DSL Edgework:

The term “DSL Edgework” is derived from the following meanings:

  • DSL(1) — are the initials for David Scott Lynn
  • DSL(2) — is the acronym for Dynamics of Structural Learning
  • Edge(1) — Being on The Leading Edge of Bodywork & Yoga Therapeutics
  • Edge(2) — Playing the EDGE of Pain, Fear & Resistance is a major focus of the hands-on bodywork and yoga postures
  • Work — Represents “bodywork” — Making the body work better


The DSL Method — Overview

Yoga, Let-Go Yoga, Yoga Therapy

Yoga / Bodywork Therapeutics

Whole Health & Anti-Aging / Elegant Aging

• Whole Health Principles & Practices

• The Art & Science of Physical / Mental & Therapeutic Yoga

• Technical Summary for Physicians & Therapists