Here are several articles on FASCIA, also known as Connective tissue. This material has many functions in the body. Our primary focus is on the Deep Myofascia. These are the sheaths surrounding and containing muscle cells. They are intimately connected, working closely together.

Then we have the Superficial Fascia, which is, essentially, the inner layer of the skin. Again, this connective tissue layer is intimately attached to, a part of, the skin.

There are individual researchers claiming, apparently, there is another layer of fascia in between the superficial and deep fascia. It is claimed by some of them that this layer can move independently of the superficial and deep fascial layers.

While the microscopic video imaging shows a definite activity of connective tissue between these two layers, it must be remembered that these connections are microscopic in size, and less than paper thin. Whether this connective layer between fascial layers can move independently of the other two at a more than a microscopic level of activity has yet to be demonstrated.

And, certain “Myofascial” therapies, such as Myofascial Release, claim to focus primarily on the fascia when performing their therapeutic techniques. How fascia can be addressed without also affecting the muscle cells has yet to be explained.


Myofascial Facts & Fallacies

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