARS I’ve been practicing and teaching. I’ve had many conversations on many related topics.

Leading Edge Exerts know how to fix most arm & hand muscle pain

Muscles of Forearm Controlling Hand Joints

One Example of my frustrations is a therapist I met in the Northeast. She was getting ready to quit doing massage because of pain in her forearms. I asked her where she went to school, which turned out to be nearby. I asked if she had asked them for help. She had, but the instructors did not know what to do about her issue.

I gave her some ideas and ways to self-treat, things she had NOT been taught, but I considered to be Basic. She started feeling immediate relief.

A MAJOR Portion of my Educational & Mentoring Programs are to provide therapists the insight & tools to Self-Treat for their work-related “injuries.”

Principles of Treating Clients are the SAME
as for Treating One’s Self

Working With Musicians

Leading Edge Experts can treat the many muscle tension injuries of musicians

Does THIS Look Like a Dangerous Item?

I had another Client, David, a professional Cellist, who had severe pain in his left forearm preventing him from performing a full concert. He had been working for a year and a half with Physical Therapists, was NOT getting relief, and was thinking he had to quit his profession. At their invitation, I observed one of his therapy sessions, and the PTs were doing classical Neuromuscular and Myofascial Therapy, and other related techniques with him.

While watching the therapy session, I could instantly see why they were NOT getting results. They were doing the “slide & glide” stroking techniques up and down the forearm with some trigger point therapy. They were stroking down the length of the muscles (sometimes called “stripping”).

But his pain was focused in a VERY specific area, and they were not staying long enough on the particular muscle fibers to allow the TIME necessary for David’s chronic tensions to relax & release.

Now, I was doing VERY long sessions with him, several hours per session (he was VERY motivated), and we TOOK THE TIME necessary to allow his muscle fibers to relax & release because his time was running out. Much of the time, I worked within a few inches of his area of pain & tension, with minimal lateral movement. (I did periodically do some therapy in his neck, chest, shoulder, and upper arm, however.)

Here is David’s Testimonial:

I met David Scott Lynn right at the moment, in 2004, when I was considering ending my career as a classical cellist. I had incessant shooting pains in my forearm, and was not able to play for more than 5 minutes. After seeing many of Boston’s top professionals, with no success, I had pretty much given up hope. At the recommendation of my cello instructor at the time, Paul Katz, I went to see DSL for help. Even within the first few sessions, I began to feel more improvement with him than with all the others I had worked with combined. After a few months of working with DSL, the tension melted away and the pain stopped. It has been over two years* since I’ve had a session with DSL, and I am still pain free. In addition, his knowledge in yoga and stretching has helped me keep my whole body loose and flexible. With DSL’s help, I am now well on my way to realizing my dreams as a cellist. I am forever indebted to David, and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who is seeking a better, easier, more pain free lifestyle.

~ David Huckaby • Cellist
Graduate of Juliard School of Music &
New England Conservatory of Music
New York, New York

[ * I kept in touch with David and as of 2016, it’s now beenTWELVE pain-free years! David went on to Juliard School of Music in NYC and became a full time Orchestra Celist. ~DSL ]

One of the Reasons I tell you this is it is well known in the Medicine of Music World that the neuro-musculo-fascial & joint injuries of musicians are as problematic and painful as that of Athletes. If you live in an area where there are a lot of musicians, that is a significant opportunity to help them.

The DANCE community is very similar. And I’ve had Vocalists (singers) tell me what I did with them transformed the way they sang, as well as getting rid of their pain or dysfunction.

SUCCESS TIP: What do you do when working with groups of people who don’t have a lot of money? Well, give them each an evaluation, and a little treatment so they can feel what it’s like. Then teach them to work on each other either in small or large groups. Teach them the EdgeTouch Manual Technique, AND the Conscious Yoga Stretching you’ll be learning in DSL Edgework.

Another Example: In the 1990s, I was teaching a LOT of Neuromuscular Therapists who took ALL the NMT seminars, yet they told me (in private) they did not know how to do deep evaluations of a Client’s soft tissue issues. So they could not develop a reliable treatment strategy for the Client. They did what some NMT practitioners called Poke & Hope. That means to just press where the pain is and hope it goes away!

When some of these therapists went to their instructors to get better strategies, the “advice” from their instructors was “Just do the Routines.” That’s pre-designed patterns of treatment to perform on whoever walks in the door.

Other Trainings have processes like a Ten-Session Recipe delivered to most Clients. Most Clients get the same treatment, with little variation.

I do NOT believe in “Routines” or “Recipes.” I believe EACH Therapy Session should be custom-designed for that Client’s needs at that moment, based on the Evaluation done at that moment.

Sometimes, the strategy will change from session to session. SOMETIMES it will change within one session as the Client’s body often changes VERY fast, within the same sessions.

(There is One BIG Exception to this Rule I’ll tell you about further below.)

My Own Personal Experience with Massage School: To get a massage license in Arizona, I attended a 750-hour massage therapy school in 2015. I went to a school that even the other massage schools in the area said was one of THE most therapeutically focused schools in the region. … So I went there.

They DID teach excellent manual techniques. Within a few weeks, most of the students gave very good to excellent massage sessions. This was the basic Relaxation, Swedish, or Spa-style sessions that are so common.

YES, that approach can be VERY helpful, and /or pleasurable, for the Client. NOTHING wrong with doing or receiving that kind of massage. Yet there are significant limits on what it can accomplish when it comes to complex, long-term (chronic), difficult-to-treat soft tissue issues.

Yet, I had started practicing massage professionally in 1981 (so I had 34 years of experience at the time), was already a clinically successful therapist, and had taught a LOT of people in my own programs in the 1990s. At this school I attended (now closed), I was several times a week very frustrated by all the things they did NOT teach us. They taught us a LOT of manual techniques, but very little in the way of Evaluating a Client AND Developing a Relevant Treatment Strategy.

