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DSL Edgework is a Soft Tissue focused, manual therapy for reducing or eliminating chronic, excess muscle & nerve tension & stress (or C.E.M.&.N.T. for short).

C.E.M.&.N.T. is responsible for a surprisingly high number of symptoms and conditions in the nerve, muscle, fascial, and joint structures of the body. This can also affect the metabolic systems.

For Example: the small and large intestines are in part made of muscle and are subject to accumulating chronic, excess nerve & muscle tension and stress. As these smooth muscle fibers get chronically “tight,” they can no longer push digested food through the intestinal tract, leading to many different conditions and symptoms, even diseases.

DSL Edgework is similar to neuromuscular therapy (NMT), myofascial release (MFR), deep tissue therapy, and structural integration (such as Rolfing®). Yet there are many significant differences. You can read about the differences on the Comparison Page.

Whether you are an existing Client or are considering becoming one, I’ll do my best to give you the information you need to DECIDE whether DSL Edgework is for YOU, and how to maximize your Experience & Results.



To Jump To The Chase & Learn How An ACTUAL DSL Therapy Session Works, in Detail, with LOTS of Questions Answered, Please GO TO the:

DSL Edgework Client Handbook for Mindful Medical Massage & Muscle Therapy 

For IN-DEPTH Overviews of DSL Edgework Therapeutics (Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Therapeutics), Please See the Following Descriptions:

shoulder massage - muscle relaxation - medical massage, muscle therapy1.) NEXT, what would it FEEL like to have your muscles more fully relaxed most of the time? How much better would you perform? How much more energy would you have?

Here, you’ll learn about an Idealized Process of full body, muscle tension release (relaxation) and how you can achieve some, most, or all of those results. Various massage therapy benefits are described here:

How Would It FEEL? to Receive Mindful Medical Massage & Muscle Therapy

medical massage, muscle therapy, structural therapy2.) NEXT, you’ll find an in-depth description of how DSL Edgework & Medical Massage & Structural Bodywork will positively affect your life with massage therapy benefits.

This is an In-Depth Description of 1-on-1 DSL Clinical Massage Therapy & Structural Bodywork Sessions:

Relief, Release, Relax including Myo-Structural Therapy …

medical massage3.) For a more Detailed, science-based explanation of DSL Edgework, please go here:

DSL Edgework: Comprehensive, In-Depth Details on the Method

Muscle Pain Relief and Stress Reduction4.) More Info on C.E.M.&.N.T. (Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress). This is THE Primary Objective of DSL Edgework, to reduce or eliminate the tensions & stresses interfering with your life:


5.) For What Other People are Saying about DSL Therapy, Clinical / Medical Massage & Structural Bodywork:


6.) If you have specific issues you’d like more info on, please go here:medical massage

Medical Pathologies Under the Microscope

7.) To Learn More about the DSL Method of Let-Go Yoga (Physical / Mental Yoga or Conscious Stretching):

Let-Go Yoga Website

Simple Steps to Let-Go Yoga e-Book for Structural Therapy & Muscle Therapy8.) To Read About DSL’s new e-Book on Yoga and Yoga Therapy (especially self-applied), Please Go Here:

The Simple Steps to Let-Go Yoga e-Book

9.) To Learn More About David and the DSL Method of Yoga/Bodywork Therapeutics:

Bio & History of DSL & DSL Edgework

To Contact David Scott Lynn:




Thank You Very Much for Reading about the DSL Method of Mindful Clinical / Medical Massage, Muscle Therapy, Myo-  Structural Therapy & Balancing, and Postural Yoga Therapy …

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