Basic Psycho-Muscular Release
Technique & Physiology

Many problems afflicting Human Beings are little more than accumulated tension & stress in the BodyMind.

Stress accumulates to a great degree in the form of neuro-musculo-fascial tension and in turn is caused by hyper-stimulated nerves (synapses). This increases the amount of nerve tonus being sent out via the motor nerves to the muscles. The muscles are thereby contracted & tensed.

With enough repetition plus intensity, or in an in-the-moment event such as a car accident, excessively contracted muscle can become chronic. The muscles get “stuck” in the “ON” position, and cannot turn off and relax.

In turn, many physical, mental & mental ailments are a result of such excess neuro-musculo-fascial tension.

We call this general condition C.E.M.&.N.T. or Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress.

Please Bear in Mind that the term “muscle” has, traditionally, included the myofascial sheaths contained within the muscle belly.

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These ailments might require direct attention. Yet they’re often relieved by various modalities without addressing the root cause or primary source, which is again the cause of chronic neuromuscular tension. Of course, tension is often initiated and maintained by “psycho-logical” and/or emotional processes processes maintaining neuromuscular tension.

The Primary DSL Techniques — Psycho-Muscular Release & Let-Go Yoga — revolve around hands-on pressure to skin, fascia & muscles, or conscious stretching (yoga), helping you, the Client, learn to Stop Doing Tension, which is actually what relaxation is.

Tension Release from Stretching & Manual Pressure - Psycho-Muscular Release for Muscle Pain Relief & Stress Reduction & a cause for muscle pain

Psycho-Muscular Release of Tension & Stress
from Stretching & Manual Pressure

This is the “turning OFF” of the nerve tonus to the muscles, allowing the muscles to relax.

A better word for Relaxation is DE-contraction. … Relaxation is the ART of DE-contracting your muscles through various means.

Whether the source of tension is physical or psychological, you will learn to let go and relax. You Learn to Get Control of your muscles by Letting Go of tension, stress & negative habit patterns.

This is enhanced by helping you sensitize your nervous system, which involves facilitating sensory / motor nerve pathways throughout your “Soma” … your Living Body.

As importantly, for a more complete & deep relaxation of chronic muscle tension, it works better if the MIND is involved in the process. This is as simple as monitoring the sensation levels, and not allowing the sensation to get to the level where it is causing resistance of any sort.

This is why we encourage Clients to NOT allow anything we do to become painful act any time. … This is part of our No Pain, MORE Gain process.

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David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
* DSL: Your High Touch Uplink to the Inner-Net*
* Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Network