I could go on and on, but this has been MY experience around the country with many Therapists and Clients. And when I do what I do, most Clients, AND Therapists, mention that “NO ONE” does what I do. Then they ask if I’ve trained other therapists. …

I’m sure there ARE a FEW therapists who do something similar to me. BUT, they are far too few and too far between.

SABs teach similar principles to DSL Edgework approach to muscle tension relief

LOGO for Kyle C. Wright’s Schools of Advanced Bodywork in Charlotte & Jacksonville

There is one exception I personally know of (two, actually), and that is the Schools of Advanced Bodywork ( SABs ) in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Jacksonville, Florida. Their Students are well-trained in Technique AND Evaluation. Their Graduates are always in high demand upon graduation.

The Founder of the SABs, Kyle C. Wright, took a weekend workshop from me in 1993 and reconstructed his massage school curriculum with what he learned from me. This included both treatment AND evaluation.

Through my years of experience in clinical practice and taking over 100 seminars in bodywork, I have found The DSL Method to be the missing link toward a greater understanding of human physiology and chronic reflex pain patterns. I endorse and highly recommend taking a course in The DSL Method.

~ Kyle C Wright, L.B.M.T.
Wright Center of Advanced Bodywork
Advanced Schools of Bodywork
Asheville, North Carolina

Here is MY Bottom Line:

Massage Therapy, as currently taught and practiced across America, is a Great Service for the needs and wants of many people.

HOWEVER, too many schools are NOT providing sufficient education for Therapists to provide many of the more advanced possibilities of what musculo-fascial therapy can achieve for our Clients.

WE need to change that. And I obviously cannot do it alone. Which is a primary reason I am going back into teaching therapy.

YOUR MISSION, Should You Decide to Accept it, is to make yourself into, or should I say LEARN yourself into, a Leading Edge Expert in Advanced Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint Therapy.

You MIGHT also consider joining with Me and other like-minded Therapists and Educators in taking our Profession to the NEXT LEVEL of what’s possible for helping more Clients with more of their problems.

PLEASE Let Me Know if that Interests You.

WHAT Are We REALLY Doing in Therapy?

Along with education in proper evaluation techniques, there is something else. It has to do with MINDFULNESS, which is a major source of deeper levels of RELAXATION for the Client. This is what I learned in doing a LOT of yoga over the years. And I applied that experience to my therapy system when I became a bodyworker.

One Of My Other Observations Is too many, if not most, massage therapists are taught (probably inadvertently) to focus on delivering the techniques & routines as “properly” as they can. There is NOTHING wrong with that.

Yet in my mind, the REAL Purpose of applying manual pressures or stretches to the human body is for the Therapist AND Client to FEEL what is going on in the Client’s tissues.

It is a BIG Opportunity to bring MINDFULNESS into the Big Picture of Therapy.

When the Therapist and Client mindfully “CONNECT” that way through their respective Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial systems, a RELATIONSHIP is more deeply formed and built. A “dance” occurs between the Client & Therapist and ideally, the Therapist is NOT focused on “delivering the technique.”

Awareness & Thinking - Muscle Pain Relief and Stress Reduction and the cause for sore muscles

Awareness & Thinking Working Together

A BALANCE emerges between FEELING, REFLECTIVE THINKING, & ACTION. In this case, the ACTION is somewhat passive. But Relaxation IS a type of “Action” in itself.

We like Reflective Thinking rather than Reactive Thinking. Reflective Thinking is more In-The-Moment and reflects Current Reality. Reactive Thinking tends to recycle old memories, especially engrams.

Therefore, the manual technique we use is only the TOOL with which to FEEL the Client’s soft tissues. And the CLIENT FEELS the Therapist’s manual contact. It’s a Two Way Feedback Loop.

And if done with more Mindfulness, the process tends to bypass the thinking mind so that the THERAPIST’S BODY more precisely RESPONDS to the CLIENT’S BODY.

I’ll tell you more about this and how it works further down on this page, but it is that mutual contact, the mind-body connection, that makes MUCH of the difference. “The Technique” is only secondary. 

It is true, Good Therapy CAN work quite well without mindfulness. The Client’s mind can drift, they can daydream, or even go to sleep, yet they can still get a LOT of benefits. … But it works even better WITH mindfulness.

Therefore, all the above said, I’m getting back into doing Educational & Mentoring Programs on my Method of Therapy, DSL Edgework.

(I trained a number of therapists in the 1990s. But various family and other issues, and then COVID, got in the way of keeping at it from about 2000 on. I’ve been WAY behind the scenes since about 2015. … BUT NOW I’M BACK!)

David is an “important leader in the field of BodyWork.”

~ From a Workshop Brochure from the
National Holistic Institute • Emeryville, California

The students in Heartwood’s approved Massage program felt that The DSL Method was the most valuable work in Heartwood’s massage curriculum. Many students felt that David’s work instilled a sense of competence in their ability to do massage & bodywork. It is an open ended system allowing and encouraging students to continually improve their work through active practitioner/client exchange. I have personally found that, based on feedback from clients, The DSL Method is on par with, if not superior to, the other major bodywork systems available today.

~ Rex Dippre
Massage Therapist
Arcata, California
(Former Director of Admissions @
Heartwood Institute, 1989-1992)

David is a Master Bodyworker who continues to be invited back here over and over by clients who love his work! And his yoga workshops help one to get into their body and experience the principles of how yoga and the body works.

~ Sandy Aquila
BodyMind Therapist & Director,
Omaha Healing Arts Center
Omaha, Nebraska

BY THE WAY— I’m NOT looking for a group of DSL Clones who will practice just the way I do. The Principles of this work will work with any modality. But if you DO want to work the way I do, that CAN be arranged!

