Basics of Hatha Yoga Poses and Let-Go
Yoga Therapy, Yoga Injury Prevention …

The DSL Approach to Physical / Mental “Yoga” is a
 Non-Hindu, Non-Guru Approach to
the REAL definition
 of “Yoga,” “bring things together.”
In this case,
 the body and mind are brought together
into an Undivided, Fully Functional, Cooperative Unity.

Basics Of Hatha Yoga Poses
And Let-Go Yoga Therapy

This Approach to Yoga is based on Western Philosophy
& Psychology and
 Well-Accepted Medical Physiology &
Neurology. Yet it is no less “Conscious” than other methods

with NO MYSTICISM involved.

“Application of these Teachings will take Yoga
to new heights in the Western World. …
The DSL Method makes profound sense.”

Lesli Hunter
Yoga Teacher & Student

Sedona, Arizona

“You did for me in 4 hours what physiotherapy
couldn’t do in 4 years. And, you gave me the
tools to continue working on my own.”

Michelle Sands
Yoga Teacher

Montreal, Quebec


Author Image: David Scott Lynn (DSL) - basics of hatha yoga poses and let-go yoga therapy

David Scott Lynn is DSL…
Developer of
Let-Go Yoga &
DSL Edgework:
Yoga/Bodywork/Whole Health Therapeutics

of Your Nerves, Muscles,
Fascia & Joints

of Tension, Stress &
Negative Habit Patterns

with The DSL Method of:

• Let-Go Yoga
• Postural Yoga Therapy
• Physical/Mental Yoga Principles
• Mindfulness in Posture & Action

• Yoga & Exercise Injury Prevention

Aging & Injury: Just Don't Do It! - basics of hatha yoga poses and let-go yoga therapy

“AGING ELEGANTLY” is greatly enhanced with low-intensity stretching & movement therapy for activating built-in self-healing processes.

“INJURY PREVENTION” comes from greater RESILIENCE and flexibility.

While the Comprehensive Method presented here is primarily for Professional Educators, Therapists & Trainers … seriously interested Students & Clients will benefit greatly.

Most material here is written such that anyone so motivated can understand the content.

Edge-Touch, Asana Assists
& Yoga Therapy


DSL’s Method of Edge-Touch™ Asana Assists & “Let-Go Yoga” Therapy

Yoga Helps Us All …
If We Use It

We are all unique in what we come to a yoga practice with. We have differing interests, desires, needs and challenges. And, of course, a life of past experiences & ideas.

Yet, because so many people are similar enough in their motives, and so many of them have the same Basic Conditions of Life, we can design highly “effecticient”* programs even though generalized in nature. Much of what most human beings want and need can be achieved without getting into very specific activities, without requiring highly specialized knowledge, degrees or licenses, in various health care disciplines.

* Effecticient = Effective + Efficient

Whether you’re into a more traditional approach to Yoga, “Conscious Stretching,” any kind of stretching in Physical or Occupational Therapy or in Fitness & Personal Training, or even “Club Stretching,” there’s something here to contribute to every approach & style of releasing tension & stress in the human bodymind.

You’ll also find the Basic Principles of Therapeutic Applications of Yoga & Stretching, including …

How To Prevent Yoga Injuries

No More Aging & Yoga Injury Prevention - let-go yoga therapy - injury prevention

Prevention of Yoga Injuries, as well as Regular Old Stretching & Exercise has become a primary focus of The DSL Method. That’s in part due to the Hippocratic Oath: Healer, Do No Harm … and in part, just to help people.

Ironically, over the years, many of DSL’s Students & Clients often pointed something out to him: The very therapeutic techniques he was using to get them better, they now thought that if they had been doing them in the first place, they might not have been injured in the first place.

It soon became clear that many or most of the Principles of Repairing Injury were the very same principles that would Prevent Injury, as well as Maximize Results. And while this was certainly true in a postural yoga practice, is was also true in many other forms of exercise and daily activities, such as workplace ergonomics.

Please Read some of these article on Yoga and
Yoga Injury Prevention on our Sister Website:

Thank You for Reading about the basics of hatha yoga poses and let-go yoga therapy. The DSL Method of Let-Go Yoga
has a wide range of perspectives helping you understand the human body.

Not just in yoga, but in many bodymind endeavors.

Thank You for Reading,
David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
* DSL: Your Hi-Touch Up-Link to the Inner-Net*
* Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System