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DSLThe Dynamics of Social Law

It all started in 2nd Grade, walking back and forth to school.

I lived in Dolton, Illinois, the first suburb south of Chicago on the way to Indiana via the Calumet Expressway.

For whatever reason, I started having “conversations” with myself about what I would many years later learn were “philosophical” in nature. Yet to my knowledge, at the time, I had never even heard of philosophy.

It started taking shape with my Bubble Theory of Human Relationships.

I was, apparently, not too happy with my observations of what was happening between my parents. And I had some bad experiences with schoolmates. (Maybe I’ll tell you about the Book Report Gone Wrong a little later. THAT was a life-changing event!) But I was perplexed with why so often, two people could be in the very same experience together, yet have completely different interpretations or opinions about what really happened.

It was very frustrating to me to watch as my parents had such differing impressions, and reactions to, about something that had just happened.

I started visualizing human beings as floating around in their own transparent “bubbles.” My Big Philosophical Question was, did human beings actually have relationships with each other? Did they, from within their individual Life Bubbles, really and truly interact with other people in their own respective Life Bubbles?

Or did they live completely in isolation within their own bubble and occasionally, their bubble would bounce up against another person’s bubble, and it would LOOK like they were having a “relationship.” But in reality, there was no real relationship going on? That the “relationship” or “interaction” was purely an illusion.

This, I guess, was borderling on solipsism, where everything a person perceives is created by their own conscousness, and that there can be no certainty that there is nything truly “out there,” outside of one’s own mind.

Imagine walking around thiniing about THAT kind of stuff when you’re 6 or 7 years old, in 2nd Grade! (My Mom said I was born 13 years old!)