SO … How did I Go …

From Structural Steel Ironworker (heavy construction)
to Myo-Structural Bodyworker?

HOW did a Structural Ironworker from the Middle-Class South Suburbs of Chicago, become a Structural Yoga Teacher, then to a Mindful, Myo-Structural Bodyworker?

And THEN, (with no college) Develop a Highly Effective & Medical Science-based
Method of Therapy? … A Method Very Often Resolving Long-standing, Complex,
Chronic Problems Many Physicians & Therapists HAD GIVEN UP ON EVER
Resolving for their Clients or Patients?

And more Importantly …

How Do YOU Become The Leading Edge Expert?

… in Your Community on Soft Tissue Issues?

How do YOU Set Out On Creating Your OWN Such Path?
WHAT Do You Have to KNOW?
WHAT Do You Have to DO? …

To Become a Ground-Breaking Practitioner? Or even an Innovator?

By Learning DSL Edgework, WHAT Will YOU Know That’s DIFFERENT than most Therapists and even Doctors?

FIRST, one of My Objectives is for YOU to be able to sit down with a neurologist, an orthopedist, a sports medicine, or any kind of medically-trained physician or therapist — or a chiropractor, osteopath, or naturopath — and be able with talk to them such that they KNOW within a few minutes that YOU know what you’re talking about when you discuss the principles and sciences behind your therapy?

Aside from knowing the Sciences, when speaking to Prospects or Clients, or other Therapists or Physicians, You’ll Be ANSWERING QUESTIONS & PROBLEMS Such As:

  • Why & How Do Musculo-Fascial Units Tighten Up At All?
  • Why do they STAY tight, while Resisting Relaxation?
  • Why “Weak” Muscles are NOT usually The Problem?
  • Why Painful or Uncomfortable Treatments so often FAIL?
  • Why Cross Fiber or Rubbing or Stroking of Muscles sometimes FAILS?
  • Why Slow, Steady Pressure with Minimal Movement very often WORKS!
  • Why NO Pain Means MORE Gain in Therapy?
  • Why Poor Posture is NOT usually about “Weak Muscles”?
  • Why Lost Range of Motion is usually NOT about “Weak Muscles”?
  • Why RELAXING a Muscle Often Makes it Stronger?
  • Why Great Posture is about Releasing Natural Forces ALREADY within us?
  • Why Tight Muscles Dehydrate, in turn causing Weakness and Wrinkles?
  • Why Deep Fascia & Muscle Cells are different but NOT separate?
  • Why SOME People need a LOT of Time to Improve?
  • Why “Too Short” ABs are Worse than a “Weak” CORE?
  • Why “AB Strengthening” can CAUSE Pot-Belly & Love-Handles?
  • Why “Warming Up The Tissues” can often be Counterproductive?
  • Why Deep Relaxation is very often FAR more important than Strength?
  • Why Trigger Points are NOT the Root Cause of Anything?
  • Why / How So Many Therapists Treat the “Wrong Muscles”?
  • Or Just do NOT get the Results they are Hoping for?

… And ON and ON …

C.E.M.&.N.T. & Engrams

We START with explaining & understanding the idea of C.E.M.&.N.T. — Chronic, Excess Musculo-Fascial & Nerve Tension & Stress. And how C.E.M.&.N.T. is an expression of ENGRAMS or medically recognized memory patterns in a Client’s neuro-musculo-fascial system:

“Memories are the experiential threads that tie our past to the present. The biological realization of a memory is termed an engram — the enduring biochemical and physiological processes that enable learning and retrieval.” [Emphais added.]

From: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5383718/

What Maintains Engrams?

Hyper-facilitated Synapses, the “neuro-switches” that turn neurons on and off, maintain the memory banks that control everything. They keep nerve energy flowing to other nerves, muscles, and organs, keeping them in a hyperactive and often exhausted state. 

leading edge experts in muscle therapy know how to reduce Neuro-actiivty at the synaptic clefts.

The space between the two synaptic  “knobs” has biochemical levels determining whether the synapse is “stuck” in the ON or OFF state

Synapses get hyper-active by modifying the chemical bath in the synaptic cleft such that they cannot turn OFF. The synapses get “stuck” in the ON position. Muscles stay too tight, organs stay too active. Nothing can rest, recuperate, or regenerate.

Our job is to stimulate the sensory nerves in skin, muscles & fascia in ways that “calm” those synapses, the chemical bath, down.

HOW LONG does that take? Everyone is different, determined by their Health History. Stress, tension, injuries, and trauma, protective or stabilization patterns, are all recorded as engrams, with hyperactive synapses. Some people respond VERY quickly, others take MANY hours, sometimes over weeks or months, to fully respond.

The Basic, Edge-Touch, Tension Release Technique

And why do hyper-facilitated engrams very often respond MUCH better to light to moderate manual pressure in the middle of the muscle belly, with minimal movement of the Practitioner’s hands or stretching? Meaning almost NO lateral movement across the surface of the muscle?

Nearly ALL the manual movement is about sinking in as the muscle relaxes & releases, or backing out if the Client says (or you can feel) it’s getting too painful or intrusive.

The structure of the muscle fibers attaching to the tendons, and the flow of nerve energy into the system, respond better to a constant, steady flow of “neuro-energy” through the nerves and synapses. Moving back and forth interrupts that steady flow, reducing the efficiency of the process.

The NO Pain, MORE Gain aspect — Playing the EDGE — prevents any subtle, negative reactions in the neuro-muscular system. Many of those reactions are so subtle the Client cannot FEEL them, the Therapist cannot SEE them. The body is VERY good at recirculating its old, historical, habitual protection & stabilization patterns, very often without anyone noticing.

I believe that’s one reason people might respond well in a therapy session, but the problems keep coming back hours, days, or weeks later.

