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Doctor John Sarno, M.D.

From the Wikipedia entry for the late Dr. John Sarno … “Sarno’s most notable achievement is the development, diagnosis, and treatment of tension myoneural syndrome (TMS), which is currently not accepted by mainstream medicine. According to Sarno, TMS is a psychosomatic illness causing chronic back, neck, and limb pain which is not relieved by standard medical treatments. …

“He includes other ailments, such as gastrointestinal problems, dermatological disorders and repetitive-strain injuries as TMS related. Sarno states that he has successfully treated over ten thousand patients at the Rusk Institute by educating them on his beliefs of a psychological and emotional basis to their pain and symptoms. Sarno’s theory is, in part, that the pain or GI symptoms are an unconscious “distraction” to aid in the repression of deep unconscious emotional issues. …” (emphasis added)

Further quoting Wikipedia …

“Sarno originated the term tension myositis syndrome (TMS) to name a psychosomatic condition producing pain, particularly back pain. The theory of TMS and Sarno’s treatment of it have been hailed by many lay people as life-changing. A 2017 book on back pain treatments described Sarno as the “rock star of the back world”. A documentary on his life and work titled All the Rage (Saved by Sarno) was released in 2016.”

A useful and important distinction Dr John Sarno developed was when he changed his diagnosis from Tension Myositis Syndrome to Tension Myoneural Syndrome.

He originally thought the muscle (myo-) pain was from inflammation. When he realized there was little of no evidence that inflammation was present in such conditions, he renamed the syndrome from Myo-SITIS (-sitis meaning inflammation) to Myo-NEURAL, having to do with the nerves.

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Dr. John Sarno Pain Relief Solution Discussed on Joe Polish’s Podcast with Steve Ozanich

joe polish marketing master discusses dr john sarno and his pain relief method

Joe Polish: Marketing Master

This is a podcast by VERY Big Supporters of Dr. John Sarno’s work.

Joe Polish is one of THE most Well-Connected People in America, and very committed to Whole Health Philosophy & Practices.

Founder of the I Love Marketing Podcast, Joe is a Master Marketer and goes WAY out of his way to promote Whole Health Modalities & Perspectives. We need FAR MORE marketers like him promoting such things.

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Steve Ozanich: Author

Steve Ozanich also dedicates much of his time to promoting the work of Dr. John Sarno.

From the Podcast description … “In this Episode, you’ll discover how to be a better entrepreneur with better health. You’ll learn how to live the healthy, happy life you deserve, the root cause of pain, how pain can be associated with personality, TMS, and more with Steve Ozanich. …

“Steve Ozanich is a Mind Body Health Consultant, Health Coach, and Author of The Great Pain Deception, Dr. John Sarno’s Top 10 Healing Discoveries, and Back Pain: Permanent Healing – Understanding the Myth, Lies, and Confusion… and is committed to reduce suffering around health.”

Books by Steve Ozanich on Dr. Sarno’s work HERE.

How DSL Integrates the Dr John Sarno Philosophy & Practices Into the Big Picture of DSL Edgework — An In-Depth Description

We’ll be looking at Doctor John Sarno’s Mind-Body Connection, Healing Back Pain & Mind Over Back Pain, utilizing the Dr Sarno Back Pain Relief Method, General Body Pain, and Chronic Pain Relief. …

We’ll do this from the DSL Perspective.

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