With too much movement, and not enough time, any changes that DO happen in the muscle do NOT integrate high enough up into the Central Nervous System & Brain to make more “permanent” changes.

Interestingly, upon learning my Method, even though they experienced the benefits firsthand (pun not intended but it works!), many therapists can NOT slow themselves down, be relatively still, and just WAIT for a muscle to release. After a few minutes of waiting (instead of just FEELING), they appear to feel like they have to be DOING something more actively or aggressively. … So they DO!

One thing meditation or mindfulness does is it gets you more focused on the very small changes happening in the Client’s musculo-fascia. You get so interested you do NOT get bored!

What I’ll be showing you in the DSL Publications & Courses are the Sciences behind the structure of a muscle and the nerves & synapses that lend themselves to the slow steady pressure technique with minimal movement and more time. When you see the science behind the technique, you’ll have more CONFIDENCE the process WORKS.

Because KNOWING how the muscles, fascia, and nerves WORK tells you how to WORK them.

I figured out “The Waiting Game” after many hours of working on fixing my own severe lower back & hip pain no one could help me with, even after I became a therapist and was working with several of the top therapists in Chicago and other cities. It was something I learned doing 3 and 4 hours of physical / mental yoga many months on end over several years. …

I resolved my own pain with Yoga and almost NO hands-on work. That experience is what taught me what REALLY makes a muscle “let go.”

NO, you don’t have to do that much yoga to “get it.” You don’t REALLY have to do ANY yoga. Although I highly recommend it. Especially if you want to have it as an added offering to your therapeutic skills. Or help keep your own muscles in a more relaxed state. …

It’s just that experiencing the Yoga Phenomena First Body (sort of like First Hand) has its advantages.

Working with Engrams & C.E.M.&.N.T.

Once again, we consider engrams to be THE usually UN-recognized, Primary, Underlying Cause of many problems in the Human BodyMind. Engrams often show up to the Client or Patient as C.E.M.&.N.T. or Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress.

It is, in great part, the job of a Therapist to help a Client LEARN HOW to Feel, RELAX & Dissolve their Tension & Stress, then Lengthen, BALANCE & Coordinate their muscles. …

Our Primary Objective with DSL Edgework, then, is to reduce or eliminate Engrams and C.E.M.&.N.T.

In the process of doing so, we also BALANCE the tension levels between pairs of muscles to a more normal functional state, which also DE-compresses the joints and bones. And all the other tissues as well.

YOU want to give your Prospects and Clients the ideas behind C.E.M.&.N.T. with which to interpret what’s going on in their own BodyMind. Then, if and when they have such issues, YOU are The Person they think of and come to for HELP.

YOU want to be able to explain to Clients what C.E.M.&.N.T. is, where it comes from, the many problems it causes, why it can be difficult (or at least time-consuming) to treat, and what can be done about it. …

And why YOU, with your Specialized Knowledge of Tension Release Techniques, might be The VERY Best Person to help them.

NOTE: In this context, “muscle,” refers to the full, synergistic “psycho-neuro-musculo-fascial” unit.

Here, “Psycho” refers to the brain and its functions, including Mind & Emotions. All of which are to varying degrees behind many or most of our physical actions and functions. It does NOT necessarily mean “a psychological problem” or “being a psycho”! Just like when it comes to Stress, it can be purely physical, or biological, or psychological, or a combination.

And of course, Mindfulness plays a BIG part here.

There is also “Eustress” [good stress] and “Distress” [bad stress]. We do not really want a “stress-less” life. Good stress is what makes us grow and develop. Yet we DO want the Distresses, the “bad stress,” to pass through us and NOT get “caught” in our nerves, muscles, or fascia. That is helped by being able to stay mentally and physically relaxed, as much as possible. Yet it is a SKILL we learn and develop with PRACTICE.


I wish to state again, there are MANY excellent modalities of Massage, Bodywork, & Yoga Therapy out there. They are all very valuable in various circumstances for many, if not most, people. Some of them produce what appear to be Miracles! (I fixed MY severe, complex back pain mostly with self-applied physical Yoga postures with a Mindfulness Mindset.)

It is, however, in my more than 40 Years of Experience, that a small percentage of Clients — sufferers of extreme, complex, musculo-fascial stress, trauma, and injury — will benefit from my specialized technique when many other methods have failed. …

And there are a LOT of those people!

It is a good “tool” to have when you need it. … And when this tool works, it REALLY Works! 

In my practice, I use the DSL Edge-Touch Technique almost exclusively and have for forty-plus years.

40+ Years of Reducing C.E.M.&.N.T.

Can I Help YOU Get Your Start with
40 HOURS of Education instead of 40 YEARS?

I believe that in about 40 hours, plus the Private Mentoring Calls, I can get you to have equivalent, foundational knowledge as I had when I first designed DSL Edgework.

You obviously won’t have the EXPERIENCE I had. But I can offer you the MANY LESSONS I learned and help shortcut your learning experience.

I started Teaching Yoga in 1976, practicing Massage Therapy in 1981, and doing Structural Bodywork in 1982. That was more than forty years ago!

I’ve worked with a LOT of people, including from several other countries, who’ve been in significant, complex pain patterns for 20 or 30 YEARS or MORE! They had gone to MANY therapists and physicians, and some thought they COULD never get better. …

But (most of the time) we DID it! … And most of them said they never experienced a technique or perspective quite like what I’ve been doing.

One of my Clients, Mr. Al Rosenberg (a very successful businessman who has now passed on) had received many kinds of therapy from top therapists all over the world from America to Europe to China. His mother started the first Whole Health & Yoga Center in Eastern Massachusetts MANY years ago.

He said he has worked with many Great Therapists out there who had pieces of the puzzle. But he thought I had a better handle on the Big Picture, more than most. … Al said working with DSL Edgework was like participating in a Revolution in Health Care!

There may be others who could have produced similar results, yet again, they are FAR too few and too far between. And this an opportunity for YOU to BECOME one of those few Leading Edge Expert Therapists who can fill that IMPORTANT GAP in Health Care.

As Kyle C. Wright, LMBT, has said:

Through my years of experience in clinical practice and taking over 100 seminars in bodywork, I have found The DSL Method to be the missing link toward a greater understanding of human physiology and chronic reflex pain patterns. I endorse and highly recommend taking a course in The DSL Method.

~ Kyle C. Wright, L.M.B.T.
Founder of the *Schools of Advanced Bodywork*
Charlotte, NC & Jacksonville FL
and Founder / Former Owner of the Southeastern Schools of
Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy

Then there is Al Cujas, the Physical Therapist who was also a NMT Instructor:

With 18 years experience in the health care professions, I appreciate soundly researched & scientifically based approaches to rehabilitation. The DSL Method of BodyWork has expanded and refined my understanding and applications for achieving postural correctness and pain relief in less time. David has a unique way of reiterating known fundamental laws, redefining erroneous concepts, and instructing the participants through a successful treatment program.

~ Al Cujas • Physical Therapist
A.T.C., N.M.T.

Former Instructor for the
St. John NMT Seminar System

Winston Salem, North Carolina

*TRS* — Tension Release Strategies —

The Original Foundation of DSL Edgework (my system of therapy) was and is a unique, innovative method of Physical, Mental & Relational YOGA.* I learned it from Joel Kramer, a Leading Edge Teacher & Philosopher in the development of a uniquely American style of Yoga.

* “Yoga” is defined here as “bringing two or more things together in an integral, synergistic, more expansive way” AND “the Quality of Attention we bring to whatever it is we are doing in a particular moment.”

And Attention is the Domain of Meditation & Mindfulness.

We bring the sciences & techniques together, then bodywork & yoga principles together, then mind & body together. …

Then, we bring the Client & Therapist together in a MINDFUL, Communicative, Cooperative Synergy. …

After becoming a Yoga Teacher in 1976, I began doing what MY yoga teacher, Joel, did. That being, FOUR HOURS per day, most days, of physical yoga postures with a Meditative Mindset. Rather than hold a posture for 20, 30, or 60 seconds (as was often instructed in books on yoga), I was doing each posture for MANY MINUTES at a time.

It was more like Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga, but more dynamic in very subtle ways.

Deep, Radical Relaxation

Sometimes, while waiting for a psycho-neuro-muscular unit to release, it often seemed like an unreasonably LONG period of time. But with all the damage I had done to my body during my teens (another story for another time), I needed that time.

And THAT is where I learned what REALLY makes a muscle Let Go, Relax & Release.

It is an “Inner Shift” deep in the Mind, Brain, and Nervous System of the person doing the yoga (or yoga-based bodywork) producing the desired changes in the neuro-musculo-fascial system. … 

Playing The EDGE of Pain, Fear & Resistance

NO Pain Means MORE Gain

It is also where I learned about *No Pain Means More Gain,* and how moderate to intense sensation is fine, but PAIN is not, especially when it comes to therapy. And the more stressed, traumatized or injured a Client is, the LESS intensity you want them to be feeling in therapy.

This is about learning to Play The Edge of Pain, Fear & Resistance in ALL Aspects of Life with a Meditative MIndset.

We learn about Minimum, Moderate, and Maximum Edges. We learn about how the Arndt-Schultz Principle of Homeopathy applies to activating or interfering with parasympathetic nerve energy. And the parasympathetic system is where internal self-healing, metabolic maintenance, and regeneration is activated and moderated.

DE-Sensitization: Enemy of The Edge

One of the great challenges of working with Clients is they often cannot FEEL where their EDGE is! Sometimes they don’t even know they HAVE one!

This can be the result of Descending Sensory Pathways in the lower brain that are designed to BLOCK certain sensations from getting to the Client’s conscious mind. One of the jobs of these neuro-pathways is to keep the conscious brain from being overwhelmed by too much sensation. Learning about these pathways, and educating your clients on them, helps facilitate the process of working with The Edges of their BodyMind.

MYO-Structural DE-Compression

I also learned to DE-Compress the joints & nerves with Yoga & Breathing. 

With Bone-on-Bone, First Job is Get Pressure OFF the Joint by Relaxing & Releasing Chronic Muscle Tension that is Compressing & Dehydrating the Joint

Over-shortened muscles can put increasing amounts of pressure on the joints, eventually dehydrating the synovial capsules by the process of osmosis. This is what leads to bone-on-bone contact in the joints.

I then transferred these and several other concepts & principles to the bodywork process.

There were other transferable yoga elements, such as using the breath as a relaxation tool, that you’ll learn about.

But it is ironic how many world-class yoga teachers and fitness people inadvertently compress their joints to the point of needing surgery (!!!), such as Ida P. Rolf began warning about early in her Rolfing® career. So there are some things Yoga Teachers have to learn about Injury Prevention as well, and that YOU can provide that.

And the Fitness World has many of the same problems.

We go extensively into these issues in the DSL Edgework Programs


Based On Physical / Mental Yoga Principles

After experiencing several different hands-on therapy methods from accomplished massage & bodyworkers, I combined Joel’s Yoga Principles with a Basic yet highly effective Hands-On Musculo-Fascial Release Technique. Meaning, I took the Yoga Principles and applied them to the Hands-On Bodywork & Mindful Medical Massage Therapy process.

The more Mindful the Client can be, the better their Therapy works. The more Mindful the Therapist is, the more Mindful the Client can BE. This is where Relational Yoga comes in, something Joel and his partner Diana Alstad were teaching in the 1970s and 80s.

In this Context, it is about the Relationship between the Client and the Therapist.

Said another way, the DSL Edgework: Hands-On Bodywork & Yoga System is intended as an Externally Applied Form of Physical, Mental & Relational Yoga. Meaning it is engaging the BodyMind of the Client as fully as possible in the process.

The Primary Components of the Method are:

  • Mindful Medical Massage

  • BIO*-Structural Analysis & Postural Evaluation

  • Myo-Structural Balancing (Bodywork)

  • Myo-Structural Yoga Therapy

  • Tai Chi-based Movement Therapy

  • Internal & External Ergonomics

  • Whole Health Principles & Practices

BIO*: referring to the living breathing human behind the structure

Mindfulness & Medicine: The root meaning of the Latin word for meditation, *mederi,* is the same as the word Medicine. Meditation or Mindfulness are themselves important components of the Whole Health Healing Process.


… in Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Therapy?

Becoming an Expert in Radical Relaxation of C.E.M.&.N.T. and muscle tension

VERY Relaxed Kitty

MOST IMPORTANT to understand, is Therapists NEVER relax the muscles of another Human Being. Relaxation is an internal process the Client does, consciously or not.

We don’t “do it to them.” We encourage & support their own, internal process of self-discovered Relaxation.

We Therapists do NOT primarily focus on “releasing the stress or tension” in a local nerve, muscle, or fascia. We do NOT primarily “fix the muscle” by figuring out better ways to “work” or “manipulate” it. We do NOT “break up” adhesions or “break down” calcifications or “stuck tissues.”

Those results “out there” in the soft tissues are a BY-PRODUCT of what we are REALLY doing.

“Talking” to the CNS* & Brain

What we are REALLY doing is focusing on “Talking to the CNS* & Brain” such that the Client can spontaneously & internally RESET the tension & stress levels in their respective neuro-musculo-fascial units — the Muscle — to more appropriate & healthy (lower) levels of TONE.

Too much TONE keeps muscles and organs in a chronically tense, hyperactive state.

We use manual contact on the Client’s skin, nerves, muscles & fascia, or Conscious Stretching (yoga), primarily to Communicate with the CNS & Brain and the MIND. They, in turn, RESET and reduce Tonus going through the nerves to the muscles and organs, 

Just one VERY important distinction you’ll be learning is the difference between muscle TONE and TONUS. … TONE means “healthy state” of the muscle. TONUS is the bio-electric charge in the nerve activating and tensing a muscle or organ. Problem is, too much tonus can REDUCE the “healthy state” or TONE.

health versus fitness - health fitness spectrum

Healthy TONE is to the Left, High TONUS is to the Right.
Too Much TONUS can REDUCE Your Healthy State of TONE.

Knowing about that leads to understanding the Hard Body Mythology, the flawed idea that “tight muscles” are “healthy muscles.”

We also let the Client’s CNS* & Brain do the work of relaxing their body and dissolving adhesions in a “thixotropic” process. The trick is NOT to “break up” adhesions but to reverse the thixotropic process biochemically with more gentle manual pressure and SOME movement. So it is more an Organic than Mechanical process.

* CNS: Central Nervous System … along with the Brain, is what we are REALLY focusing on. Because WE (any human being outside the bodymind of the Client in question) NEVER really Relax ANYONE, no matter what “tool” or “technique” we use. We only help & support the conditions by which the Client’s own, Internal, BodyMind Processes of Relaxation can happen. …

(That does not mean we, the therapists, are LAZY! … It means we UNDERSTAND how the Human BodyMind really works, and we perform accordingly!)

— Knowing Where to Work & When —

** Better ANSWERS to the Puzzles of Posture, Pain & Impairment **

Becoming a leading edge expert on the lumbo-pelvic CORE & structural alignment in BIO-Structural Balancing & Postural Alignment

Analyzing Structure & Posture helps you decide Where & When to work specific muscles

My Background as a Structural Steel Ironworker Foreman (constructing & aligning steel building structures) made me especially good at observing, assessing, and working with the HUMAN Musculo-Fascial & Joint STRUCTURE as well. That is, in great part, what led to my Unique Method of BIO-Structural Analysis & Postural Evaluation.

We help the Client *Release The Natural Forces* built into their BodyMind by Nature at birth. This leads to more effective & efficient posture and movement patterns. And that if you are trying to “control” your posture with your mind by “thinking about it,” then you are “doing it wrong.” Great Posture should emerge from balanced forces operating freely in and around your body. You should NOT be “holding yourself” in “good posture.”


We work WITH Gravity, not against it. … Our internal, Hydro-Tensegrity System creates the Flexible Buoyancy necessary to work harmoniously WITH Gravity, not against it. Relaxed, Lengthened, Balanced & Coordinated Muscles allow our structures to Release the Natural Forces within, to function at our Maximum Efficiency.

We look at *Deep, Radical Relaxation,* and how to help a Client discover how that happens, and how they can internally RESET their Tension Levels, reducing C.E.M.&.N.T. in the process.

We look at things like why it’s NOT about muscles that are “weak or strong,” but muscles that are “too short or long.” We learn how to track down where a neuro-musculo-fascial problem(s) is (are) REALLY coming from, and it might be several places at once.

be a leading edge expert on tracking down pain patterns

Much Pain & Dysfunction is between Pairs of Muscles that are Over-Short, Over-Long & Out of Balance

And if “strengthening” were the secret to Great Posture, why do almost ALL little children have such great sitting and standing posture?

Client Health History

There are many factors influencing a Client’s current status of how they feel and operate.

We start with a Homeopathic Interview where we encourage our Client to “connect the dots” to various events that have happened to them, often giving us important clues on what our strategy needs to be.

We learn to discover whether a Client’s musculo-fascial issues are:

  • local (same place the pain or impairment is)
  • structurally transmitted (muscles pulling on bones)
  • neurologically transmitted (through the nervous system)
  • antalgic (to move away from pain for resistance)
  • metabolic (diet, nutrition, assimilation, detoxification)
  • psycho-emotional

Although the last two are better determined by a metabolically-based physician or psychotherapist. But you can HELP by knowing when to REFER to other practitioners.

We look at How To *THINK Structurally,* how to SEE the structure of your Client standing before you. You will learn about Vector Forces that can traumatize and get “stuck” in their body, and types of structures, so you can more fully evaluate your Client’s Current “Situation” and interpret anatomy illustrations more completely.

I believe my construction days in my mid-teens, learning to interpret 2-dimensional blueprints into 3-dimensional structures, gave me better tools to interpret 2-dimensional anatomy illustrations, translating them into 3-dimensional Human Realities in my Mind’s Eye.

I tell you things like that because very often, to Become An Expert, you will discover many things in YOUR past that add to and enhance your unique abilities in many new things, or something you want to specialize in; something that might make YOU more relevant to your particular Clients. You want to start Connecting the Dots in Your Life, as well. That’s one of the things we’ll be doing in the Private Mentoring Calls.


DSL Edgework is based on a Western Philosophy, Psychology & Science of Being Human, and has little resemblance to the “traditional” Yoga of India. However, I do include certain Essential Insights from The East. That’s mainly Mindfulness & Meditation, which, as I mentioned, share a root meaning with medicine.

Combined with insights from Whole Health Principles of Naturopathy & Homeopathy (NOT the controversial little white pills), the system became a Highly Effective Method of Bodywork, as well as understanding the Big Picture of BodyMInd Health often operating behind the scenes of a particular Client.

And of course, how does chronic, excess tension ( C.E.M.&.N.T. ) cause problems in overall Bodymind Health?

You can read a LOT more about my somewhat “unusual” path on everything at my BIO-History page:



I’ve been involved in “Whole Health” studies since I was 13 years old (1967) beginning with Martial Arts & ZEN-style Meditation. I got into physical yoga at 19, became a Physical / Mental & Relational Yoga Teacher in 1976.

In 1976, I became a Yoga Teacher-In-Residence at the Inner Garden Health Center in Aspen, Colorado. There, I met Eugene Donaldson, an accomplished bodyworker.

He introduced me to hands-on bodywork, and since I had a “natural knack” for it, although is approach hurt like hell. We did extensive trades with each other over many months in Aspen. That’s where and how I learned and developed my Basic Manual Tension Release Technique by integrating what I had learned by doing so much yoga.

Eugene went on to become a co-Founder of Educating Hands, an influential massage therapy school in Miami, Florida.

Over the next few years, I studied massage therapy — Jin Shin Do, Lomi Lomi, Acupressure / Shiatsu, Tui Na, and such — informally with a few successful bodyworkers. I took about a dozen weekend workshops in massage and other health-related programs. I got my training in relaxation-style massage therapy from Bruce Simer the original founder of the Florida School of Massage.

I went into professional massage practice in Near North Chicago in 1981, with NO formal training, but quickly became well known for producing great therapeutic results. In 1982, I began serious, intentional development of the DSL Method of Therapy.

Also in 1982, I studied with Daniel Blake, a man who had been trained & certified by Ida P. Rolf, founder of Rolfing® (Structural Integration), and then he went on to expand & refine his knowledge with other perspectives. So I took his Structural Bodywork training. That is where I learned the CORE Formula for Postural Evaluation / Structural Analysis I still use, and you will be learning in the 12-week Foundational Program and/or the Masterclass on BIO-Structural Analysis.

At the time, I called my work Psycho-Muscular Release & Structural Balancing. It was of course based in great part on my Physical / Mental Yoga Therapy Background and doing many hours of yoga. Very often 3 or 4 hours at a time for many days in a row over many months at a time.


of Tension, Stress & Negative Habit Patterns

*Letting Go* of Tension & Stress at a DEEP Level IS *Radical Relaxation*

My method of Therapeutic Yoga (now called “Let-Go Yoga”) is intended as a *Yoga for the WEST of Us: Making Yoga Relevant for 21st Century America & Western Civilization.* … (We do NOT engage in Hindu, Guru, or religious aspects of Yoga as practiced in India or elsewhere. Yet it is no less “conscious” than more traditional approaches.)

Let-Go Yoga also serves as a self-maintenance tool and an adjunct to hands-on therapy. And for some people, and surprisingly, the Yoga does ALL they need!

You will learn my Basic Three Myo-Structual DE-Compression Stretches (as well as others) that have, for several people, got them out of YEARS of pain in very short periods of time. Those three stretches go well with my more comprehensive Hands-On, Myo-Structural DE-Compressions Sessions.

— Elegant Anti-Aging —

I became a devout student of the Medical & Physical Sciences — both Orthodox and “Alternative” — underlying Yoga & Bodywork. I even enrolled in The Midwest School of Oriental Medicine (including acupuncture) in Chicago. I only lasted about six months, however. I was already successfully doing a more Western approach to Therapy, and that was what I chose to focus on. So I dropped out of Oriental Medical School.

I also worked side-by-side with several “Alternative” medical and osteopathic doctors back in the 1980s. That’s where I got my foundation in metabolic & nutritional medicine. Along the way, I became a Whole Health Educator, including a range of Principles & Practices for various health concerns. To me, it was a natural extension of what I was doing to help my clients with their Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress.

The current result is DSL Edgework, my system of Soft Tissue Therapy for Advanced & Persistent Cases of Pain, Poor Posture, Impairment, Dysfunction, Injury, & Trauma.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I Highly Recommend that Massage / Bodywork or Yoga / Fitness Practitioners consider ALSO becoming Whole Health Coaches. Your extensive knowledge of muscles and their health effects gives you versatility and a range of knowledge and understanding no other Health Coach could match. Especially if you’re embracing the Mindfulness component. This further expands your possibilities if the Lockdowns “they” (politicians, bureaucrats, and the like) are ALREADY threatening to impose ever come to pass.

*They* are talking about a new Pandemic from Disease X, or Lockdowns because of Climate Change. The COVID debacle took us all by surprise, caused many people to leave the fields of massage, bodywork and yoga teaching, and we should be prepared when *They* (the Politicians and Bureaucrats) say these things are “in the works.”


When you can explain to a Client, Therapist, or Doctor how excess muscle tension can produce dehydration, which then produces weakness in a muscle, and causes muscle mass to reduce, and the skin to “loosen up” or wrinkle, and other such things usually associated with Aging, you expand your range of possibilities for helping even more people with Preventive Medicine rather than just getting them out of pain (as important as that is).

When you can explain how excess water being pushed outside the muscle cells to the outside of the cells causes pain, your credibility goes up.

When you can explain how “tight muscles” can lead to ischemia (restricted blood flow) and that leads to hypoxia (reduced oxygen), your credibility goes up.

When you study the work of Dr. John Sarno and how he demonstrates the usual “structural” explanations for pain (so-called slipped discs, stenosis, and so on) very often do NOT hold up under scrutiny, and how tension in the soft tissues is the more likely culprit, your credibility goes UP.

Along with all of that, You can offer your Prospects or Clients …

Elegant Anti-Aging

You can get into helping people with Greater Wellness rather than just Lesser Sickness.

(I will be launching a New Program to help DSL-trained Therapists add Health Coaching to their repertoire of knowledge & skills.)


Because I work with people from all over America, and sometimes other countries, one of the most common questions I’m asked is if I have trained other people to do what I do. Or they ask, how come no one else does this?

I trained a few hundred Therapists in the 1990s. But not nearly enough. But since then, I was too focused on helping my sick & elderly parents, and other such things. That consumed much of the decade of the 2010s. … Then COVID hit us.

SO … It is Time To Respond to the Requests, and get Back To Work on providing DSL Training to more People! …

This is My INVITATION to YOU to join me in making this Therapy more widely available. Or combine what you learn from me with YOUR methods of therapy.

I’m not looking for a bunch of DSL Clones. Yet if someone DOES what to practice the way I do, that CAN be arranged.

The DSL Edgework Methodology is now delivered primarily via my fully modernized & updated, online, *DSL Edgework* Education & Mentoring Programs.

In-Person programs will be provided if sufficient interest and/or need is expressed.

As far as Mentoring goes, For Example, over forty years, I’ve started EIGHT different therapy practices in VERY different conditions. So, I have some experience in how to get a practice going! If you are interested in doing more Marketing & Communication, I can help set you on the right path with that as well.

All this gives you more options if we DO have more Lockdowns, as is ALREADY being threatened by MANY high-level politicians and influential people around the world.

And for the Big Picture for a Better Society, developing what I call *Radical Humanity* … starting with Deep, Radical Relaxation & Emotional Intelligence.

Also along the way, I developed my approach to a Philosophy, Psychology & Science of Being Human, a Primarily Western approach emerging from Consciousness Studies and integrating with Yoga & Bodywork. This helps set our “Mindset” for Advancing our Whole Health Approach to achieve Better Results in Private Therapy Sessions, and also to a much higher level and wider usage of BodyMind & Soft Tissue Therapies in Society and even Civilization itself.

If You are looking for FAR more information on and an explanation of my System of Muscle Therapy, please go to:


For a Number of Testimonials, please go here:


But here are just four for you right now:

“I learned more anatomy from David in 5 weeks than in 4 YEARS of medical school.”

~ Todd Mangum, MD
Web of Life Wellness Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

“David is doing cutting-edge work in the field of bodywork, and it would take 3 or 4 teachers to replace what he knows.”

~ Tracy Hall, Physical Therapist
Chico, California

“Having had experience with many different bodyworkers, David’s technique is certainly unique. There are levels of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before. This is clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with decades of hands-on experience.”

~ Dr. John Bordiuk
Nutritionally Oriented M.D. & Yoga Teacher
Inner Balance Med
Wellesley, MA (Near Boston Area)

“I have worked with many soft tissue therapists over the years. David Scott Lynn is the only one educated and skilled enough to do what I want with full confidence that the job will be done. My patients definitely feel the difference.”

~ Gary Fujinami
Doctor of Chiropractic
East-West Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center
Prescott, Arizona

SPECIAL NOTE: PLEASE Bear in Mind, the 12-week BASIC TRAINING is, at THIS time, a ONE-Time PILOT Program and is a VERY low price compared to the Value you’ll Receive. As a Pilot Program, it will be designed around the Feedback I get from YOU in our 12, Weekly, Private Mentoring Calls (via Video or Phone), designing the program around YOUR needs, interests, and input.

And I will help you Design your Practice & Work Style, and Marketing & Communications systems, to help get the word out, and to Create the Life You Want. (In today’s Coaching Marketplace, One-on-One Coaching is, on average, $214 per HOUR. Business Coaching averages $500 per hour and higher, depending on the industry. This is ONE reason I think you should consider getting into Health Coaching.)

I believe the twelve (12), one-on-one Mentoring calls ALONE are worth the price of the program.

Future Programs will either NOT include the Private Mentoring, or will be a much higher price. Or both. And this time around, I will only be taking 12 Participants for the Full Program with Private Mentoring. If others beyond the First Twelve are brought into the program, they will NOT get the 12, Weekly, Private Mentoring Calls. (If the program is going smoothly, they MIGHT get three calls with me. But my priority is the first 12 people.)

If you have any Questions, Please Give Me A Call at 480-209-4383

My Skype name is: dslyoga


Thank You Very Much for Reading!
David Scott Lynn

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